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  1. I played Ping for a long time, but had some issues. Shafts snapping with Cushin inserts, heads flying off with the old Tisi driver, TPU's flying out with irons, bubbling finish with my S55's. I had factory iron swing weight issues, a G5 driver rattle, a cracked G400 driver. I don't play Ping anymore even though I like their drivers and irons, however, their putters just seem a bit average these days.
  2. The old original was a different head weight, approx 330g and 340g for the tour fill.
  3. vman

    Clown head mallets

    I think a lot of design and testing is going on with OEM's and their designs perform well. From a personal level, you have so much choice, so find out what you like and what works for you and have at it.
  4. I remember, as I'm old, when everyone wanted a Ping putter in their bag. The old school MnBr, BeCu,Nickel and Jas Anser putters, Ti pixels and Isoforces. They somehow got a little left behind by Odyssey and Scotty Cameron amongst others. I don't think these are going to change the game for them either. It's funny but it seems that Ping make one of the poorest looking Anser putters now which seems ridiculous.
  5. Whatever the circumstances it's very sad news. After his latest back surgery he's now got a very long road to recovering his health. I can only wish him well and a speedy recovery.
  6. On YT, "Putter Solutions with Phil Kenyon Volume 2" and "Improve your putting with Phil Kenyon European Tour Coach part two" might help.
  7. I'd go with Riflescope for consistency and simplicity of square face alignment.
  8. Yes, I would say both shafts perform and feel similar, firm but smooth for me (6 iron 88mph). Softstepping the 6.0 would work well I think if you like the i95 reg.
  9. It's such a cheaply made putter I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's a nice shape but if Tommy Fleetwood wasn't using one it would be worth peanuts.
  10. I have no idea and don't think swing weight in putters really matters much. I'm sure I could use D-F range tho' without any issues.
  11. Seemore's aren't dynamically lie angle balanced and perform poorly in the Revealer even though they sell the "tee test" as superior balancing. Nice putters but nothing special going on unless you like riflescope.
  12. Surely if you blind tested those, in terms of stroking a putt, you couldn't tell the difference in toe hang.
  13. Sonartec ss07, TEE CB2 and not that old but the X2 Hot 3 deep.
  14. Sonartec ss07 fairways and Adams idea pro hybrids. Also the RTG Cleveland Tour Action wedges, they were nice.
  15. I don't agree with bifurcation it's just not necessary. 46" as opposed to 48" drivers is probably pointless, but hey, why not make it 45". Rolling back the ball a tad is probably the simplest option across the board. On a personal level/opinion I'd like to see a max loft of 55* and an arm lock putter ban.
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