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  1. Awesome feedback so far everyone. If the course is a "little" more than $50 that is fine as I will probably have a "Just missed the Cut" section where I'll highlight 10-20 other good courses that might not always be lower than $50 but are close enough. But the $90+ courses probably won't work. Keep 'em coming!
  2. Maybe I'm losing my mind but I'm pretty confident. For the sake of golf fashion I hope I'm wrong. I'll have to check on dvr again tonight b/c now you guys have me wondering.
  3. [quote name='Tallen01' timestamp='1366041885' post='6848997'] All great choices and great courses. I'm up a little more (in Middletown), so I joined Brown's Run in Middletown. For golf, I prefer Four Bridges over Heritage, but that is just me. Plus, it is closer to your house, which is a nice bonus. I like Wetherington, but hear it can be a bit tough to get early weekend tee times. Same with Four Bridges, though. A few years back, we had a member leave BR for Four Bridges, and then come back after a year because of the difficulty he had in making early weekend tee times (compared to BR). Not sure if it is still like that, though. The biggest benefit to Brown's Run is that we have low membership numbers right now, so the cost is low (to entice new members to join), and you can pretty much play whenever you want. I never have a problem getting early morning times on Saturday or Sunday, which may not be the case with some others. To me, the most important thing would be proximity to my home (the closer it is, the more I would play), so I would go with Four Bridges. I'm happy to treat you to a round at BR there if you'd like to check it out. Or, even if you join somewhere else, just to show you around a little. Tom [/quote] I hadn't even thought of Brown's Run Tom. I just mapquested it and its only about 5-7 minutes further for me than FB. I may have to check BR out. I've heard some good things about it in the past just had no idea exactly where it was. Thanks for the info and I very well may take you up on the offer to play a round with you! Eric
  4. Need your help fellow GolfWRX'ers. Beginning research for an article I plan to write regarding the 50 Best Courses in America under $50. Going to be highlighting one course per state. Will have in-depth evaluations on several criteria, including quality of course, amenities, natural beauty/views, location, clubhouse, "fun factor", etc... Highest price posted with cart MUST be less than $50. Looking for lots of suggestions. Thanks!
  5. As my wife clearly states, I am no fashion barista. However, I do feel like I dress fairly well on the links. So I must say I was blown away by the number of golfers I saw this weekend at the Masters whom were not wearing belts (just a tucked in shirt and pants). I saw at least three "fashioning" this style. DId I miss the memo about what is "cool fashion" on the golf course in 2013 or am I just old at the age of 40?
  6. Thanks guys for the responses. Leaning toward Four Bridges because of proximity to my house, lower overall cost, and social opportunities. I've never played any of the courses so just wanted to hear some other opinions. Have some appointments set up this weekend so hopefully I'll be able get out on some of the courses to see which ones I like best.
  7. I am brand new to WRX but I love the fact that this type of event is being planned. Does this happen alot through WRX? Unfortunatley I will be on a golf trip that week with my buddies in Tennessee but I will definitely stay on the lookout for future events like this. I'm in Cincy so Indiana is definitely close enough for me. Hit 'em straight and long!
  8. I agree with Oakley but have to say Puma is my first choice. Extremely comfortable and durable. They have classic solid looks and more flashy unconventional if you're feeling like rickie. Adidas would be 3rd for me
  9. Live in northern suburbs of Cincinnati and looking to join a country club with nice course. Considering a few such as Four Bridges, Heritage, Wetherington and TPC RiverBend. Any suggestions or additional choices would be much appreciated!
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