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  1. This is great feedback! Also a lot of what I'm changing is based on a lesson from Monte too a few months back, but I forgot to ask him that question. Once every 4-5 swings actually seems like a great cadence! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the response. Just some quick feedback and background. I'm 35, currently a 9 hcp, and was scratch going into college and played college golf for a D2 program. Was never coached as a kid or a highschooler. Took some well intentioned coaching about my Junior year of college and implemented in the wrong way and developed some "death moves" in my swing. My goal from a swing perspective is to get rid of the death moves, and also adjust the other factors in my swing that could be causing it. My goal from a play perspective is to get back to scratch in the next 2 years. Death moves in question: - Yank handle first move down and get shaft completely vertical, making me need to adjust and flatten out halfway down to the ball - Slightly cupped wrist in downswing - working on getting it bowed or at least flat - EE in downswing which I know is being caused by other forces Changes I'm working on to support goals above: - Letting my right leg lose flex on the backswing to get more of a free hip turn on the way back - Get hands deeper at the top of backswing - Getting more of a squat move as my first move on the downswing. Right now my arms and club start the downswing on the way down Edit: Also when I was saying swinging "full speed", i dont mean swinging all out, i just mean a "regular speed" swing vs the slow motion swinging I'm doing to make some of these changes.
  3. I've decided to stop being "middle of the road" with the swing changes I've been trying to make for years, and really focus on overhauling a few things over the next 1-2 years before I get too deep into the wrong side of my 30's. Over the last month during my range sessions, I've been combining drills and slow motion (50% or slower) swings to try and hit the right positions. I'm finally at the point where I'm willing to be uncomfortable and do what needs to be done to make these improvements. My original thought was if going from 50% to 70% speed is enough to throw off the movements, then i should go back to 50%, 55%, etc and only go faster once i can do it while making the right movements. Is that the right way to think about it, or should I be mixing in a few "real speed" swings between the drills and the slow motion swings? What are everyone's thoughts and philosophies on this?
  4. I’m a 9.6 index. Should be a 5. My short game sucks. But i’ll be back on the range tomorrow….
  5. Thanks for the feedback all. Had a better range session today. Felt like I was a hair further from the ball though in video it’s hard to tell. Slowed it back down to 50% speed, teed it up and didn’t use targets. Just going to try to keep hitting these positions in slow motion before I speed it up any more. IMG_1298.MOV
  6. i’ll be interested to see what the people who are experts in breaking down swings respond, but just from my amateur eye I think the issue starts as you reach the top of your backswing and your upper body starts tilting heavily towards the target and then you move your head aggressively forward of where you started by the time you get to impact. Conversely if you look at a face on video of tiger or rory their heads are a hair lower and behind where they were at setup. Your impact position (both your shoulder angle and your cast) I think is the only way you can actually make contact with the ball in that position. Hope this helps!
  7. Actual range session yesterday and the movements are much harder for me when I can actually see the ball fly. Also got a little lazy and let my takeaway get too far inside and first move down was steep so had to EE to get back on track. Gonna keep working on it will just need A LOT more exaggeration on the range vs the net I suppose. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. Thanks good drill done it in the past. Only issue for me is I subconsciously get the club way across the line when I try something like this to try and “cheat” to get the inside path.
  9. Thanks. I’ve only had 3 practice sessions with it. (2 net, one range) Was all over the place on the range which I suppose is to be expected since the move still feels very foreign to me.
  10. My battle for the last ten years or so has been getting steep in transition. Really committing to working on the other faults in my swing that may be causing that. Got some great feedback when I posted about a week ago pointing out that my restricted hip turn in my backswing was making it difficult to get my hands deep enough in my backswing. That thread here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1824388-been-trying-to-shallow-for-a-decade…video-feedback-request/ Been working over the past week to lose some extension in my trail knee on the backswing so I can get some more hip turn and get a little deeper. Am I on the right track here? (Having to pause at the top a bit to consciously not yank the club straight down from the top in this new backswing position.) Thanks in advance! First video below is last week and second video is today, 3rd practice session working on these new positions. (Clothes have been washed since the first video ) FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Wow….great stuff. Makes perfect sense and also explains why my “shallowing” feels so manufactured and it’s so hard to maintain coming from the inside in the long run. Thank you!!
  12. Really good stuff everyone thanks. Took a few videos today from face on and pretty clear my right knee is drifting a bit on the backswing and could do with a better pivot. Now I guess the question is, if I try to fix this simultaneously with the steepness, am I going to crash and burn because i’m trying to fix too much at once? Should I fix the transition and then try to add depth later? Or would you (the royal “you”) think it’s critical to fix this if I hope to permanently fix the steep transition?
  13. I just ordered a 0341X Proto 3 wood Monday of this week, and assembly hasn't even started yet. Sales guy said it could even by sometime as late as the 2nd week of August. I highly doubt you're getting delivery by next weekend. Side note - I work for an international logistics company. Logistics is an absolute mess globally. There are stock outs, backorders, etc. everywhere so I'm sure PXG is being affected by that too. Who knows, maybe if they have plenty of stock shafts in inventory you'll get bumped to the front of the line.
  14. Thanks to you both. and yes this is absolutely something i’ve been told/ have worked on in the past. I feel like when I try to focus on depth, the right knee, etc it’s too many swing thoughts and it all just crumbles like a house of cards. But probably need to add some drills for sure
  15. For the better part of a decade i’ve been a handle puller with a very steep transition. Sometimes i’ll feel like i’m improving it, start hitting some good shots, take my focus off of it, and it immediately comes back. I’ve decided i’m just going to practice with a massive exaggeration (feeling like my shaft is horizontal with the ground on the way down) for an indefinite period of time until I get this fixed. Usually once I start hitting it solid, I stop focusing on the change. Ive posted a few swings on here before, and in the past i’ve gotten some good feedback on where i’ve been cheating to get shallow by dropping my right elbow behind me instead of externally rotating on the way down. Interested to get some feedback below: This is my “before”, Steep swing from about 8-9 years ago: https://youtube.com/shorts/LRHDtBlH2gs?feature=share The swing attached is from this morning where i’m really trying to exaggerate the shallowing out move as much as I can. I know I need to rotate a bit more coming through which i’ve improved some over the years. (but it’s a slow change for sure) Thanks in advance for any feedback! (Side note: I had an online lesson with monte about a year back and an due for another which I’ll hopefully schedule in the next month or so. So not only relying on free internet advice. ) Edit: Swing below is what I feel to be about 65% speed. FullSizeRender.mov
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