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  1. Interesting, how would the AP1"s in your sig compare to the sets mentioned?
  2. I played steel in the HT's and i believe the nippon shaft in the cobra 3100i/h is heavier than the taylormade shaft. If your playing graphite in the HT right now, the difference in weight may feel significant at first, but once you adjust to that it should also give you a tighter dispersion. Solid clubs and a nice upgrade IMHO.
  3. Good pick up. Between the HT"s and i/h"s as far as far as "forgiveness" goes, they are both easy to get in the air and have high trajectory (imagine that). the biggest difference would be the shafts, the nippon shaft with the cobra 3100i/h felt and performed much better for me, i was more accurate with a slightly lower trajectory (not low by any means) than the HT. YRMV ....but i think you should have no problems with the cobra"s... enjoy.
  4. My game could use all the EZ it can get... and im not getting any younger so a little extra distance could only help.
  5. I don't know if the BH-5 are as forgiving as the Burner 2.0's, but the low offset version are very user friendly, they feel pretty good as well. How well do you like your 2.0's ? Maybe you could find a single graphite 6 or 7 iron on the bay and it would be a better comparison. You really cannot go wrong with the BH-5's, as long as the shafts work for you they are a great game improvement head.
  6. Very cool, those G15's look much better without the red, but that bag screams "playa" !! I have never used 14 different clubs in one round and the most I carry now is 12. Less choice really is better for my golf game, call it a very efficient set up.
  7. the I20 is a very good looking club.... I could use a little more forgiveness thou or practice . I really like my G15 irons, but honestly I steal glances at more svelte clubs when they are not around. A G5 with a little less offset would be perfect, that finish with the blue is classic. if the G25 is the I20 on steroids I could get with that, but please just ONE accent color and not much of it, oh and half the sole of my 15's. Please.
  8. [quote name='MtlJeff' timestamp='1331500928' post='4484165'] cool , i bought mizunos today anyway [/quote] But what Mizuno's? jpx800?
  9. Well I have read enough, going to demo the 2.0's this week. Any opinons on the stock stiff shaft?
  10. For those of you coming from the Ping G10/15/20 series, assuming similar shaft, how does your ballflight compare to the Pings? especially in the shorter (8,9,pw) irons. Swinging the G15's currently and looking to fool around
  11. Played the isi for years and loved them (especially the jz shaft) came across a great deal on g15's w/awt and could not pass it up. g's are better, once you get use to the look and ballflight, the g15's are just more fun to play. More forgiving and better feel than the isi. always thought the isi's were cool becuase of the different look and they do perform but can't ignore results with pings newer offerings.
  12. I'm a winner!!! Winners play Callaway Thanks Golfwrx and InTheHoleGolf.
  13. try the hogan bh-5, the low offset version. It's like they crammed all the forgiviness of those huge,wide soled SGI irons into a much more appealing head. they are not true hogans, callaway copied their x-14 pro and slapped the hogan name on them but they are a solid option if you want max forgiviness without a ton of offset. very soft feeling for a cast club.
  14. Take a look at the Hogan/Callaway BH-5, very forgiving and good feel for a cast iron, also the apex shaft in these is a high launch, spinny shaft. Can be found on ebay cheap, they have offset and non-offset versions. I have a set of the non-offset and love them, SGI without the huge sole.
  15. The BH-5's are more forgiving, one of the most forgiving clubs I've found with that small amount of offset. They both feel pretty nice for a cast clubs. I play the BH-5 with Apex 3 and really like them, coming from Ping ISI and find hogans more forgiving, better feel and 1/2 club longer. My brother plays GC Mids with nippon 950gh and have hit them alot, the nippons feel smooth, better than the apex with similar launch. I find the gc mids look smaller at address, good or bad? you decide.. the hogans look a little more game improvment and provide just that. Both are a great value. Go with BH-5,
  16. I game the low offset version of the hogan/callaway bh-5's and also own a set of Ping isi-k's (very similar to Zing 2's). Both clubs offer alot of forgiviness, but the major difference for me is feel. The bh-5's feel much better than my Pings, if you do opt for the pings make sure you get a set with the cushin inserts, it will make a huge difference. I would highly reccomend the Hogan BH-5 standard or offset.
  17. The hogan BH-5 are very forgiving and if you get the standard version have very little offset. They are if you don't already know basically the callaway X-14 pro's. I switched from the Ping ISI's and never looked back, I have seen left handed sets on ebay well under $200. A great choice for the mid to high capper for sure. Oh the topline is cosiderably smaller than most GI irons.
  18. +1 ... very forgiving. sgi without the huge sole and ridiculous graphics.
  19. If the shaft bands are black with red, they are stiff. If the bands are black with blue, they are regular.
  20. Have the ISI K right now and hit the I3 OS several times, I contemplated the same switch a few years ago, I would agree with the above advice. Better feeling/looking clubhead with the OS but not much difference in terms of forgiviness if thats what you were wondering. I prefer the JZ stiff shafts in the K's over the CS lite stiff in the O-size. I'm thinking of switching to the I5's, a little less forgiviness but I like the less offset and smaller clubhead. Really a matter of what looks better to you with those two clubheads, very similar performance.
  21. If you dislike the ISI-S, this may make you :bad: , I love mine. Long heel to toe they are, but thin sole and very forgiving.
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