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  1. They haven’t opened up here yet in order to close, but I assume they will do the same here.
  2. Hey fellas! Things have been good up here thanks, haven’t hit a golf ball in almost a year now though and I’m finally getting a little itchy for it. Been hardcore into the simulator racing for a while now, especially with everything that’s been going on lately in the world. How have you guys been? I tried to get on a while back but I couldn’t remember my password lol.
  3. Hey fellas! I think I’m gonna play some golf again this summer if this snow ever goes away. I hope everyone’s doing well in this terrible time that’s going on currently! :)
  4. > @aenemated said: > I got nothin, man! That's a great looking swing. Great setup, takeaway down the line, you keep your spine angle and club on plane, position at the top is great (some might say you go too far past parallel - but I do the exact same thing ... so they're just jealous of our superior flexibility ;)), arms stay close to your body coming down and you move right into position as good as anyone, hips clear, swinging through and down the line ... > > Hard to tell for sure but MAYBE your grip is a little on the strong side ... so if you find yourself losing it to the left ... er, your right, think about weakening it a bit. That's always been my miss so my grip's definitely gotten weaker over the years. > > Otherwise, I really wouldn't change a thing. Is there something in particular you're wanting to accomplish? Well, that wasn’t the analysis I was expecting to hear at all lol, thanks man. My main goal is just to keep improving every year, I normally post my swing in here every spring for a tuneup after a winter of Sim Golf. So I just kind of assumed that after such a large layoff this year that I’d have even more work to do than normal, I hadn’t even imagined a time where that wouldn’t be necessary lol. :smile: Ball flights today were mostly high and straight, the ones that curved were drawing for the most part with the odd duck hook mixed in. I had to force a cut/fade, which is kind of strange for me as it’s typically my go to shot. I’ll play with my grip next time out, I did have a few balls start to the right on me today and they didn’t come back lol, thanks for the tip and the analysis, it’s much appreciated man. :smile:
  5. Hey everyone, I finally got a chance to hit some golf balls today, it’s been a while. Before today I hadn’t struck a ball since last September when golf season ended. Other than struggling with face angle a bit, it was nice to finally get to hit some balls again. :smile: Now for the big question, what am I doing wrong and what can I work on? Thanks in advance for and help or advice, it’s much appreciated. Have a great day everyone. :smile:
  6. I went back to a steel shafted hybrid last season and I love it, I use it as an iron replacement, not a wood replacement so it would works well for me.
  7. I always like Thug or Thugster as I called him---- Your post reminded me of another Canadian I have not see much of in a while Pigems. I always like Thug or Thugster as I called him---- Your post reminded me of another Canadian I have not see much of in a while Pigems. I was thinking of Pigems as well. Checked and he was on the site ‘lurking’ but hadn’t posted since November. I hope he’s well. Good times with my Canadian brother. I’ve been in a down cycle myself for at least 1/2 year. Very little enthusiasm for posting. Been content to be a silent partner. Maybe that’s simply the way of things. PS - Thug was handed a ‘timeout’ and chose to pack up shop. Not his first trip to the ‘sin bin’. I’ll leave it at that as it’s not my story to tell. Hey fellas! I’m all good and still around lurking from time to time, I just haven’t had much to contribute recently. I haven’t hit a golf ball since last September, I decided to take the winter off from sim golf in favour of another simulated hobby that be done from home instead. I’m definitely dying to hit a golf ball though, spring can’t come soon enough. I hope everyone has been well and getting lots of golf in, I’ve definitely missed you guys! :) This is my new winter Hobby. :D
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