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  1. It's strange, I used to play the 60* Mid with no grind, but I now play the Full Face 60*, with the C grind, and I've had to have a little shaved off the heel side as it was bouncing when opened up on a tight lie. Had the same issue with a Vokey M grind but never had it with the 60* Mid.
  2. They're similar in looks but I don't think the heel and toe relief would be necessary with the Tour Rack mid bounce, there's enough relief there and the trailing edge relief comes into play more than it does in the Vokey. Plus the mid bounce 58* plays with less bounce and more versatility, I think, than the D grind.
  3. Depends on the player and how he approaches his short shots and specifically what wedges he carries, what the lofts, bounces and sole grinds are. Some use more trajectory over spin and flight there 60* dependent on lie, green speed/slope and flag position. Versatility is a good thing when you know what you're doing, think Seve, Trevino, Mickelson, etc.
  4. Looks authentic to me from the pics.
  5. For indoor use a 4ft steel ruler is a great aid for a sound stroke and accurate roll feedback. Double it up with a lined ball to visually show end over end roll.
  6. Similar to the above post, about SBST not being a thing, but check out the strokes of Loren Roberts, Steve Stricker and Matt Fitzpatrick they all use similar heel toe strong arc putters.
  7. You don't necessarily need great flexibility in the spine and a big turn to hit the ball on a strong flight with good distance. Difficult to make recommendations without seeing your swing but you need to hear speed (the swish) with a speed stick or speed whoosh or something similar. Your arms need to be soft along with having mobility in your wrists.
  8. As you age all you need is a clean diet, keep off the processed food and you can eat anything that grows above or below the ground and anything that used to have a face. Regular speed walking, some bodyweight and resistance band exercises are all you need.
  9. As good a competitor as he is, it's a fact that he won't be missed. Seems like an incredibly strong team without him.
  10. 45.5" equals heel strikes for me. 45" equals centre strikes, that 1/2" seems to make a big difference.
  11. You should never be ashamed of what you've chosen to play.
  12. There's never a "time" to move on from GI irons, but you may prefer the i210, in power spec, if you want a narrower sole and more predictable spin numbers.
  13. I have some PXG in the bag because it looks good and performs. However, there is so much choice out there, you take your pick or buy into a brand and get tools that do a job for you....PERIOD!!!!
  14. I'm a 52, 58 player. Along with the driver and 3 wood I carry: 2 hybrids 19* and 22* Utility iron 20* 5-p My pw is at 45*. I have an approx 20yd gap between wedges. I also have a 5 wood and a 62*(set at 63*), which come out occasionally, course dependent, at the expense of a hybrid or the utility iron.
  15. Only real difference is feel. Both have a head weight of approx 330g. Slightly different appearance with shape and hosel but both in the same ball park. Preferred the old carbon steel Laguna with the dual sight lines.
  16. Foot spray on the driver first. I'm guessing heel strikes, curtailed followthrough with driver but full with irons suggests driver mishits.
  17. Closed face hybrids, hybrids that are too upright and draw weight biased hybrids can go left in a hurry and that's why they don't get in my bag. Some rubbish being written about the Indian not the arrow.
  18. I don't think you're missing anything. A super stiff steel wedge shaft will do the job of stability admirably. Golfers get duped into the putter shaft rabbit hole. I mean a human being is rolling a ball over sloping maintained grass with a putter face of steel/aluminium or some kind of elastomer/polymer.......I'm pretty sure anything more than a standard shaft has imperceptible effect.
  19. I'm going to say PXG Gen 4 X or Proto X. I had the Rogue SZ for 3 years but the Proto X is slightly longer and way more forgiving for me. I have it with the Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60 and it's a great combo.
  20. Alignment Sticks Izzo Foot Wedge Heavy Hitter Speed Whoosh 2 Tees and a Ball Marker for the gate drill Puttout mirror and gate indoors Putting string/chalk line 48" steel ruler Car Sponge with tent pegs to eliminate heel strikes with driver Full length indoor mirror Chipping net for fun in the garden
  21. You'd be good to go with a Callaway driver and the dual cog in any setting.
  22. It's a very good experiment as feedback is the source for improvement. Now take those clubs to a Trackman, get some numbers and strike location and see where you go from there. Finding clubs that fit and hit gaps is where the fun is at.
  23. That's still a lovely putter. Dings can be smoothed out and a copper plated finish would look lovely once the patina develops, plus no more rust. You would have a lovely putter for years to come, just remember to keep a cover on it.
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