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  1. It's sickening honestly, this will only give the US team more motivation. The Euros are trying to turn the game of the people and the game of TW into the game of the ultra-rich. Let's win one for the USA and for freedom.
  2. Azinger needs to shut his mouth. If he has a problem with BK then he needs to speak with BK personally, not go behind his back a few days before the tournament. That's chicken ****.
  3. So, I appreciate the fact that BK is putting it all out there and letting it known that he's in it to win it, but his prediction is not realistic. The guy is stuck on 4 and is having health issues. If he could get to 8 it would be REALLY good, he would be considered one of the greats of the game. Maybe he'll prove everyone wrong, but I'd say the odds are worse than 99-1 of him passing TW. But anything could happen.
  4. TW's presence will absolutely put the US over the top, I don't know how you can claim otherwise. First of all, if he DOES show up, it will be with some flair / gimmick. Like they will pull everyone together and have TW on Zoom, then his internet will "go down", then he will walk in the room! And he'll look BDC and BK in the eye and say "You don't have to be friends. Eisenhower and Patton weren't friends. But they put aside their differences and worked together toward a common goal. Now is not the time for bickering, it is the time to win!". And then he'll be mostly out of the spotlight for the tournament but he will be watching somewhere quietly on-site, probably give a TV interview or two, and word will get out among the fans. "TW is here". Tiger chants will erupt (especially when Sergio is within earshot). It will turn up the fan presence to an 11.
  5. Odds on the US winning the rider cup are in the -150 range, so if you REALLY think that the US has no chance then you can make a fortune. Unfortunately it's not so simple. I think the US will win it. 1. USA has better a better squad when you look at individual players. 2. The fans are going to be off the chain and will get into the heads of these Euro players who are used to playing an aristocrat game in their home countries where the worst offense they can imagine is improper grammar. 3. If TW shows up then it will swing several points toward the US in rallying our side. TW on the battlefield is worth forty thousand men.
  6. I agree 100% with Jack. Few people will admit it, but Augusta National just isn't a fun course to play, especially for amateurs but even for pros. It's false front after false front, greens that defy logic, it really feels like a job to play 18 holes there let alone 72 holes.
  7. TW on the sidelines is worth 40,000 fans, at least a few points in the competition. But I don't think it will happen.
  8. No, it's nothing to do with wanting them to be friends. They don't have to be friends, they do have to work together toward a common goal. It's called professionalism. The worst thing that can happen is if they have to make sure BDC and BK are kept 100 feet apart at all times and everyone mentions the feud every 10 seconds. Middle school is over kids, time to grow up.
  9. That was early tiger, prime tiger is now a team player. See 2019 Presidents Cup when he put the team on his back and carried them across the finish line. But TW isn't coaching or playing this year, unfortunately. So it's all mostly irrelevant.
  10. Just pair BDC with BK and get it over with. They are going to be paired together someday unless one of them retires soon so it's better to do it on friendly terms. If TW was captain, he'd sit them down together and lay down the law. No walking on eggshells for the entire week, no ***** *** ****. Tell BDC to go play golf, man the **** up or move to France and play for the other side. Also I might find a way to get Zalatoris on the team. Need to check out how he does in the next week or two with his new putter.
  11. What a great tour championship, down to the wire! Almost went to "overtime". If I'm not mistaken, Cantlay just tied a world record with two consecutive playoff victories. Can't wait for the playoffs next year!
  12. Can't wait for tomorrow, the whole season boils down to this. What a playoffs this has been. It feels like the Super Bowl Sunday of golf.
  13. Bad luck, he'll be out for a few days. Let's see you swing an iron 140 mph at a solid mass and see how your wrists hold up.
  14. No, the real fix is to make the finals match play. It's a joke to have a tourney with players starting off with free strokes. Make it match play, and give the top players byes into the later rounds. 30th place has to win 6-7 matches for the title, but 1st place has to win only 3-4.
  15. The bar to get tossed from a golf tournament is pretty low. You can say stuff 10x worse than "Brooksie" to a player, manager, or the ump at a baseball game and nobody will bat an eye. So while a player shouldn't have the ability to toss a fan, in reality the fan getting tossed has always (to date) crossed the (low) bar and really can't complain. Now if you see players asking fans to get tossed for ridiculous reasons - stuff like "I don't like his shoes", or "he clapped for Tiger and not me", or "he's staring me down and I don't like it", then you might have to re-consider the policy. So OP, what I'm saying is the policy could be abused but isn't, so there really is no problem (yet).
  16. The only reason he's in the running is because TW isn't participating. Putting Sergio on a team against TW is like throwing baby seals to the piranhas.
  17. "Mr August / September" (or "Mr Playoffs" if you prefer) Rors is stalking BDC quietly and he could pull off a win if BDC happens to run into some fire ant trouble.
  18. Don't count out Rors, he can cement his legacy as "Mr Playoffs" with a win today. Just like Reggie Jackson, Rors tends to play his best golf during the playoffs. Rors is the king of playoff golf, and he might just show it again by winning this tournament and winning the entire playoffs.
  19. Playoffs?! Don't talk about delaying the playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?! I'm just hoping we can play another round!
  20. He will be fine, he made $4 million this year and is qualified for everything next yar. Rather than wasting time / energy on phony "playoffs", Zlitoris can relax with his woman down under in Australia and work on his game.
  21. Word on the street is that TW was at Obama's birthday party last night. Not sure if he was walking, dancing, or what, but it's a good sign that he's getting out there. Clearly on the road to recovery. 2022 Torrey is where he will likely make his comeback.
  22. Nothing wrong with untucked shirt, go to almost any public golf course in the country and you will find many if not most golfers wearing the same attire. Maybe some silver spoon WRXers have never played golf at a public course before and thus have never seen anyone with an untucked shirt. Believe it or not, there are even some golfers who don't drive Teslas. It's a huge culture shock for these trust fund babies so please help to shelter them.
  23. tw_focus

    Match Ideas

    Agree 100% on getting Phil in every "The Match" going forward, the guy has the talk to go along with the walk and it makes for good coverage. Opposite Phil can be TW, BK, or maybe Colin M. For their playing partners you need someone to headline and get non-golf people interested in the match. The only female golfers that would quality would be Michelle Wie and Paige Spiranac, I think. I know they aren't the greatest golfers in the world, but they are the only ones that can move the needle among the ladies. If you don't limit yourself to the ladies then you have many, many choices like Tony Romo, Chuck, Curry, MJ would be a HUGE draw (but maybe he doesn't want to play in these events for some reason). BK vs BDC would also be a decent top of the card but I don't think it will draw as well as Phil unfortunately.
  24. Picture this, there's a cart path with fairway on the left side, large tall hedges on the right side. Someone misses way right and the ball carries into the hedges. On closer inspection, the ball is embedded in the hedges, a few inches deep, about two feet off the ground. If the golfer were to attempt to play the ball as it lies, they would be standing on the cart path, no question about it. But let's pretend that there is no cart path. It would be a dumb play to attempt to play the ball as it lies, a smarter play would be to take an unplayable lie penalty, two club lengths no closer to the hole. Yet I have seen many, many golfers try to hit out of worse, out of stupidity or not knowing the rules, maybe both. So let's say I find my ball in the hedges, and I would otherwise take an unplayable lie penalty, but notice that "pretending" to play the ball as it lies would cause me to be standing on the cart path. In this case, am I allowed to get relief for stance?
  25. TW 18 at Torrey, making that putt with a broken leg.
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