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  1. Oakey90

    WGC Mexico

    So just looking at the qualified players for the WGC Mexico next week and noticed the top ranked native born Mexican player qualifies and remembered wondering how Roberto Diaz got in last year https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/wgc-mexico-championship/en/news/2018/players.html This year Abraham Ancer has qualified at 255 in the OWGR currently (1 Web.com win and best PGA Tour finish of T9 at Mayakoba) http://www.owgr.com/en/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=18238 What do you guys think of this? I personally think it's good for golf in Mexico as long as it's an additional spot in
  2. Looks like maybe an update to the Rogue Pro Iron Shafts. Heavier weight option and slightly different graphics...??? No, it's a new wood shaft. Rogue Platinum 130. http://www.aldila.co...NAL-Digital.pdf Good info. BTW - Aldila has quite possibly the worst marketing department of any company on earth. Their recent lack of consistency amongst product offering and branding perspective delivers a very "Low-End" and "Unsophisticated" message to consumers. I imagine they're getting absolutely destroyed at market by Project X and MRC. I mean... - What happened to the Xtorsion line that ap
  3. Kaymer has always been slow to change equipment from what I remember, he had a super old Ping putter in his bag forever Fair play to him, if the new stuff doesn't out perform the old or it doesn't feel right then don't change
  4. Would be cool to see Luke back playing well, he was one of the players that made me want to get into golf watching him at Wentworth He's had a similar bag setup for as long as I can remember
  5. Nice, real nice, that Scotty Newport is so pure!
  6. If you looking for a grind that is specifically for the harder/wet sand look at the L or the M grinds. Our course has the "Augusta" SP-55 sand and can become concrete if the morning crews aren't attentive to the payability of the bunkers. The M is Vokey's "jack of all trades" and if you're adept with the wedge is indeed exactly that. I have no need to change grind types based on course conditions when the M is in the bag... in fact I play a Wedge Works "high bounce" M at 10º which I personally believe adds versatility on 3/4 shots. The L for me is more one-dimensional for the hard-packed b
  7. Tommy is awesome, good example of someone just using what works Although think he will phase the Nike clubs out but it will take a while, wouldn't surprise me if he went with Titleist but kept the putter the same
  8. I had a fitting with my pro this weekend, he has quite a limited range so mainly tried Taylormade Discovered that my current irons (RocketBladez Tour) are not forgiving enough for my game, also the shafts are too heavy (KBS Tour 110) After trying a few shafts discovered that the best shaft would be the True Temper XP95 or the Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH in standard length/lie, so I am happy from the shaft perspective I tried the M2 and M1, the P770 and the Cobra Forged Tec Basically found the M2 by far was the best performing giving me at least 15 yards on my current 7 iron and far more forg
  9. Quick update I'm now down to 16.1 but a bit frustrated at the moment as had a few really good chances to get cut and played the last holes like a complete moron! But still good progress so far The Fubuki has been sold as I didn't feel I control the ball as well with it. I purchased some Adidas Tour 360 ATV M1 for the new season, awesome shoe, they look great and are really comfortable and stable I've also changed my grips to Lamkin ACE R.E.L 3GEN midsize and changed the putter grip to a Lamkin Jumbo Also decided to take advantage of Titleist's 3 for 4 loyalty deal as I've never playe
  10. Love the white detailing on those drivers, hope it works well for you!
  11. Miguel, such a legend! Still think he can win a major
  12. [quote name='Zach Heusser' timestamp='1400458734' post='9320485'] The iron ho is back! SLDR irons 4-gap Wedge. [/quote] These look awesome!!!!
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