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  1. I’m loyal to the big 4, if thats a thing. I generally will not stray outside of Titleist, Callaway, Ping and Taylormade. I have an irrational thought that playing anything outside of those would be using inferior equipment. I know that this is not true, but hey, we all have our neurotic tendencies, lol
  2. Every year? Try multiple times a year for some of us, lol
  3. I think there are not enough new golfers entering the hobby to sustain the equipment companies. So they are forced to crank out new models every year to get existing golfers to keep buying the newest and “greatest”. They can keep charging whatever they want, because us suckers keep paying it, lol
  4. When I went to my driver fitting, I was excited to hit the Ventus Velocore Blue. It did not work out for me in the fitting. I swing 105-110, but I just did not get on with it. I have always preferred softer feeling shafts due to my release, they just feel better and I feel like I am loading them better. I got fit into the Mitsubishi CK Pro Orange. Even though it is really tip stiff, the soft butt in it along with the counterbalance really keeps it feeling smooth and not too stiff to me. Even though I wanted to like the Ventus blue with velo, as it seems that everyone loves it and the pros play it, it just wasn’t right for my swing…. I have thoughts at times of wanting to try the Red Velocore for more feel than the Blue, but the reason I was fit into the Pro Orange was to reduce my spin, and I don’t think the Red would help as much with that.
  5. I’ve removed sand marks from driver and woods faces before using the finest grit sandpaper I could find at Home Depot or Lowes. Start with really light pressure to see how it responds, and then add a little more pressure as you go until desired results. Just don’t go to hard too fast. The marks may be too deep though, but it’s worth a try. I like using the foam sanding block sponge types. such as this: https://www.lowes.com/pd/3M-SandBlaster-Pro-2-5-in-x-4-5-in-320-Grit-Commercial-Sanding-Sponge/3746783
  6. I tried to hit a friend of mines driver once, he was a mini tour player with crazy distance. It was a really stiff X-flex. {I play stiff}. I proceeded to hit a couple of over the top low-left pulls with his driver. I presume it was due to my attempt at trying to load the shaft….
  7. Is the weight in the rear port on the Stealth the same weights used in other TM drivers, so we could adjust the swing weight with older weights we have laying around?
  8. Was thinking of trying out a Stealth custom ordered at a shorter length. I have some TM weights laying around from older TM drivers. Was curious I I might be able to use these to get the SW back up, without having to track down new Stealth specific weights…. Thanks
  9. I did a custom order with Callaway irons this past month with upgraded Nippon shafts, and I think I got them in less than 2 weeks.
  10. I usually get kind of burned out at the end of the summer, when I’ve been playing a lot in the 105* heat. Just too much golf during the heat of summer can do me in for a bit. Usually I end up taking a couple months off and then get the bug again.
  11. I just went and checked my Mavrik 3-wood. It has the stock Aldila Rogue white 70g shaft in it, and it has the 2-gram weight in the head. Sounds like the 1/2” shorter on yours made it light. Looks like yours has the correct weight in the head. You could buy an aftermarket heavier weight to get the weight back up.
  12. Modus 3 Tour 120 stiff in the irons, I’ve been liking the Tensei Orange in my woods. The Pro in my driver and hybrid, and the AV Raw in my 3 wood.
  13. If you are not going to buy a new driver this year, why did you get fit for the Stealth, and why are you going to get fit for the Rogue in 2 weeks? Just curious….
  14. I don’t remove my hat, but I will remove my sunglasses to look them in the eye as we leave. I no longer shake hands due to covid, I’ll give them a fist bump.
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