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  1. This is what happens when you have too much time and a Mitchell Machine.
  2. I could have titled this the long shot sale. Thought I’d put these out there and see if anyone was interested. I wanted to try one lengths but I didn’t like the Cobra ones so I figured I’d try my hand at making my own. They improved my game drastically, so much so that I’ve made a second set and don’t really need these ones anymore. Specs: Swing weights: D4.9 Lie: 62 Length: Right on about standard 7 iron length (can measure actual length upon request) DG X100 Pro Shafts SuperStroke Traxion Oversize grips (in my opinion they feel more like a mid)
  3. 3 SWAG Covers: Only trades I am interested in are unique putters and a set of cool wedges. shipping from so give it some extra time to ship. SWAG Thing 2.0 $SOLD SWAG Cart Sniper $150 SWAG Ice Hockey $SOLD
  4. You’d have to sell your clubs to cover the shipping!
  5. Trade friendly for other putters or a set of wedges (52,56,60) in good condition. Shipping from Canada so allow for a bit of extra time. Scotty Cameron Detour Circle T 35 inches Superstroke 1.0 Grip Custom Shop shaft sticker No CT headcover but will ship with a Futura head cover $425 OBO
  6. I built my own set of one length irons with a set of Yonex Ezone blades. I play my irons +3/4" so I started with my 8 iron as a base club and went from there. I purchased eight of the same DG X100 Pro shafts and tip trimmed them all the exact same. I installed the shafts and butt trimmed them all the same as well. Before adjusting anything else, I installed the grips so that I could ensure that my swing weight machine was giving equal results across the board. Once this was done, I measured the swing weight of my 8 iron (D4.8) and started drilling holes in the back of the 9 i
  7. The feel you get when your ball goes toward your target... not that kind of feel?
  8. Callaway Prototype Blades 3-pw Project X 6.0 shafts Standard L/L/L (haven’t verified this but I have a Mitchell machine so I can check if anyone is interested) $375 drop to $350 Send me any trade offers as well. Would love a set of Cobra One Lengths, a putter or a SIM/SIM Max. Willing to add money in the right deal.
  9. I built myself a set of one length irons using some Yonex Ezone heads, fired the best four rounds of my season all in a row so the traditional ones gotta go! Would be just as happy trading the irons for putters as I would be selling them. I like unique putters and the boutique brands. Shipping from Canada. Scratch AR1 irons w/ torched finish $600 4-pw Currently have Project X 7.0 shafts but would be happy to swap them out for whatever else I have that you’d like Shafts are long, I can measure at request but they look like between 1” and 1 and 1/4” longer New Decade Midsize grips Standard lie
  10. Got this in a trade and I’m not really a Scotty guy. Interested in trades. Likely putters for the most part. Would entertain iron sets. Would also entertain everything else because like the rest of you, I’m a degenerate. Pro Platinum Newport Mil-Spec BOSS refinished including face milling, oil can finish and paint fill. 33” 350 grams $400
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