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  1. Worst ratings in 25 years, it was a complete catastrophe. Back to the drawing board for the PGA Tour. It's not looking good for the future of pro golf unless the tour can get its act together.
  2. Easily, with a local caddy. Augusta is a short course, nothing really special about it other than the tricky greens. With a course caddy for green reads I think most players 5-10 hcp would have a shot at breaking 85.
  3. Yup, everyone faded down the stretch except for Rahm. TW would have won this tourney going away. Can't wait for 2022.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if ratings are HIGHER during the delay. TW reruns > live nonTW golf. Hopefully the delay goes on long enough so we can see TW put on the jacket again.
  5. Honestly not too impressed with the course or the field this year. Hope to see TW back next year, without him it's not the same. Haven't watched the past two days, don't think I'll watch these next two.
  6. Thanks for the info, it makes sense. One last question -- if the shaft is going to be cut before build, why do shaft manufs. sell different length shafts specified for different irons? Why not just buy 8x shafts at 3i length and cut them all down appropriately for 3i, 4i, 5i, etc? Is there some other difference between the 3i spec shaft vs 4i spec, not just length?
  7. If I compare the iron shaft length as specified by the OEM (e.g., https://www.srixon.com/us/clubs/mens-golf-clubs/irons/z-585-irons/MZ585-EA.html) with the shaft length as specified by the shaft manuf., things don't always even out. For example, the 3i from that set is listed as length 39", but the 950GH shaft for 3i is listed as length 38.5" on the Nippon site (39" is for 2 iron). So my question is -- is the club manuf. measuring length in a different way (maybe tip to hosel?) than the shaft manuf? Or is this just a case of the club manuf. "juicing" the club length and using shaft
  8. Michelson is the best bet on the board at +10000. Already heavily invested but may have to double down.
  9. My bad bro, I only hit the free weights so I dunno the names of these things. Squats and deadlifts for me, no machines.
  10. Bro, it's a joke video. The guy has no weight on the leg press, he's just doing it for laughs. Chill out kid.
  11. This is looking like a nightmare scenario for sponsors and the tour with four jobbers playing two rounds a piece tomorrow. TW can't come back soon enough, and send someone to Rors to help with his game.
  12. Don't forget about Hideki Matsuyama sporting those Oakleys. I have been gaming a pair of Oakley PRIZM for the past few months and it's lowered my appearance handicap by a few strokes.
  13. What you HandiHeads don't realize is that handicap is an abstract way of measuring golf skill that is only marginally applicable in the real world. In reality, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Imagine a 10 hcp golfer who averages 45 putts because they don't practice green reading, spend 10 seconds at most before each putt, and play almost always on unpredictable muni greens. Put them with a caddie on tour greens and watch them beat their expected score by 10 strokes.
  14. In for B3G4! Check at third-party merchants and you may be able to get favorable shipping / tax terms vs. Titleist direct.
  15. Amazing putter, one of the best you can buy. Not a fan of the headcover though. Has anyone found an alternate (maybe with magnetic clasp) headcover that fits the KS1?
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