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  1. Do we know if the standard Epic Speed is supposed to be more forgiving than the standard Mavrik?
  2. The Super Bowl is overrated. Along with the NBA Finals. All meaningless stuff....
  3. I like the dude. He’s just trying to go about the game differently, and find a new or possible better way to do things. He could tone down the rules official arguing type of stuff, but I got no hate for the guy for trying to approach the game in a different way
  4. It’s interesting that some of the folks saying they don’t mind how BK talked up his chances of winning, but they conveniently leave out the part where he disrespected his fellow golfers...
  5. i think Faldo said yesterday that a wood or hybrid slides down through the heavy rough much easier than an iron
  6. I like the guy. Maybe I’m the only one on here that does, lol
  7. Seems like I read in an article earlier on TGC that Brooks intimated in a recent interview that he and DJ weren’t even that good of friends, that people just thought they were because they worked out at the same gym in Florida.
  8. Kind of douchey for BK to say DJ has “only won one major”.... even Rory was taking post round about having some respect for the field...
  9. I agree that Koepka looked pretty foolish throwing those comments out there, then throwing up on himself...
  10. That was pure class by Paul Casey, such good comments from him. True gentleman.
  11. Why does Justin Leonard have the haircut of an 8 year old little boy?
  12. True. I forgot they still had 9 holes left. I’m not used to this Pacific time zone on TV playing so late, lol
  13. I’ve enjoyed the last two days watching ESPN+ featured groups. It’s a totally different feel getting to watch a guys whole round, every shot. You get a better feel for the course, for what guys go through in a round, and get to see all their bad shots that you would otherwise miss. I feel like I’ve learned more watching a few guys whole rounds, than tons of different guys various shots.
  14. I’ll be honest, Tiger surprised me. I would have bet money that he would miss the cut. Him coming into a major with deep rough, and cold weather for his back, and hitting out of that deep rough with his back, and basically no playing reps/sharpness coming into the tourney. He’s done better that I thought he would. Guess that’s why he’s a GOAT
  15. Must be a Puma thing. I think Rickies hat was that same tie dye look yesterday.
  16. That was interesting. This morning, the ESPN lady on course announcer Jane, was kinda complaining about a Marshall who wouldn’t let her within 10 yards of the players ball for her to look at the lie. The announcers laughed about the marshall, like calling him the angry Marshall trying to wield his power. Then just now, she goes and steps on McIlroys ball in the rough, and he has to get an official called in to replace his lie...... lol...
  17. Thanks for the link. Wow, that’s something we all can relate to. I hate that it happened to him, but I guess it shows we are all human.. Never let up on the focus. The woman gasping in the video background was kinda funny though.
  18. I missed it on TV, as I had to run some errands, but on PGA Tour XM radio in my car, they said he stubbed it. Hit the ground first and the ball went 1”. Id like to see the replay of it, if anyone has a Twitter link to a vid.
  19. This could be said of all sports. Think about the NFL players that are top talents that sign with teams that they know have a low shot of even making the playoffs, but they do it anyways for more money. They could have signed with a super bowl contender for less money, but the money trumps the possibility of winning. Now granted an NFL players average career time is very short, and they gotta get the money while they can, but it’s still the mindset of money over winning...
  20. I disagree. TPC Southwind is a great course. The players love it, and it is very demanding. Tests all aspects of your game.
  21. BDC is making it hard to like him. I’ve liked him so far, I find his experiments interesting. But this ongoing rules relief and whining is getting old. He pointed out a single ant like 6 feet away from his ball. “ See! There’s one over there.”, as he pointed toward it. It was literally 6 feet away from him. Getting ridiculous.
  22. Don’t forget thief and cheater Reed....
  23. Pat Perez looks like he just came out of winters hibernation. A wild man, lol
  24. I honestly don’t think there will ever be another player in golf to come along that was as dominant as Tiger. There are too many guys out there that are too good. The field is so deep. Kids are coming out of college that can win on any given day. Complete dominance seems to be over with. There will be great players, but no one like Tiger was. The deep field won’t allow it anymore. Just my opinion of course, lol.
  25. Like I said before, I’m hoped Rahm would win, and I like him. I’m glad he’s world #1. But that’s not going to stop me from calling out your bigoted worldview...
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