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  1. Yes definitely a different shape.
  2. Signature cabretta isn't too tacky, Roo has more tack and the Kidskins are really tacky.
  3. Tough compare. Totally different style of player. One, all about ball control and course management, determination and grind, the other, an exciting genius of a golfer who I'd pay to watch.
  4. Out of all the parameters in picking a putter that you can aim accurately and roll well, I think the shaft is going to make the most insignificant difference.
  5. Is the air hole at the top sealed?
  6. Currently wearing a pair of these. Passed the waterproof test and comfortable straight out of the box. Need a 1/2 size up in these I would say, also echo somebody above that the insoles are just thin rubbish which I've replaced. Nice sporty styling, comfy and good traction. I wouldn't class them as a wide fit, no wider than M fit Footjoys to me.
  7. Tested both yesterday and Zipcore wedges. Visually I preferred the ZX5 over the 7 and performance backed this up for me. Miyazaki Codex 8 surprised me and performed very similar to my Steelfiber i95 which I've been using for 10 years. Zipcore were nice although that Spinner shaft being soft stepped really feels loose coming from S400. Didn't seem like an upgrade from RTX4 to me although they're nice wedges.
  8. I'm the same LE dominant RH. How does the putter look (shape, hosel), how does it sit (square, lie angle), what alignment aid do you like visually, how does it feel (weight and sound), what's the grip like in your hands, length. These are all important prerequisites but can you aim it and roll it on the line you're seeing, if you can, put it in the bag.
  9. There's a difference in sound and perceived softness but it doesn't make any difference to me with regards to rolling a ball on a green....and I can wholeheartedly recommend the new OG 2 Ball.
  10. I've been wearing Oakley RX for the last 20 years., have Prism Golf and Dark Golf. Not a big fan of Prism Golf and the rosey tint, Dark Golf are very good but, for me, nothing is better than the old G30 which unfortunately is no longer available.
  11. vman

    Foley hate?

    He's not the only golf instructor to suffer from SMS (short man syndrome). It can seriously affect your expression of one's own importance. However, that being said, he's an extremely articulate and knowledgeable coach.
  12. I was against the anchoring ban, but I can't fathom how bracing a club up your arm isn't anchoring. It'll take a few more Major wins and then they'll ban it.
  13. These were such nice putters and I wish I hadn't sold mine. I had 2 Tracy Tours, 2 Jenny Tours, a Pippi Tour and a Sophia Tour. I remember swearing I'd never sell the Tracy and Jenny that both had sight dots but I did.
  14. I've normally used quick set epoxy, just enough to block the end. After, just use heat gun and clean out.
  15. Srixon ZX7 and Mizuno Forged 921. You will be well served with either, great irons that fit the bill.
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