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  1. False, I will watch BK and so will many golf fans. He can't headline a card like TW or Phil but he can still draw and play. BDC is the one who will never be invited back. It's okay to lose but nobody wants to watch a sore loser whining child. Charles Barkley was reading putts better than BDC, I guess it was the fault of the fire ants or maybe the earth's rotation shifted slightly that day to throw off all the calculations. Or maybe BDC just needs to work on his game and stop blaming others.
  2. BDC conceded the putt because BK needed two putts to halve the hole and win the match. But I'd say BK's putt was 50/50 or worse to actually go in (especially if he's playing for two-putt to win the match, any 30 handicapper can two putt that). So the match goes down 5&3 in the record books, but it's more like 4.5&3. Considering it was a 12 hole match, that's a historic beatdown.
  3. Good event overall and the easiest $1400 I ever made, probably. BDC came to crack jokes and bake cupcakes, BK came focused and ready to play. For all the trigonometry, percentages, distances, measurements, calculus, BDC still couldn't hit a putt. Chuck called him out and BDC got angry, that's telling. Chuck read the putt better than you did BDC, time to man up and face the facts. Hope to never see BDC again on The Match. BK is the defending champion, maybe BK + TW vs Phil + CM would be a good matchup next year. Or mix it up with the celebrity amateurs. I want to see the improvements Chuck has made to his swing, and Phil + Chuck team is fun to watch.
  4. Brooks is strictly business on the course which is why he should win this thing. BDC spends too much time baking cupcakes and planning gimmicks.
  5. I have a small wager on BK. I think BK is playing to win this thing, being the instigator of all of this. BDC I’m not so sure, I wonder if he will go for the viewer pleasing long bombs which might be good for ratings but bad for course strategy. BDC is only modestly longer than BK. It’s not much of an advantage, despite the hype here and elsewhere.
  6. There's a reasonable chance that TW makes a surprise appearance on this thing (remotely probably, not in-person). We know Phil is going to be on the broadcast, and Phil dueled TW twice in these "matches" (Phil won 1v1, then TW beat him 2v2). Imagine the hype for TW Zooming in and calling out Phil, TW vs Phil: The Rematch in 2022. Just another reason to watch this thing. If you don't like to watch then you don't like golf.
  7. I don't know why you have a hard time believing this feud, OP. Half of this forum seems to dislike BDC for fire ants, etc. so it isn't a stretch to believe that BK dislikes BDC, for all of that plus slow play. And, like most autists, BDC has no idea that his behavior is anything less than commendable, so he dislikes BK for "bullying". Should be fun to watch. Put the kids in front of the TV and tell them to behave the OPPOSITE of BDC, on the golf course and in life.
  8. Any way to watch / stream this without cable?
  9. Saturday finish is to work around NFL playoffs. So look for TW to be picking up that trophy at Torrey on SATURDAY.
  10. Just saw the video, he's well on his way back. Torrey is a realistic goal at this point, I bet it's circled on TW's calendar right now. 67 days until the tournament starts, no doubt he can play if things go well and he wants to. Get ready for TW Act 3 - Return of the Woods. Edit: About walking 18, can TW ride a cart with a doctor's note? Not sure if TW would be willing to do that, but it might make sense for his first few tournaments. Edit2: A few small details maybe folks missed. The range basket is huge and TW placed his ball behind a giant divot patch. It's likely that TW created that divot patch himself, which means he's probably on ball # 40 or higher. So it's not like he's hitting one ball, he's out there hitting a good sized range bucket. And notice TW has the Flightscope out! He's not just warming up or testing his leg. He's out there getting data, working on his swing, working hard to return to the Tour. This is notice to the haterz, TW will return and win once again.
  11. That's a good pace but well short of any world records. There is a 4some at the local course that is known for playing sub-3 hr rounds first tee time in the morning, 6300 yard course, 3 walking + 1 riding (riding guy has minor movement difficulty).
  12. Best interview in the history of golf right here, "I think you showed him all the right places today". Judy teed that one up for TW like a champ. "
  13. I think there is room for more events with smaller / cultivated fields and more variety events (not just stroke play). If you look at WWE, the guys getting the most attention aren't necessarily the ones who are the best wrestlers, they are the ones with the best charisma, the mic skills, the biggest fan following. So why can't TW pair up with Paige Spirnac for an event or two, I guarantee the ratings will be higher than watching two no-name 50 rank golfers. It's good for the business and good for the game.
  14. TW always said his favorite course is Torrey, so returning ANYWHERE but Torrey would be going small, not big.
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