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  1. That’s why I pull a 155 howitzer behind my cart.
  2. You haven't lived until you've seen and heard a Tour Balata 100 sizzle as it flew low, rising after about 80yards and drawing back into a fairway, hit by a man in tasseled leather shoes in spikes, a dark leather glove, wearing plaid pants and a visor who drank black coffee and scotch. Good Lord, we were studs.
  3. Not only did we not have range finders, we had to walk off distances from 150 yard bushes and sprinkler heads of courses that had them marked. The horror! How did ever survive? And we walked. Can you imagine walking a golf course? And we had to change balls every few holes because those pesky Balata Tour 100's would get out of round. I don't know how we did it. It was like humans crossing from Asia to North America by walking down through Alaska. But wait, there's more. Now how much would you pay for this? You also get the ginsu knives!
  4. For me, I'd consider this a torturous alignment slog. If my alignment and sight picture is off, I would rather fix it by having a chalk line or elevated string instead of doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over It's not like I'm just learning how to putt. I know how to concentrate. It's like playing something on the guitar or piano. Once I have it down, I don't need to practice it relentlessly. Sure, I would need to practice a few times if I hadn't played it for a while or lost it being second nature to play without think
  5. Used to play a money game with a Japanese pro every Wednesday at a course just west of Tokyo. Wasn't a super serious game, but enough money per stroke to keep it interesting. Not much changed hands every week for a few years. Someone playing with us said something on the 8th tee that irked me. I went, birdie, birdie, birdie then stood on the 11th tee - a downhill par 3. I made an ace. The Japanese pro never said a word. Nothing. Zip. zenzen. It was the stoic samurai act. OK, well, the heck with this being nice stuff. I birdied the next three hole
  6. I had the yips for a couple of years so bad 35 years ago that I was reduced to putting left-handed, cross-handed, wore cart mitts and closed my eyes when I putted. If I had a putt hanging on the lip, I could have had a 6-footer coming back. I started looking at the hole (the exact blade of grass on the edge of the cup where I expected the ball to fall in) for putts under 10 feet or so. I was looking at the expected result and not the process. For me, that fixed it. I don't have to do it now, except in rare situations on some 3-4 footers. It may not work for
  7. Priorities. I'm getting close to 70 years old and I'm grateful that I can still play, shoot par of less, drive the ball as well or better than scratch golfers 20 years younger than me. I don't care how I do it - short game or fairways and greens. Life is short. Enjoy every round. You could die tomorrow.
  8. I use a reverse-overlap for some lobs and pitches. Keeps the face from closing and the ball lands like a butterfly.
  9. What if a 4-handicap man made an injection mold to manufacture plastic tees that look like bottle caps, but have no screw threads and played against an LPGA tour player?
  10. My old but true anecdote. I'm getting close to 70 and not a terrible golfer, but one day I was paired with a guy who had a little puff of white hair on the top of his head. He had a bag full of woods and a putter. He was hunched over, but hit it about 120 yards, but straight. He just kept working his way to every green. After a few holes, I told him that I hope to be able to play as well as him when I was his age. Turned out that he was two years younger than me.
  11. If you feel guilty about it, I guess you can play more in your next life . . .
  12. It's not against the rules to be figuring out your putt while others are putting and marking and blah, blah, blah. "Oh look, it's my shot. Should I start to think about it now?" Every once in a while, I might take a quick look if I think the hole is tilted and I didn't see it otherwise, or to align to an intermediate aim spot closer to the ball using an imperfection or color on the green.
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