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  1. TW would have 30 majors, probably 2-3 Tiger Slams, maybe 1 GS. The only way those guys were able to keep up with TW is their 100-person strong engineering departments coming up with the latest and greatest gear that let them have a chance despite being amateur pros next to the great one. Edit: And if you don't believe me, go take a look at YE Yang's famous hybrid shot on 18. The guy can't even hit a long iron, he loses the tournament if there's less than $10 million in R&D behind that club to enable a jobber to beat the greatest golfer ever to swing a club. And that's just one
  2. USA will win it. They don't have to be best buddies to win the title. Just don't pair Brooks and BDC together, pair Reed with the one guy who doesn't hate him, and things should be fine. If Shaq and Kobe can 3-peat then the USA can win the Ryder Cup.
  3. Oozethuizen is the Tom Brady of second place finishes, he has second place locked up. The question is who is going to get first. Spiethster looks like he might take it down.
  4. How do you know the driver doesn't suck? ALTHOUGH IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF GOLF, surely it's possible that a Golf OEM would create and sell a driver that is something less than a work of perfection, absolutely flawless and pristine? And even if every driver ever made by Nike, Callaway, TM, Titleist, Cobra, Honma, Mizuno, were all PERFECT, surely there might be ONE or TWO that are slightly less perfect than the rest? Could you accept that "suck" is a relative term? Like I carry the Sumo Sasquatch 330 yards but over drew it by 0.5 yards, but the Taylormade R187 carried it 335 yard
  5. BDC can WD with fire ant poisoning for all I care, but I have to give him props in this case. For the first time in the history of golf, an OEM has released a product that is less than superb. If you read the golf publications, marketing, paid player endorsements, every driver made by any OEM with money is the longest, most forgiving, highest spinning, lowest launch, lowest spinning, greatest draw-weighted A+++ product. I have NEVER ever heard of a product less than perfect until today. EVERY driver was perfect, from the Nike Sumo on down. So thanks BDC for being the ONE GUY in gol
  6. Course is playing exceptionally easy, almost three birdies on the first hole in the first group. Someone could shoot 59 out there.
  7. This thing tees off in 10 minutes and coverage hasn't started yet. I paid the $4.99 for "Peacock" expecting I would get some crappy coverage, but maybe it was too much to ask to see the opening tee shots? Hasn't even started yet and it's already garbage. Edit: Complained too soon, they showed the tee shots. If you're on the fence, I think it's worth $4.99. Not the greatest coverage but at least you get to watch golf.
  8. In my opinion they forfeited the name "The Open" when they cancelled the tournament last year. Other tournaments including the US Open did not cancel last year, they worked hard to make the event happen. So The British Open is no longer the longest running golf tournament and in my book has lost a great deal of significance. It's completely valid to call the US Open "The Open" or "The Open Championship" at this point, and I may just do so. Good luck at The British Open everyone, I will be cheering for Rors.
  9. Nice anti-science rhetoric. Take your anti-science religious beliefs that have nothing to do with golf elsewhere.
  10. Put your money on the euro tour guys for this event. It's going to be tough for the PGA guys, even more than ususal. If the rules don't make sense then they are working as intended. It was never about making sense, it was about compliance and submission.
  11. Not a fan of this TV coverage. They need to be showing every shot from Rors, BK, BDC LIVE. Those are the guys that the audience wants to see, and they have a BETTER chance of winning the tournament than the two guys you are spending 75% of your TV time covering. Two jabronies who aren't going to win the tournament even if they happen to be in the lead for an hour or two.
  12. You don't get it. The only difference between "your notes" and a green-reading book is a few hours of copying. That's why this rule is an absolute joke supported by people who have no idea of reality.
  13. 5i 175 is pretty short, but maybe reasonable for 1969, I'm not sure. But today that's LPGA distance. Did Hogan pull out because his distance wasn't competitive any longer?
  14. It is a good sign and he will play again. Get well soon, TW.
  15. This rule is absolutely useless because there is no hard definition of "green-reading book". If you or your caddie take notes about the slope of the green, is that a green reading book? Of course not, in that case, go to a transcriber and ask them to hand-copy any book you want into your own notepad. In a few hours, you have a completely Tour-legal green-reading book. The Tour either needs to ban ALL written and printed material or ban none. There's no middle ground. This rule is a complete joke, I can hear BDC laughing about it 400 miles away.
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