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  1. I played courses overseas with 100 yard long bunkers down a side and the challenge was the same from different tees. Creeks are good at being long too.
  2. Everyone thinks they're an above average driver or an above average student. Apparently, math is not being taught or learned very well.
  3. I know I'm going to look stupid with this question, but why can't a design be equally challenging from different tee boxes? It isn't laser science to have bunkers, landing areas, penalty areas, etc., fluid so it's just as good of a course from any length.
  4. Daniel Berger switched from tennis to golf. His father was a tennis pro. Here's a thought to consider if you're a right-handed golfer: Visualize the golf swing as a left-handed, two-handed, back-handed, cross-court winner from right to left. Step into the shot with your left foot (just for the feel), start the racket low off your right knee, blast your left arm off the chest with a flat left wrist at contact and a high finish. Think about it and make that natural move, you'll be surprised at how quickly you get that feel. Good luck.
  5. Soccer, volleyball, and many other sports are popular with Korean women, not just golf. I've been to Korea several times and given seminars to KLPGA teachers. Once a junior chooses a sports, they are very dedicated to it with more intensity and discipline than most other cultures. I've spent time at Korean practice ranges and know the system pretty well. The instructors are keenly curious and interested to learn as much as they can. They will all, to a person, work diligently to build a repertoire of knowledge that gives them more options to apply to students. Golf pros do not manage golf courses in Asia. Business people do, so teaching is not a sideline to earn a few more dollars. Those instructors have deep knowledge of the golf swing (cause and effect), biomechanics, ball flight, training methods and drills, equipment, etc far beyond what the typical western teacher has. They study technology, they study psychology, they study human movement patterns, they study golf course strategy and statistics. Note: If you get triggered easily, please skip the next few paragraphs. ---------------- Danger ------------- This will sting a little, but here goes: there just aren't that many well-rounded, inquisitive, expert-class golf instructors in the west. Of course there are, but the ratio is pretty low. Maybe 1 in 10 There are about 3,000 people in the US who earn their living teaching full time. I suggest about 300 are good. Many rely on their personality and have no curiosity to learn anything more than what they learned their first six months in the business as an apprentice. They've recycled it for 20 years and call that 20 years of experience. Others feel something in their own swing and teach it all of their students until they get some other new feel that works for them. And others are just stubborn. Golf instructor are probably more egotistical and have the "God Complex" more than doctors. Every golf teacher thinks that he or she is the best golf teacher on the planet and knows more than anyone else. It's the relentless truth of the Dunning-Kruger effect - basically that the most confident people are the most incompetent people. --------------Danger Zone is Finished ------------ Pre-Covid, there was a Korean golf/high school in Florida where juniors were immersed in golf while they went through high school. It was just like any Korean high school and the boys and girls practiced relentlessly with the guidance of Korean golf teachers. The women golf students have no more talent or physical predisposition to golf. They just work harder at it. They, just like the teachers, are not satisfied with doing things half way as many times in the west. "Hey, that's good enough," is not part of the culture. The government does provide money and support to nurture juniors in all sports, not just golf. It's no different than what Hogan used to say about outworking other people. He thought that he fell behind if he missed a day of practice. They have the dedication that Ben Hogan had. So maybe Hogan was reincarnated into oodles of Korean women golfers?
  6. The injuries are a result of all of the flaws in his swing. There are no supply chain shortages here of 12 handicaps willing to share their insight to help him, if he'd only listen. You can lead a tiger to water... Happy Thursday!
  7. Sometimes only the caddie tip is exchanged at private clubs. It's rare that a guest pays anything, it's usually billed to the member's account. Some private clubs even have a no tipping policy on site, including the restaurant, valet, etc. The member is billed for everything and gratuities are included in their monthly bill. Exclusive clubs consider it gauche to be handing out cash like in Caddy Shack. Give 'em a call and ask straight before you go. They get those calls all the time from guests.
  8. It's a technology limitation. iPad processor can't support the real-time data crunching and doesn't have a USB port for wireless data transfer. Comes with a tablet anyway.
  9. I'm sure you do, except for the speeding up part. How can you tell if the lead guitar player is knocking at the door? He keeps going on and on and on and on and on... Alright, young man. Don't get too triggered. Find a safe space, curl up and do a couple of paradiddles.
  10. I understand it may seem esoteric. You're a drummer. How do you know when a drum kit is level on a stand? The drummer drools equally from both sides of his mouth. How do you know if a drummer is knocking at your door? He starts speeding up.
  11. People won't let you eat through anymore. The current lack of etiquette in potato chip eating is depressing. I'm thinking of a private potato chip club . . . I'm like you, I just want to eat them as fast as I can. It defines me.
  12. I ate a whole bag in 12.3 seconds. A personal best for me. There was no one in front of me.
  13. I'll save you the time of answering. I don't want to drag it out. 1. No, it's not arcane. It's easy to understand. A 30 second reading of the instructions gets anyone started. 2. The software is set to the use the PGA Tour range of motion for address, top of swing and impact. The player simply moves and seeks those positions on their own. Biofeedback is the most efficient way to change a movement pattern. 3. There's no research necessary. A two page document explains everything in 8th grade language. 4. Many normal, everyday players use this, not just instructors. Most golf students are smarter than instructors. They're engineers, lawyers, doctors, business people, while most golf instructors barely got out of high school. I don't think you know the technology, or the ease of use, as well as you think you do.
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