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  1. TM XFT Z groove wedge faces 5 of them, new in plastic $150.00 No trades at all, a little extra for shipping west of Mississippi I'll be shipping anything that sells on Monday and then will close the ad as I will be traveling for a while and won't be available.
  2. PXG Gen 2 Darkness - 5 and 6 iron, plus Gap wedge 0311P Very good condition, pured Mitsubishi OTI 100 stiff shafts, on 5 and 6 iron $450.00 shipped. OBRO Gap Wedge S400 Shaft. $225.00 shipped OBRO Pic of face on white towel is the gap wedge face all 3 clubs $625 shipped Can ship on Friday, I don't want to break up 5 and 6 at this time unless confirmed buyers for both. No trades at all Thanks
  3. I think it is the DMB head from looking at the Maltby site. Anyway, now have spoken with PXG and they confirm that bending 3 up is no problem, 4 up structurally is no problem but at 4 there is a possibility of cosmetic changes in the finish, but the head will be fine.
  4. Thanks. I have a "Gabe Golf" swing trainer that has a black Maltby head. It is extremely easy to bend, mine is 4 up now and was no problem to do. Not sure if that is the same head/finish you were talking about but I'll check with Maltby and contact PXG as well. Thanks again
  5. Are there any issues to be aware of with bending these irons? Will the finish crack, "spider" ... are they as easy to bend as the chrome version? ...the max they can be bent? Thanks
  6. > @"Ray Jackson" said: > Whats the length? http://www.bigmoss.com/The-Augusta_p_123.html
  7. Steelfiber i95, i110 .355 - Stiff 4 - PW $160.00 each MItsubishi OTI 95, .355, 5 - PW stiff $170.00 Ping LST 10, Kuro Kage Silver Tini 60 S Flex $340.00 Evnroll ER2, 35" $240.00 Yeti Hopper 20 - $170.00 MIzuno MP58 S300, +1 inch - $240 Prices are shipped. + $5.00 for West of Mississippi The 110s I bought as one time pulls, and never used. The 95s were used for a year and were pulled with low heat. The pic is of 6 i95s, but I have the 7th. It's being pulled from a wedge head today. $160.00 for either set, 110s grips are still very good. 95s drips are average, a little dry now
  8. Charles Howell uses a Momentus Speed whoosh? Are those actually useful?
  9. I had always used 2 degree upright, with shafts +1/2 as I am just shy of 6’3”. I took some lessons and the pro told me to keep the extra 1/2 inch, but go to standard lie angle. He was trying to get my swing a little flatter, perhaps I have inched forward in my stance and gotten more upright again. Maybe I’ll bend a couple of them upright to see how they feel and perform.
  10. This is my iron sole after a few balls on a mat. Is this showing a head that is too flat or upright?
  11. I made it clear that I was looking for the length of a shaft to achieve 38.5 inch 5 iron. Congratulations to you as well for telling me I asked the wrong question. I asked 2 questions. I also asked a question that should have an answer, not just an opinion. His answer doesn’t help because I don’t know the distance for insertion or the distance from the ground to the end of the bore. The irons still have still have shafts in them and i am overseas, about 12 hours difference in time from PXG and thought perhaps someone here might know the answer.
  12. That does not help even a little bit. But congratulations on finding my mistake. The question still stands. What length shaft would give me a 38.5 inch 5 iron.
  13. Anyone aware of the depth? Wondering about the length needed to achieve a 38.5 5 iron. Thx
  14. After a double check on the length, I see that the BB6 is 43.7/8 and the club with BB6 is actually 45, not 44.75
  15. Modus are .355 120s, from Bridgestone irons, 38.00 inch 5 iron. Great shafts but went to Steelfibers to try and take it easy on a bad elbow.
  16. Obviously I had trouble resizing pics. I will try again and edit. Any pics needed just PM and I'll send out.
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