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  1. Hello golfwrxers i am trying to make a DIY swing training aide to keep my head from moving too much backwards in the backswing. How do you attach the pool noodles to the alignment sticks? Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I think Cowen has played a much bigger role on the full swing than Brooks let on and I would be shocked if he doesn’t go full in with Pete. It will be very interesting on putting as the coach change did not work out well stats wise last year. He is a great player and will figure it out soon.
  3. The cover is definitely more durable, but I agree that it seems like it spins less. I can’t tell if the color makes the spin look different or if it actually spins less. I know that the spin rate has to be close but would love to hear about a launch monitor comparison.
  4. Hello everyone, I am writing in hopes that someone can help me with a drill or feel that will help me eliminate my hands working away from my body on the takeaway. I have spend a lot of time trying to turn more and feel the grip get towards my right hip pocket, but the club still wants to start outside. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello golfwrxers, Has anyone compared the spin rate on a launch monitor of the white prov1 vs the yellow proV1? I have played the yellow all year and feel like it seems like the yellow spins a little less but wanted to hear other’s thoughts as I have not compared them on a launch monitor. Thanks for your help.
  6. Chilidog I just ordered the heated vest as your previous suggestions have been spot on. Thanks for your input
  7. After reading through this thread is the general consensus that the I 210 replacement will be announced at the show in January?
  8. Hello Golfwrxers I wanted to see if anyone else if having the same issue I am? I have 2018 AP2’s for my irons all the way up to 5 iron and have a T300 5 iron for my 4 iron. The miss with the T300 seems to be way left when compared to the rest of my irons and I am trying to figure out why. Any help / ideas are greatly appreciated.
  9. 1. Myers park country club 2. charlotte NC 3. 1.5 4. Ping g400 max with graphite design tour AD IZ-6 x flex 5. I was not fit for this driver setup. 6. TSI3 7. Absolutely I would be honored to participate in an ongoing thread and am known to be an eloquent writer
  10. Hello everyone, I recently ordered two TSi2 fairway woods from Titleist and was wondering how long I should expect them to take? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello all, any idea on how long a custom set of ping I 210 is taking right now? Thanks so much
  12. Good morning everyone, Has anyone switched from a hybrid to a 7 wood? I am thinking of switching due to the fact that my miss with the hybrid is left and I would love to reduce this miss while still be able to hit it high. I can’t figure out why I tend to miss all hybrids left. I have a ping g410 hybrid and will probably buy the ping 410 7 wood. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks. Do you know what the last tee time of the day is? Could we tee off at 6:00 and try and get in 18? Thanks for your help
  14. Hello Golfwrxers, I am heading to Scotland in May with a group of 8 and unfortunately we did not get a tee time thru the lottery for the Old Course. So I have a few questions that I would love the groups help with. What is the last tee time of the day for the Old Course in May? Is there any chance to walk on a play a few holes later in the afternoon like around 6 or 7? We would love to play at least a few holes at the old course so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Kermitm
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