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  1. Hello Golfwrxers I wanted to see if anyone else if having the same issue I am? I have 2018 AP2’s for my irons all the way up to 5 iron and have a T300 5 iron for my 4 iron. The miss with the T300 seems to be way left when compared to the rest of my irons and I am trying to figure out why. Any help / ideas are greatly appreciated.
  2. 1. Myers park country club 2. charlotte NC 3. 1.5 4. Ping g400 max with graphite design tour AD IZ-6 x flex 5. I was not fit for this driver setup. 6. TSI3 7. Absolutely I would be honored to participate in an ongoing thread and am known to be an eloquent writer
  3. Hello everyone, I recently ordered two TSi2 fairway woods from Titleist and was wondering how long I should expect them to take? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello all, any idea on how long a custom set of ping I 210 is taking right now? Thanks so much
  5. Good morning everyone, Has anyone switched from a hybrid to a 7 wood? I am thinking of switching due to the fact that my miss with the hybrid is left and I would love to reduce this miss while still be able to hit it high. I can’t figure out why I tend to miss all hybrids left. I have a ping g410 hybrid and will probably buy the ping 410 7 wood. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks. Do you know what the last tee time of the day is? Could we tee off at 6:00 and try and get in 18? Thanks for your help
  7. Hello Golfwrxers, I am heading to Scotland in May with a group of 8 and unfortunately we did not get a tee time thru the lottery for the Old Course. So I have a few questions that I would love the groups help with. What is the last tee time of the day for the Old Course in May? Is there any chance to walk on a play a few holes later in the afternoon like around 6 or 7? We would love to play at least a few holes at the old course so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Kermitm
  8. Hello everyone, I am about to start keeping track of my lesson notes and wanted to see what the format works best? Should I just use a word document or excel or is there another way to better organize my lessons notes? I want to be able to go back and review and search rather easily. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank
  9. Hello golfwrxers I am writing to see if someone can provide my with some guidance. I am looking at buying a new 19 degree hybrid and am currently focused on these two models. I have hit the Mizuno but it was with an evenflow black shaft that is offered in the CBX but not in the Mizuno. Any thoughts on these two hybrids would be a big help. Thanks for your help.
  10. I have been to all of these except streamsong and I would say hands down Bandon should be the choice. They run a direct flight from Denver to OTH during the summer so you can leave your house in the morning and be on the tee by three. I thought Bandon was hands down the best golf experience of my life and heads and shoulders above the others. Have fun and good luck
  11. Green Out Tour Performance HunterGreen/White Thanks for the opportunity
  12. ​City, State. Charlotte NC Handicap 2.2 What model ball (Z-Star or Z-Star XV)? Z-star Current ball used? ProV1 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Srixon golf balls and add you review, photos, stories and updates. Absolutely and will have a blast doing so. Thanks for the opportunity.
  13. Hello all Just wanted to see if anyone had purchased this video and what they thought about its content? Thanks for your help.
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