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  1. They haven’t opened up here yet in order to close, but I assume they will do the same here.
  2. Hey fellas! Things have been good up here thanks, haven’t hit a golf ball in almost a year now though and I’m finally getting a little itchy for it. Been hardcore into the simulator racing for a while now, especially with everything that’s been going on lately in the world. How have you guys been? I tried to get on a while back but I couldn’t remember my password lol.
  3. Hey fellas! I think I’m gonna play some golf again this summer if this snow ever goes away. I hope everyone’s doing well in this terrible time that’s going on currently! :)
  4. > @aenemated said: > I got nothin, man! That's a great looking swing. Great setup, takeaway down the line, you keep your spine angle and club on plane, position at the top is great (some might say you go too far past parallel - but I do the exact same thing ... so they're just jealous of our superior flexibility ;)), arms stay close to your body coming down and you move right into position as good as anyone, hips clear, swinging through and down the line ... > > Hard to tell for sure but MAYBE your grip is a little on the strong side ... so if you find yourself losing it to the
  5. Hey everyone, I finally got a chance to hit some golf balls today, it’s been a while. Before today I hadn’t struck a ball since last September when golf season ended. Other than struggling with face angle a bit, it was nice to finally get to hit some balls again. :smile: Now for the big question, what am I doing wrong and what can I work on? Thanks in advance for and help or advice, it’s much appreciated. Have a great day everyone. :smile:
  6. I went back to a steel shafted hybrid last season and I love it, I use it as an iron replacement, not a wood replacement so it would works well for me.
  7. I always like Thug or Thugster as I called him---- Your post reminded me of another Canadian I have not see much of in a while Pigems. I always like Thug or Thugster as I called him---- Your post reminded me of another Canadian I have not see much of in a while Pigems. I was thinking of Pigems as well. Checked and he was on the site ‘lurking’ but hadn’t posted since November. I hope he’s well. Good times with my Canadian brother. I’ve been in a down cycle myself for at least 1/2 year. Very little enthusiasm for posting. Been content to be a silent partner. Maybe that’s sim
  8. is that a pro sim like what Poulter has? I wish, not sure what he has but this one’s just GT Sport(Gran Turismo) with Logitech Drivinrg Force GT Wheel, low budget, big fun! :D
  9. Not exactly a golf purchase(there are clubs in the background though haha), but I did build this last week. My new winter hobby! :D
  10. I do, but I’ve never heard of someone making a part for a car with a jigsaw before, that’s pretty impressive.
  11. 910 D2, I’ve tried to replace it with numerous newer Drivers, but the 910 just keeps finding a way back in. So for the foreseeable future, it has ended the ho’ing, I’ve given up on trying to replace it.
  12. I here ya man! I averaged 34.5 putts this season, if I can get that down to 30.5 next year I’m at 4.3. Putting is my main focus for practice from here on out.
  13. The mandrel that holds the chuck in place can loosen up easily with side pressure and then the mill will chatter when you cut. A bench top milling machine will certainly do a better job.I personally have epoxied a chuck into the drill press and then used a machinist vice to get a job done. With some patience you can get away with inexpensive setups. Yep Redneck Engineering does work wonders. And to think I thought I was the only one to do stuff like thatBack in the day I made this blower manifold with a drill press and a jigsaw. They told me I couldnt do it. Holy $#!£ Dude, that’s seriousl
  14. I got got laser off eBay for $60 CDN and it works great, even has slope. They don’t gotta be expensive to work. :)
  15. If the ball is falling out of the sky it’s most likely due to low spin rates, it’s possible that turning the loft down knocks your spin down below what’s needed to keep the ball airborn. I think it’s around +/- 250rpm per Degree of Loft changed, I may be wrong on that one though.
  16. They weren't bent 6 degrees, but the have been altered from standard lie. Had my local golf shop bend them 2 degrees up and 1 degree weak about a week ago. I'm surprised I didn't catch it that day, but I spotted it yesterday. Talked with Titleist customer service and won't warranty to it since they didn't bend, plus out of warranty since its a previous model. Luckily I have a 6 iron coming to replace just in case. Gonna hate the mismatched serial number Regarding the mis-matched serial number, I wouldn't worry about after I heard the Fred Couples Podcast a few days ago where he always request
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