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  1. Callaway has a 2 year warranty for damage caused during normal play and their customer service is excellent.
  2. Amateur golfers need to take responsibility for themselves and their games.
  3. Dechambeau is great for the game of golf. He puts an awful lot of thought and practise into what he can do to improve his game. He's his own man with a unique take and game............more interesting than most.
  4. I can't believe this thread still has legs. It's a fun question, but the truth is a 4 handicap male golfer would have a horribly miserable and humiliating time playing in an LPGA event...I'm thinking possibly dead last. BUT......it's possible he may beat an LPGA player in a 9 hole friendly match that she doesn't care about.
  5. I had one measured, it was 63.5*, same as my PW. ?
  6. Blade irons just seem like a poor design. Jacked lofts make a lot of sense. Plumbers neck putters are awful.
  7. Nice looking driver. Some harsh comments about the sole but are there any soles out there that look really good?
  8. This would be impossible, but I know I have an original White Hot 2 Ball in the bag at the mo'.
  9. Yes the 745's were and still are a great set of irons. I just think these new irons and in particular the ZX5 look like the best iterations yet. Visually they look stunning, looking forward to the release.
  10. Lofts and lies are only relevant in practical use. Vertical line with a marker with each individual iron for lie and gapping tests for loft. Uniformity of OEM specs isn't always what's required that's for sure.
  11. How so, what are you seeing in the "step backwards"?
  12. For me the R and A should have a rethink over the Armlock putter.
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