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  1. Trade interests would be other putters or a heavy Tour AD X flex shaft. Bonus points for Ping tip. Xenon Mallet Putter About 34.5 length Copper plated face Leather Stitchback grip. Used one round $400
  2. Maybe a trade offer? I happen to know that you ALWAYS have good things to trade.
  3. For sale or trade. Trade interests include other putters, C taper X flex shafts, HZURDUS Hulk 6.5 driver shaft (Ping tip would be bonus), Size 12 Jordan golf shoes, open to other offers as well MackMade Hudson 35 1/2” Black shaft with leather stitch back grip Specs on headcover in photo as far as I know. I always felt like it was a bit heavier. $400 OBO Goodwood Putter Black shaft with Ping Man Grip Not sure on weight Copper plated 35 1/2” $TRADED (Headed to Florida)
  4. In my experience she’ll let you back inside after about two weeks
  5. Thanks! They’re honestly twice as nice in person. It was really hard to capture good photos!
  6. Good evening everyone, I sent these away for a copper finish and while they were away I fell in love with my other set. Call it the irons divorce sale. They’re copper plated, standard lie and loft. I can bend them for anyone prior to shipping if buyer desires anything else. They were dead mint before they were sent away for the refinish and I’ve hit them a handful of times on my indoor monitor. Shafted with C Taper 130X and have New Decade grips but would prefer to sell heads only. $850 OBO heads $1,050 full clubs sorry, it’s really hard to
  7. This is what happens when you have too much time and a Mitchell Machine.
  8. I could have titled this the long shot sale. Thought I’d put these out there and see if anyone was interested. I wanted to try one lengths but I didn’t like the Cobra ones so I figured I’d try my hand at making my own. They improved my game drastically, so much so that I’ve made a second set and don’t really need these ones anymore. Specs: Swing weights: D4.9 Lie: 62 Length: Right on about standard 7 iron length (can measure actual length upon request) DG X100 Pro Shafts SuperStroke Traxion Oversize grips (in my opinion they feel more like a mid)
  9. 3 SWAG Covers: Only trades I am interested in are unique putters and a set of cool wedges. shipping from so give it some extra time to ship. SWAG Thing 2.0 $SOLD SWAG Cart Sniper $150 SWAG Ice Hockey $SOLD
  10. You’d have to sell your clubs to cover the shipping!
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