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  1. There is no market for it.
  2. Is there nothing more fun than a topic featuring accountants, lawyers, the IRS and the ruling bodies of golf?
  3. MLB has 30 teams; NBA has 30 teams; NFL has 32 teams, NHL has 31 teams. Golf has one team, and you're it. The total players on the PGA Tour would be like taking one player from each sports team. That's it, just one player. In golf, you have to play your foul balls, there's no defense, no pinch hitters, base runners or substitutions, and there is no salary. Golf is hard.
  4. It's simple. It was too much work for peanuts compared to the apparel business.
  5. Let people sign up for Saturday morning for a day or two, then have a random draw every week, whether it's a single to a foursome.
  6. I played my persimmons last week for the first time in about six months and tried a Titleist Trufeel ball. It was great. Very soft and felt like as good as those old Balata 100's. It's amazing that I still score about the same as with a toaster on a stick and newer irons. When I play persimmon, I feel obligated to play with some tiny old blades and a classic old putter too. The oldest club in the bag is from 1984.
  7. Use two balls. Using three balls on the practice green immediately telegraphs that you're a hacker. (Unwritten Rule of golf No. 32a)
  8. I agree with being direct. Just say it. People are generally clueless now and hinting at things went out with manners and etiquette a decade or so ago. You can buffer the direct part with a funny opening, such as: "Hey (insert name here), our clothes are going out of style waiting for you! You gotta get moving, this is ridiculous." Or, "I have a plane to catch tomorrow, you need to get moving. If you don't hurry up, we're going to leave you here and you can play by yourself..."
  9. Apparel business = $. Buy cheap crap from sweatshops and mark it up 1,000%. Golf club business = Making stuff is hard and way too much work. Margins are low.
  10. Ah yes... there's the old story of an after-dinner speaker talking about how life on Earth will end in about 3.5 billion years as the icecaps melt, the oceans boil and all moisture vanishes from the atmosphere as the Sun becomes brighter and expands. A man on the dais sat upright out of a sleepy daze and asked, "Excuse me! How long did you say?" "About 3.5 billion years from now," the speaker answered. "Oh, thank God," the man said. "I thought you said 3.5 million years..."
  11. Sorry, but there is no "bounce back." It sounds good and people like to make the analogy, but muscle action is not like rubber bands. There's a thing called Excitation-Contraction Coupling.
  12. Not only did he go, he graduated. Imagine that?
  13. ... And far And far more useful to society than clothing enforcement officers...
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