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  1. I've had a DJ Black #7 since May. 43 rounds and no chips.
  2. I got my first HOI on Thursday on the 2nd hole at Longshore in Westport, CT. I hit an un-wrx-like 8 iron to a mid pin at 146yds to a morning dew covered green. We couldn't see it land due to the reflection off the dew so when we got up to the green we were looking in the rough behind the green. My playing partner went to check the pin and motioned me over. It didn't hit me until I saw the ball in the hole. Exhilarating to say the least.
  3. Titleist 915 D2...Not the longest, by any stretch.
  4. Bonobos Highland pants in tailiored or slim fit would fit the bill. For me, the waist is true to size.
  5. Sunday, my buddy and I joined up with a single and were playing at a brisk pace (all walkers - under 3 hour pace). On 7 we caught up to the group in front of us and were waiting for the green to clear. The ranger came up to us and asked if we wanted him to talk to the group in front. I said that we just caught up to them and didn't understand why they were taking so much time on the greens which were punched earlier in the week. He hung out with us after the green cleared. My buddy hits his approach pin high 20' left. Our playing partner hits his approach to 12'. I hit my approach and it hits the back of the green and spins back to 4' below the pin. The ranger drives off and says "I think I'll go talk to them." We all grinned at each other and started laughing. We were not playing particularly well and looked like pro's to the ranger. Yes, I birdied.
  6. Hahaha! Same for me but all my vanity handicap buddies got smart and no longer play for any real money or seem to be forever "working on my game so no bets" Our playing partner this weekend asked me how many strokes I was giving my friend. I told him 6. He laughed and said "Come on. You need to be giving him at least twice that!" I said "Until he stops carrying a vanity cap, I'll keep on taking his money." After the today's revision, I'll probably have to give him two more strokes. He's a poker player and needs the action to enjoy playing. Every now and then, my garbage day will align with his "good" day and he'll take me for $10. It's not big money for either of us and we enjoy ribbing each other. If it stops being fun, we'll stop doing it.
  7. When you're paired with a supposed "professional" golfer who starts complaining about the last course he played having really tight fairways and really deep rough...and your course has...wait for it...really tight fairways and very deep rough...ruh roh, Shaggy! "So, you've never played my course before, (rhymes with Shill)? Any interest in some side action?"
  8. Averaging about $35 a week (stableford) from my buddy with the vanity handicap.
  9. "If the fairway is not two football fields wide, it's not real golf." - After losing the Ryder Cup.
  10. Great River in Milford. Just a 15-20 minutes south of New Haven. ooo thanks. just checked bethpage black aerated oc1 so don't know if i want to play bumpy greens next week. This looks like a great back up plan and no 6 hour train rides round trip. tpc highlands willing to give me a reciprocal from my home club down here in florida. how's that course? If you can get on Highlands, do it! Treelined and challenging but definitely playable.
  11. Great River in Milford. Just a 15-20 minutes south of New Haven.
  12. This was the running joke at the range on Saturday. Whoever the captain is, better make the fairways as wide as the driving range (football field width). The guy next to me said "better make it two just to be safe."
  13. Yesterday at the range in re. US Ryder Cup performance. "I guess their handicap doesn't travel well."
  14. I'm the extreme case here, I guess. I have lower back issues which prevent me from staying in an athletic posture for too long. My first custom set was built 2" over standard and 3.5 degrees upright. My swingplane is upright, as well. For me, I don't mind the added weight (e2-e4) and standard length demos feel like toys to me at the stock D0-D2. All my subsequent sets have been built to these specs. My static fitting specs would be +1/2" and 2up. (6'3" and 38" WTF).
  15. I gamed the Tracey fc (forged carbon) for 8 seasons and still have it as my backup. Great feel off the face and rolled true. I am never getting rid of that putter.
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