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  1. For sale is a Epic Max LS 10.5 head only, still in plastic. Ordered when on shortage and got tired of waiting for it, so I ended up buying a used head on the BST...so I have no use for this guy anymore! Comes with stock headcover and tool. Would consider trades, especially for high MOI slant neck putters a la TM Spider, etc. Will be shipped USPS Priority with tracking provided. Please shoot me a PM with any questions, concerns, etc. Lastly, looking for $350 shipped and Paypal'd OBO. Thanks!
  2. Three items, hopefully to be moved quickly to some people who will get far more use out of them than I. Everything shipped USPS Priority with tracking provided, Paypal only, prices include shipping and always OBO. Please shoot me a number with any questions, picture requests, etc. Thanks for looking! 1. Oakley Targetline Prizm Dark Golf. Tried on once after picking them up from another member, not my style. Still committed to becoming a sunglasses player this year, but these are not yet the answer. Has a small scratch on R eye (hard to catch on a camera) and small imperfections on the finish of the L temple (in photo). I'd give these a 7-8/10 as a eyewear idiot who absolutely hates scratches...I would certainly still wear these and didn't notice the scratch while wearing. Looking to move them to a more welcoming home for $85 shipped and Paypal'd. SOLD. 2. George Gankas GBOX. Adult version. Used maybe twice, but turning isn't my problem (it's many others ). Get it at a discount for $75 shipped and Paypal'd OBO. SOLD. 3. Fuji Atmos Tour Spec Red 7S 3 wood shaft, measures just over 42" from tip to end of grip cap. Has Callaway fairway adapter, ordered new from Club Champion with an Epic Flash but have since changed shafts. Has a Bestgrips Microperf grip installed with perhaps another season left in it, but I would be happy to pull with air if desired (I imagine these are not as fun to take off without air). Looking for $75 shipped and Paypal'd OBO.
  3. Upcoming fitting, and I was back to playing my old Epic SZ anyways, so this has got to go! Looking for $230 shipped via USPS Priority, payment via Paypal. Condition as shown in pictures, certainly no major issues. Adapter included with head, although it doesn't come with the small plasticky ferrule that PING uses. No headcover. Let me know if I can answer any questions or send offers via PM. No trades, unless its an apple giftcard
  4. Anyone know what the shaft diameter is? .370?
  5. I started playing a set of 902s last season midway through, switching from a set of my trusty Adams MB2s (which, since I've learned my lesson enough times with prior sets, have not and will not be sold) and some Bridgestone J40CBs. The 902s are quite similar to the Bridgestones in appearance, to my eye, but certainly offer a bit more in the forgiveness department. Think J40 DPCs in terms of forgiveness. But nothing in this category is going to offer dramatically more than your Miuras. You would need to take a step up in terms of iron category to really see that level of difference in terms of ball speed retention on toe strikes. 902s are, after all, still a relatively compact player's CB. They do, however, give me fantastic turf interaction, excellent feel (mine are paired with Nippon Modus 125s), and while not as attractive as the MB2s at address, look quite good from above. Hard to beat them for the price, that's for sure!
  6. Eagle Springs is not something worth driving a long distance for, but it is absolutely a fun 9 holes of golf. Several greens with very fun slopes, including #1 and #4 (and I believe it is the par 3 7th?). The volcano green on #2 is obviously the claim to fame, and it is a fun and challenging hole to play. I would certainly recommend it as a worthwhile stop!
  7. Just picked up a set of Nippon Modus 125s (a shaft that I really enjoyed previously, but have recently been playing PX LZs and wanted to switch back) and am looking for a set of heads to toss on them, but I am very torn on which direction to go. In the meantime, my old faithful Adams MB2s are in the bag.... Looking for a little more long iron forgiveness and launch compared to the J40s without going too clunky and wide-soled, and these 3 (New Level 902, Hogan PTx Pro/Icon combos, and i210) seem to be the finalists. First off, should I expect any significant differences between the J40s and these 3, especially in long iron forgiveness/performance (loft differences aside)? Any major differences in performance between these 3, or is it largely feel/aesthetic differences that I am choosing between? Either way, it should be a fun experiment, but would love to hear your thoughts/recommendations!
  8. How did the pricing through Club Champion work out? Basically pay the same price as on Hogan's website, plus the MSRP of the shafts, plus build cost? I'm assuming it would basically be the same as with other brands, but wasn't positive given that it's basically one of very few places to be able to hit their clubs before purchase.
  9. If you feel that the Apex 19 are a compact head...stick with the Apex 19. If you care about the absolute distance that a numbered iron is carrying, and don't ignore that completely and instead focus on descent angle, spin, launch angle, dispersion, etc...stick with the Apex 19. If you fit into the Apex 19 over the Apex Pros...stick with the Apex 19. If you want to buy a set of irons because of looks...get Mizuno MP20 MBs ?
  10. Just get some Pro Dots and have them stripped! But don't try to do it with the standard Apex Pro heads...the cup face will not strip properly.
  11. You won’t be disappointed! That’s really about the perfect one day Bandon routine, and you will leave wishing you could just stay and play those two courses again...and then realize that there are three more full courses, plus an all world par 3. You will be back...?
  12. I guess that's not too surprising. I would absolutely expect they spin less and launch higher than a comparable Icon. Wonder if they would bend just the PTX Pros a degree weak?
  13. For those of you that went with the combo set, what other recent irons would you compare the PTx Pro long irons to in terms of performance (forgiveness, spin rate, etc)? I’ve seen plenty of photos and understand that the top line is a little thicker, but am interested in a set and trying to decide between a combo or straight Icons, but the extra forgiveness in the long irons sounds tempting and would likely allow me to play them thru the 4 iron (currently playing Adams MB2s with a new level 4995 HB in the 4 iron slot).
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