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  1. I've owned many sets of Mizunos and a couple of sets of Epon's , including the 503s . In that category I would choose the 503s everyday of the week and twice on a Sunday ! So as you get properly fit , you'll be laughing mate . Happy hunting !
  2. Boomer they look awesome ! Can't wait to hear your review .
  3. Man , that's a sweet lookin set . I've always wanted to try these ! They are mega forgiving and feel amazing.......and look as good as any Iron on the market If my memory serves me correctly Tzoid , you've been playing these for a couple of years now since you stopped using a set of Miuras . These irons have always been of interest to me !
  4. Man , that's a sweet lookin set . I've always wanted to try these !
  5. Try. Miura CB57 3 iron. You could talk to a fitter about bending it so its stronger but that would certainly change the bounce . Good luck with the new bag .
  6. There's a set of copper 301s for sale on the BST over on TSG . They're quite reasonably priced as well . I know the seller personally . He's a great bloke .
  7. I've not had much experience with XXIO's stuff but I've owned a set of Epon 503s and I still own a set of Miura Passing Point 9003s . Miuras are a little bit more demanding and require a more precise , consistent strike . If you want forgiveness and great feel then you can't go past the 503s . Check em out and let us know how you go !
  8. Yeah , they're cool . He's also a member here called golfasaurus I think . He has a business in Singapore called Torque Golf . They have a website . I've purchased 2 Yamada Putters from him . Awesome range of Miura products .
  9. Just don't reply douchebag Yes your right I should let you speculate about which Driver is better and encourage others to purchase clubs without testing them / getting fit first. It has been proven time and time again most clubs are about the same when properly fit . Your a douchbag for being so gulable to marketing campaigns and trying to use Pga pro's as a measuring stick as to what clubs You should play . Great to see You made it out of club pulse in Orlando this weekend . You need to take it easy ! The guy's just lookin for some feedback on a couple of drivers , after all that's wha
  10. So many people on various PXG threads constantly questioning the product . So many people doubting others opinions on PXGs as well . I've said this before ( other threads ) and I'll say it here . If you don't believe , buy into what people are saying about PXG or have a problem with the results of a session from Carl's ( or wherever ) , then the solution is simple ! Go out to a PXG dealer and try them so that you all can make an informed decision , otherwise it's just uneducated speculation !
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