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  1. For sale is a set of Callaway CF16 irons. Set consists of 4-PW, KBS Tour-V 90 stiff shafts. The irons are standard loft, length, and lie. Standard Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grips in pretty good condition. Price is $420 OBO shipped and payment with PayPal. No trades.
  2. Between all of the wedges mentioned above, is there a significant weight difference?
  3. How do you like modern Mizuno drivers compared to TM? I haven’t hit one in two decades.
  4. Pretty sure I’ve never considered quitting... but there is always next round...
  5. I picked early 1900s... provided I was rich enough to play.
  6. Agreed, I haven’t ever seen that much play at the top.
  7. Been a lot of recent discussion on this. If you don’t use a 3 wood off the tee and don’t need it to reach many par 5s.... then yea, what’s the reason for carrying it?
  8. I was playing a driver from 2007 that was not a great fit. I got an informal fitting (TM was at the driving range and I spent 30 minutes hitting different shafts with the M3, M4, and M3-445). I ended up not purchasing through them and grabbed a used M1-445 and separately purchased the shaft which fit me best, which was fortunately the ubiquitous tensei blue. Saved me a few hundred and the gains were substantial in trajectory and consistency.
  9. TM woods Adams hybrid Mizuno irons and wedges Odyssey putter so squarely in the 3-5 category. Once my Adams hybrid dies I will be down to three I’m sure.
  10. Sounds like a classic flyer lie to me. That can happen out of the rough regardless of what type of club you play.
  11. Paired up with a guy named six pack. Six beers per 9 holes every single time. They have his next six pack waiting on the tenth tee.
  12. My house is on the course and I was going to join a couple of guys on the fourth hole to play a couple. So I when walk out there with no shoes, a couple irons and a tall whisky and yell out to who I was positive was the guys I was joining. Problem was my eyesight sucks and these guys had no idea who I was. I think they were getting ready to call the cops.
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