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  1. I don’t get the hate, just some friends goofing around. I thought it was kinda funny, and I’m 48.
  2. I like Ancer, so I’m definitely not bashing him, but I’m speaking to what I see as fact in the close up video. There is a clump of sand sticking up right behind the ball. Before he does his takeaway, he presses the club down into the sand slightly, and when he takes the club away, the sand is perfectly flat and the clump of sand behind the ball is gone. That’s simply facts as shown on video. Again, I like Ancer and think he’s a great player, I can’t speak to his intent because none of us can know that. But the video shows clearly what happened.
  3. I watched a YouTube vid not long ago about this exact question, how does Finau hit it so far with such a short swing. The teacher did some graphs and whatnot explaining his definition of impulse power. Then he showed the swing and what that impulse power meant. I can’t explain it, but it was interesting. The gist of it was that Finau gets the same power in that short burst as most golfers take a full long swing to generate that same impulse power. Or something to that effect, lol
  4. I just went and watched YouTube vid of his swing a year ago. It wasn’t as long or parallel as I thought. Apparently, my memory is failing me, lol
  5. He’s lost like 20 lbs over the last month or so. Seems like all this weight fluctuation wouldn’t be good for swing consistency...
  6. I hope Tiger all the best, and hate that this happened to him. Aside from that, I really wonder if you were an average Joe without a PR agent and high priced lawyers, would Joe Schmoe off the street involved in a wreck like that have his blood tested for substances/alcohol? Just honest curiosity, I don’t know the law at all.
  7. Finau back near the top once again. That guy is going to break through soon...
  8. I get it, we all have disaster rounds sometimes. He was chunking, blading, hitting 25 yards over greens, driving into penalties... 3 putt. My question is not about this round in particular, but he just doesn’t seem to be playing like he used to. When watching him, it seems his swing has gotten really short, like, a 3/4 swing. When he was playing well and contending, I thought I remembered his swing being long, and past parallel, across the line. Not sure why it got so short lately. Anyone else notice this, or is it my imagination?
  9. His agent demanded the same appearance fee for the Pebble Beach tourney that he got in Saudi. When the PGA Tour turned down his demand, he pulled out.
  10. Why would you need to walk off distance to get a front number? Wouldnt a pin sheet tell you how far the front is from the flag? Then you subtract that from your laser yardage to the flag..
  11. Didn't Lucas Glovers crazy wife derail him for awhile?
  12. I agree with the no Bill Murray part. I just never found him funny, I guess his schtick is just not my type of comedy
  13. I think he could get those speeds in a tourney if he wanted to. But with the pressure on, scores and money on the line, he may not feel comfortable yet cranking up to that speed. It’s easier to do on a launch monitor when there are no consequences. It’s another thing to unleash it on the course with a tourney on the line.
  14. It is possible that Brooks in an introvert, and is having to work at trying to have an interesting personality, and is going about it the wrong way. There are characters out on tour that are funny and entertaining and outgoing. Brooks seems to be more introverted. And to get the media coverage or spotlight that some other guys get, he may feel that he needs to be more interesting. As an introvert, that can be difficult, and he might not be very good at it. The guy is a heck of a talent though, I have no hate for him.
  15. Here’s one example of what wrong with golf channel now. It’s Monday morning, 8am, the day after a great ending to the Phoenix Open. I turn on TGC expecting to hear some commentary and analysis on the weekend, and hear some takes. Nope, just another replay of yesterday’s round.... all morning.....
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