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  1. TW and it's not even close. If you want to talk about strength of the field, consider that the best players on tour wouldn't have even been allowed on the course in Jack's day due to the color of their skin.
  2. I knew something was up with TW when he didn't commit to play Torrey a few weeks ago. I'm just glad it's minor surgery. Those of you haterz saying TW should hang it up need to get some perspective. All his life people have been telling him to quit, probably back when he sunk that putt in elementary school on national TV and maybe even before that. TW doesn't quit, that's who he is. If he was a quitter he would have hung it up years ago, but he's not. If TW is one thing he's a winner. Some people just can't grasp that, and don't understand what motivates people like TW. They have no
  3. Absolutely false. He typically announces his schedule for most of the year well before Torrey. Here's a recent article: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jan/05/tiger-woods-2017-schedule-pga-comeback Note the date on that article - Jan 4 2017.
  4. Hey you might want to re-read the post you replied to. It's strange that TW hasn't announced his schedule and is waiting until the last minute. Looks like your post has aged badly and is only a few hours old.
  5. Talk about expensive misses, that putt cost JT millions.
  6. You're right that TW hasn't yet committed to Torrey. It's really weird, he always plays that tourney, and I think he'd especially want to play with the Open coming up in 6 months. Maybe he's thinking about playing Pebble instead! Regarding Phil, are you sure he's committed? He doesn't show up in the list of players yet, and I can't find any news.. If I'm CEO of AT&T, I'm writing a blank check made out to The Tiger Woods Foundation and getting on the next plane to Jupiter, Florida. Whatever it takes to get TW in my event. Imagine TW back at Pebble.. hook around the tree on 18 fo
  7. Field looks weak, but maybe people are still deciding whether to commit? Hopefully leaving the amateurs out compels more top pros to join: http://www.attpbgolf.com/players/ Phil Michelson notably not on the list, despite winning a couple years ago and getting close last year. Although I'm not a BDC fan, I'd like to see if he can drive 2 (par 5) with the wind. Note that the hole is a par 4 in the US Open, unlike this tourney. Edit: It's a longshot, but might we see TW join? I know he hasn't played this event in forever, but removing the amateurs makes the event more suit
  8. Callaway is basically breaking even on a full year basis right now but they are an "old man brand". Their customer base is dying out, spells bad for long-term success. Not sure, maybe someone else knows. But it's really questionable whether you want to have your brand name on that gear. "Oh Callaway, that's the brand with the cheeto grips and the puke-stained hosel" - not the best look if you're trying to sell high-margin merchandise.
  9. Well there is no "huge influx of cash" or assets unless these companies do secondary offerings or use their stock to make acquisitions (as Callaway did for the rest of TopGolf). The big story will be whether TopGolf will continue on its trajectory and become a $10 billion+++ business or whether it will flop (and likely take the entire company down with it). It will be interesting to see. Oh and the margins on golf gear continue to shrink every year. Titleist's golf ball moat is safe for now, but people are starting to realize that there's not much innovation lately and upstarts lik
  10. Yes, I agree. Now all he needs to do is bottle that and come out with the same attitude and intensity on hole 1. Make the driving range hole 12 if needed.
  11. I agree with you 100% in principle, but one correction... the ending is still yet to be written. The guy birdied 5 of the last 6 holes the last time he was on the course and the US Open is at a course he has been playing regularly since he was 8 years old. TIGER SLAM 2 in 2021?!?
  12. I don't understand why people are are interested in watching this trash. We watched for the past 20+ years, we lived it, we don't need to see an over-dramatized hit piece designed to get views at the expense of the truth. Out of respect for the game of golf, for TW, for his family, please do not watch this work of fiction.
  13. Wow, the guy won a whole seven events in the past five years. So he might have seven more five years from now? And we need to change golf courses to prevent him from winning seven events over the next five years?
  14. Yeah, the guy is T16 and only eight shots back. Once he bulks up to 500lbs and is hitting 700 yard drives then he might get to T8.
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