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  1. BDW

    Scotty Monterey 1.5

    I did that.... And they said they don't give out shaft information
  2. Hi, Im looking to reshaft a Scotty Monterey 1.5 putter. Can someone tell me what size of shaft I need to order. First time Scotty buyer and cant seem to find the info. Thanks
  3. That Chicago is ?! Wish I was able to pull the trigger on that! Good luck!
  4. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Thanks for the help guys. Got 2 shafts cut down tonight... Both had plugs epoxied in but only took 15-20 seconds and they came right out. Cut the shafts and put them back in. Everything is good. I put one of the weights in a scale and it was ~25 grams. Is this pretty standard? I'm going to try the shorter shaft for a week or so but I'm thinking I might put a SS grip on with a heavier weight... Worked well in my previous putter
  5. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Thanks guys, I'll give this a try
  6. BDW

    Stroke Lab shaft

    Sorry if this isn't the right section.... I need to shorten a stroke lab shaft about an inch... Instead of cutting grip end and messing with weight, how much can I cut off the bottom before the size of the shaft changes? Or are there other issues I need to be concerned with when doing this? Thanks
  7. Here's one if someone needs it SCEX11441-NCR8F
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