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  1. Not sure i tried to mimic the standard milled grind wedges. Honestly haven’t played titleist in 10 years. I was Nike until I swapped to tm
  2. Hello I am selling a Taylormade 60 hi toe wedge which I had shaved the atv grind down. They do not currently have standard bounce options for the 60 so this was the best option. This thing is a beast around the greens. The face is almost mint on it. Comes with kbs hi rev 2.0 115 shaft with red golf pride tour velvet 360 grips. only selling as I have the mg2 and prefer it on full shots. asking $100 shipped
  3. Price drop $100 shipped for udi $100 shipped for Cleveland irons $100 shipped for hi toe wedge
  4. Taylormade hi toe 60 degree lob wedge with ground down atv grind to make it conventional style bounce Asking $100 shipped Selling a Taylormade udi rsi driving iron is stamped as a 3 but is 20 degrees and pretty forgiving. Comes with a Graf alloy pro launch red shaft in stiff Asking $100 shipped Cleveland ta3 “tour action” 3-pw in left handed with regular flex dynamic gold shafts. Heads in good shape grips could probably be changed. These irons definitely give some feedback on misshits Asking $100 shipped ![](https://us.v-cds.net/6024507/uploads/editor/jm/zkht6408z0ap.jpeg "")
  5. Not really looking for trades. And they are harder to pull off online. > @Dmortyy said: > Interested in any trades?
  6. They are the stock kbs hi rev 2.0 wedge shaft > @thedanimal58 said: > What shafts in the wedges?
  7. -Selling a great condition of left handed forged Taylormade p770 irons. A great players style looking club with some distance and forgiveness. 4-aw and have kbs flt tour 120 shafts lie is up 1 with standard golf pride tour velvet Taylormade grips Asking $550 shipped ( pendind pickup) - Selling a sTaylormade hi toe Lob wedge is 60.... ground down atv grind to make it a normal style wedge. Look worse condition than it is because of the finish. Only played 13 rounds with them. $130 shipped (52 and 56 sold) - Taylormade udi 3 iron driving iron with grafalloy pro launch red stiff shaft
  8. Nope it’s goofy I am always the best dressed sometimes I don’t like tucking my shirt. Do admit the shorts or pants with the sticky rubber band inside sure helps for keeping shirts from pulling up. As well as I wear tighter shirts so they don’t bunch ( nor do they hang low untucked) > @Eric267 said: > > @PracticeAprl said: > > I definitely feel like things are getting a little more lax, even look at the mock collar golf shirts Nike is making. Most golf pants are basically track pants. Jackets are basically work out clothes. > > > > Only dumb thing I had
  9. Air max 1 is one of my fave golf shoes to date. Excited to pick up some of the new color ways
  10. Yeah I have p770 but swapped from 2011 x forged. Just feel like the club and sole on the p770 is a little big for my liking and P760 might be a little better to look at > @derekthomas14 said: > > @PracticeAprl said: > > > > Yeah funny how some companies don’t make clubs left handed. There is other brands available but I really like Taylormades. Might try the P760 this year > > > The P760s are fantastic. Really good to look down at and a great feel. I'm a big fan of mine. >
  11. I feel like his ball shoes were not nice and these look similar.
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