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  1. One of my favorite sets, still have in my basement somewhere. Very low offset for such a forgiving iron and great feel for a cast head. Would make a perfect starter set for someone. GLWS
  2. I just received a set of these on Thursday. Played the G15 irons for a few years and loved the performance, not the look so much. Several iron sets later I decided to go back to that "G" performance and , to me, these (G25) are by far the best looking of G line of clubs. Now, personally I do not care for the ferrule on the last few G designs, so that fact limited my options. Warm yesterday for February here in Michigan, so off to range to try them out and all I can say is "it is good to be back!!!". Now range balls were still cold, so feel was not spectacular, but no hiding what these clubs sh
  3. With all due respect, I'm not sure where you (or anybody else) are getting the size difference thing. I hit the G700 and the G400 THIS WEEK, and couldn't tell any difference in that regard, except that the G700 appeared to have a slightly thinner topline and slightly less offset. The offset, I think is an illusion; the specs on the Ping website seem to be the same for the G400 and the G700, and for that matter, the G30's that I currently use. I think the thinner topline in the G700s is marginally true. But heel to toe difference? I didn't see any in any of the G irons, current or past.
  4. Do you guys think these young guns will wilt in Tigers presence? They are kind of molded in his image, fearless and such. He really created that "killer instinct" for most of these kids and wouldn't it be great TV to see them measure themselves against the man himself.
  5. yup, if Tiger stays healthy and keeps playing well, should be a VERY entertaining year.
  6. Yes they are... of course I would have to get one in hand and give it a roll, but I like these. :good:
  7. Interested in hearing about your misses if you didn't consider the 919thi very forgiving. The MOI is over 5000 and is in the same realm as the Callaway Fusion, Cobra F7, Epic Sub Zero, and Ping G400. Not many would argue those clubs as not forgiving enough. Also the variable face design is very well done and good at maintaining ballspeed well off of center strikes. The majority of reviews are usually the opposite and call the 919thi super forgiving but not quite as long as some other clubs. I found it took a good fitting to get the 919thi spin down but other than that it kept up with most
  8. They were going to, however Ping beat them to it... great idea though.
  9. A much better looking Mactec nvg2 iron. That was a hollow body, spring face design and they were cannons, but I found them too fugly. Really have to get them in hand and see what they feel like. Any idea when they would hit stores?
  10. Looks like maybe a bevel on the topline? Interested to see an address view, thanks for posting that.
  11. That doesn't look bad, all depends how they hide the offset. couldn't have less offset than 400? offset really does not affect me much shot wise, just don't care for the look.
  12. Thanks, tons of great info. how would you compare the TE's and the Hogan BH-5's? I've been playing the low offset BH-5's forever and the TE's (actually the DBM's) have got my attention. Thanks.
  13. Some of the most consistent irons I've owned, low offset and fairly easy to hit. Nothing flashy about them, just a solid performer.
  14. I received two dozen of the new (2016) trispeed tours for Christmas and was also wondering if anybody has any experience with this version?
  15. Quality set of game improvement irons. Did you get the Nippon steel shafts in them? That was what I liked the most about them when I had mine.
  16. [quote name='hardten' timestamp='1425142821' post='11047421'] [quote name='puttingfordough' timestamp='1425083082' post='11043901'] For those of you that have seen them in person, do they have that cheesy chrome like finish that Callaway loves to use? Cally makes some great performing sgi/gi clubs, but that finish makes them look cheap. IMHO. [/quote]Agree 100%. The XRs are long and I am considering trading,selling, or reshafting my g30s to graphite and have hit the XRs quite a bit. That said to drop $900 + tax for "another" X model that devalues in half and indeed looks cheesy cheap bother
  17. [quote name='scratch72 ' timestamp='1425085935' post='11044219'] Yeah it's not a chrome chrome but I like it. [/quote] similar to Xhot2, Xhot and Razr in finish?
  18. For those of you that have seen them in person, do they have that cheesy chrome like finish that Callaway loves to use? Cally makes some great performing sgi/gi clubs, but that finish makes them look cheap. IMHO.
  19. Too bad that got deleted, I would have liked to had more input from eight. With a little research it is not hard to find a very different opinion on this than Richie's take earlier in this thread.
  20. [quote name='RichieHunt' timestamp='1423923719' post='10951549'] Eye dominance has little impact on the swing and you can train yourself to aim better despite your eye dominance and natural tendencies. It has little impact on the swing because of your peripheral and fovial vision. Also, we don't 'take our eye off the ball' or 'look up' at impact. The eyes have a built in reflex called vestibular ocular reflex which means that if you're looking at an object and your head moves one way, there is a reflex in the eyes that will move them automatically the other way so you can still see what y
  21. I have wondered the same thing. I am right handed and throw, write, swing, eat.. pretty much everything right handed and I am also right eye dominant and have an issue with my left eye where my vision is much worse compared to my right. I have done the same thing, close my left eye and found that i made better contact. I have even borrowed a left handed iron and found after a little practice I can make very good center face contact, no real power though. Now I am not planning on making a switch to lefty but I do wonder if it has to do with eye dominance and not losing sight of the ball or swit
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