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  1. In no order of importance: - Playing music in carts sux major league and is a distraction to other players. - Most slow play is caused by players not getting to their ball quickly and being ready to hit. It's the time spent between shots, not the time over the ball that creates slow play. - For most ams >5 hcap, 3 woods (especially strong 3 woods) are useless or vanity clubs. The 13.5 to 16 degree range of FW or HY is a waste of space. - Total weight is underrated. Swingweight is overrated. - Putter optics are underrated. Putter MOI is overrated. If you can't aim it, you can't game it. - Aldila's QA sux. More than one clubmaker has told me that of all the shafts they measure, Aldila's have been consistently off in terms of not only stated spec, but FLO (flat line oscillation/spines). - Lamkin grips are much better value than Golf Pride's. Better product and last longer. - Thick putter grips rob you of feel.
  2. @Stuart_G - thanks a lot for the detailed reply, and the driver tuneup share. My takeaway is that I shouldn't really worry about D1.5 vs a C8.5 for this driver...I will likely take the 0.5" off. Still seems weird to have a swingweight in the Cs...
  3. I have a Callaway Rogue with a UST Helium (58 gr) at 45.75" that swing weights at C8 with the standard 5 gr weight. When I measured it, I thought it was too light, and put in a 9 gr weight (+ 4 gr) - the club now swingweights D1.5. But this got me thinking - are counterbalanced driver/fairway shafts supposed to swingweight lighter regardless? Are they intended to create a feel at C8 that is supposed to similar to one at D1 with a non-counterblanaced shaft? I understand that among all of the variables associated with golf clubs, swingweight is among the least important - as long as you don't have wide variances across a set, especially a set of irons, you're probably OK. All of my woods/hybrids/irons are now around D1, which is fine... But the reason I ask is that I am considering taking 1/2" off the driver for consistency's sake - this would bring the swingweight back to C8.5 - essentially negating the extra weight I dropped into the port. Are counterbalanced shafts supposed to swingweight 3 points lower according to the swing weight scale, but have the same 'feel'?
  4. @NRJyzr: up here in Canuckistan at Golftown. $29.99/doz.
  5. >>Not everyone who uses one of these will be sacrificing yards by using the shorter/smaller club. << Thanks for bringing this thread back up. I suspect that could be the case with me. I didn't end up bringing a TMOO in to start this season - stuck with a Cally Rogue 10.5 set to 11.5 deg, at 45.75". But I'm finding I hit my 43.5" 15 deg 3-wood almost as long as the driver when I button it. The TMOO intrigues me because the the head is built heavy enough to accommodate a shorter shaft, while still getting a reasonable swing weight. A 43.75" club with less loft than a 3-wood may give me exactly what I'm looking for. PS - noticed Wilson Duo Professional in your profile. Great ball, especially now that they are blowing them out at 1/2 price.
  6. Do you see a significant difference/delta in overall distance between them?
  7. I was wondering about distance loss when I posted. If you're within 15 yards of your driver and using the 13.5 version, then the 11.5 version with a good shaft should have little distance loss on average vs. the driver. Food for thought.
  8. Poker chip ball markers are awful. Use a dull coin. Superstroke/polyurethane putters grips kill your feel. Rubber grips rule.
  9. Let me know what your first impressions of the OO are, if you can (I have a Rogue as well for comparison).
  10. >>>Unrelated.... is this the same Stoox that used to be on GEA?<<<< @NRJyzr: Yes sir. And a hearty lutefisk greeting from Toronto! Long time no see, and hope you're keeping well. Great to see you still have all of those Ram blades around. Yup - thinking of bringing one of these Bad Larrys in because the driver has been misbehaving for a year, and I'd like to try something with a shorter shaft length and maybe a smidge more loft, but that still swing weights in the Ds. Counterbalanced stuff that's C8/C9 is not for me... This seems to be a niche club. For those that it works for, it really works for, but it doesn't work for most people....
  11. Does anyone have a TM Original One Mini Driver (2019 version) in the bag as either their main tee club or as a 2 wood for tight holes? Any comments around: -Why you're playing it? -Stock Diamana shaft? -Distance vs. your older/current driver? -Distance vs. your 3-4-5-wood? Thinking about bringing one in...
  12. Two great hybrids from the past: -Cleveland Halo: the sole reminded me of the Kasco K2K...it cut through the rough like no other club. -Nike VR Pro with the stock PX graphite . Sets up like an iron, and hits it a mile. Still have 2 in the bag.
  13. Nike VR2 Pro w/stock PX graphite - 2011 vintage. Point, shoot and never miss. And I *hate* Nike as a brand.
  14. Have always loathed Nike as a brand. So you can imagine my surprise one morning when I woke up & realized that I had a Nike VR2 Pro 3h and 4h in the bag, with PX graphite. Best hybrids I've ever hit. And as a Ho, there have been a few along the way the past 15 years....
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