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  1. Chilly 106°F (41°C) at noon today. Wearing my sweater, scarf and mittens. Hopefully it warms up to the 115°F (46°C) expected to day. Added: Be careful scomac! Time only goes one direction. You can't go back!
  2. Neither of those had accurate face data. Your understanding of what's going on at impact is better than chasing bad numbers...
  3. Ah yes... great memories of being 19 years old and enjoying the food made for me. Just use my P38 to open a gourmet treat of C-rats. My Uncle Sam was rich, so he paid for it. I lost weight too, but it was kind of hot and humid humping the boonies with 8 canteens of water, 20 magazines of ammo, etc. Almost like playing tennis.
  4. My Scarlet Letter is gone! Thanks to whoever did it. Different places have different cultures. I'm in a place now with some not-too-friendly course staff. A few are great and others are not so great. I survived yesterday and made it off the course before 10am. Mixed up an electrolyte solution and felt good.
  5. Cheers for being a guy who can say that and laugh. Good man.
  6. Because most college golf coaches know nothing about being a golf "coach" and could never survive teaching golf. The players have their own swing and golf coaches. Most university coaches couldn't shoot 85 to save their lives and got the job by being a friend of a friend. I know a golf coach at a major university who couldn't run a lemonade stand and can barely get dressed in the morning. He could have been the third main character in "Dumb and Dumber." Maybe it's better if you try to explain what a university golf coach does to justify a high salary? What is it you
  7. Congratulations! Apparently there are 23 states where you are required to buy us a drink. Please post your credit card information and we will order one drink, and one drink only. You can trust us. Really. Your friend, Soloman1
  8. It's amazing that a 12 year old won a major.
  9. OK, look, uh, maybe you should, uh, I don't know what to say. Sigh. Somebody help me before I jump off a bridge. As a species, we're doomed.
  10. Ban cell phones. People are too stupid to put it on silent mode. Why do we have to tolerate stupid people?
  11. You guys keep going. I gotta bug out because it's happy hour here and I need to make some martinis before the big plates of fettuccini for me and the girls.
  12. I've got the new RCA Vista. I'm Lovin' it!
  13. Can't measure a person by what they were born with or what has affected them that was out of their control. You can only a man or a woman by how they are, how they think, what they do with what they have. Gary may have a little complex about his perceived lack of stature (wow, nice double entendre, huh?). It's too bad, because if he didn't have that, he'd be much more likable. I know the widow of an incredibly successful and creative man who died too young. She said that his greatest trait was that he never said once to anyone, "Do you know who I
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