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  1. Std swingweight to my knowledge. Got them on here from another member. so yes just added lead tape to try to see if it could fix my “amazing” short game
  2. alright looking to move out a few things to help with the list of new that I want to buy!! here we go - if interested let me know offers are welcome. Cleveland RTX 4 raw 52,56,60 std length 1 up Dg tour issue s400 Sold pxg 0311x 2 iron 40 length modus tour 130 x 2 up Sold tm tour preferred 4 iron hzurdus 105 x 38.75 length 60usd shipped
  3. Quick one off that I bought off eBay for my bday. Wrong size so hoping to get rid of. Size large - NWT - 45$ shipped let me know.
  4. Round 2 see what we can do here to get rid of a few from the collection $60 - sm5 raw ordered via wedgworks 54 m grind. Used sparingly dg s400 std length Sold - Nike vapor pro 3 wood ordered from japan Glued hosel. fujikura motore f3 80x pured. 80$ - TM tour preferred UDI 4 iron w hzurdus blk 105 x 120$ pxg 0311x 2 iron head. Modus you’re 130. (3 iron length) Sold- new Scotty Cameron futura 5.5M 34 inches Sold - Pured fujikura Ventus 7x played 44.5 in Tm driver. Built by modern golf in Toronto. any question
  5. just looking to see if anyone wants to take these off my hands. I’m in Canada but would ship to US if interest depending on where it may be additional depending on rates. Of course willing to listen to offers and will say all prices are American. Won this at a recent scramble tourney New Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M 34 inches - $250 Bought this from a builder online when they first came out. PXG 0311X 2 iron - Nippon tour 130 X - slightly over 39 inches in length. (Intent was to be 3 iron length) - bent upright don’t recall how much - $150 Bought this on the BS
  6. TPI @ Oceanside is a great experience and top notch facility and staff to work with of course you've gotta love Titleist but I would go back in a hurry just based on the fitting experience alone
  7. Would love to see what the hype is all about!! And compare spin and launch to see if we can improve the driver tour silver 70 tx Thanks for the opportunity Aldila and GolfWrx
  8. Would definitely have to the most perfect looking new set of tour preferred mc irons with nippon modus 3 tour 130 finished to perfection.
  9. Agreed ctaper very very different feel then x1's sounds crazy but x1's are almost smooth compared to ctaper x. If you want to stick with the ctaper go s+ which flex wise is closer to the x1's. In my experience of trying the ctaper could never really get used to the feel always just seems really stiff maybe was that I was expecting the similar KBS feel which these shafts don't have. But really can't really go wrong with the reliable dynamic gold
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