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  1. That Chicago is ! Wish I was able to pull the trigger on that! Good luck!
  2. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Thanks for the help guys. Got 2 shafts cut down tonight... Both had plugs epoxied in but only took 15-20 seconds and they came right out. Cut the shafts and put them back in. Everything is good. I put one of the weights in a scale and it was ~25 grams. Is this pretty standard? I'm going to try the shorter shaft for a week or so but I'm thinking I might put a SS grip on with a heavier weight... Worked well in my previous putter
  3. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Thanks guys, I'll give this a try
  4. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Sorry if this isn't the right section.... I need to shorten a stroke lab shaft about an inch... Instead of cutting grip end and messing with weight, how much can I cut off the bottom before the size of the shaft changes? Or are there other issues I need to be concerned with when doing this? Thanks
  5. Here's one if someone needs it SCEX11441-NCR8F
  6. Sorry if this had been posted... Couldn't find anything though... Found these on eBay. Anyone got any info on them? I'm assuming 1st Gen... Are they regular AVX? Or is there something different about them? Thanks in advance
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