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  1. That second one’s real purdy, very nice Sir. :)
  2. She looks great man!! Your English is also coming along very nicely, enjoy the new putter Sir. :)
  3. I’m still waiting for the post where CR claims the “I made Tiger great again” shirts are a sign that the other guys tanked to let TW win the TC lol.
  4. CR, you gotta make this your avatar man, every time I see your screen name next to one of your posts I just feel like this image should be under it. I loved that movie as a kid! Maybe you could change the words to Hey Tiger, You dead Mon? :)
  5. If it has a double bend shaft they will just cut your shaft off where it straightens out and attach this shaft to it from there, so the bottom portion will will be just as wobbly as before plus it now has a joint in the shaft.
  6. This is the oldest post of mine I could find on the subject. I’ve been saying it for years though, if he can get healthy and stay healthy, he will win. It’s nice to be right at least once in a while. :)
  7. I forgot about this video until today, I posted it in the other thread about this shaft. If you can do this with a putter I don’t see how any putt you’re ever going to hit is gonna deflect the shaft to any noticeable amount. Howard Jones said in the other thread that putter shafts are basically equal to DG Tour X7 iron shafts, you’re not flexing that with a putt.
  8. Putter shafts appear to be pretty stiff already.
  9. I watched this years finals on tv, it was kinda cool I guess. They definitely smash it good. They try to explain that at the speeds and distances these guys are hitting that the Grid is equal to a 250y drive trying to land on the cart path. I don’t think it’s quite that extreme of a difference, maybe a 20y wide fairways but not a cart path.
  10. The claim made about this shaft was better results, less deflection of the putter head vs a normal shaft, not that it felt better. Claims like that require data to be proven. If it was just a feel thing I don’t think you would have seen nearly as many people doubting it. Feel is subjective, less deflection of the head isn’t.
  11. Seeing as it’s such a thin weight, could you possibly leave it out when gluing the shaft to the adapter and then once the shaft is seated in the adapter, drop it in from the butt end and stuff it down with something to make sure it gets into the epoxy that has squirted up the shaft? Would the amount of epoxy that gets up into the tip of the shaft be enough to secure it permanently?
  12. You realize he's working with tip weights for graphite shafts - with stems that are in the range of only about ~3/16" in diameter or less? Didn’t realize that, didn’t even know you could get tip weights small enough for graphite shafts. My bad! The adapter part should have made me clue in to that. Thanks for the correction Stuart, you’re on point as always Sir. #TueadayAfterALongWeekend :)
  13. Why not use a heavier tip weight than needed and drill a hole into the tip weight like the shaft would otherwise have without it, the. Cut the weight down from the top to your desired weight. Then you get the weight added that you want anthe epoxy can still flow up the shaft. :)
  14. Weren’t those Small hosel Callaway Irons Bore Through hosels though?
  15. LOL. Actually, after those attempts, I was like, "that's not good looking". I went back with a 54 and had a set of chips you could have thrown a welcome mat over. Nothing should be outside of 3 feet from that range for a single digit. You should be able to get up and down using a driver from that distance more than 65/100 times. No way your contact on the 59º should be so poor (or your putting so poor) that you're at 65% unless you're a complete chop. If you're that bad with a 59º, I don't know why it would be in the bag. It’s not about the contact for me, it’s judging the roll out.
  16. It all depends which wedge I can use for that shot, if it’s a clean enough lie that I can bump it with a 51* wedge I’m getting up and down way more than if I have to hit it with a 59* wedge. Say 75-80/100 for the 51* and maybe 60-65/100 for the 59*. I always get closer to the hole with the 51* from the close from a clean lie then with the 59*.
  17. I have RZN Red's, Tempted to cut one open... I was given a sleeve of RZN Blacks last night by my FIL too, so tempting.
  18. I thought it was gonna have a steel shaft for some reason. Nice hits though, nothing wrong with those numbers.
  19. I’ve got the G with the Tour 65 in a stiff shaft cut down to 44.25”, it did get a little light but you can get replacement weights on eBay pretty cheap to bring the weight back up. I also have a Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60x for that head that plays at 44.25”, of the two I like the KK shaft a little better but that Ping Tour shaft is pretty tight for a stock shaft.
  20. If they do actually make them, odds are there will only be a limited amount made and most of the sets will go to collectors, and will probably never see a real blade of grass.
  21. It would probably be cheaper to just have a set of VR blades refinished and letting filled in/re stamped.
  22. Fair point. More than fair. A more than fair point my good Sirs. :) Man, I’m really terrible at this arguing thing. I think I may need some more range time before I bring my game to the course. :golfer: And to erase that last I image from your brain, I leave you with, miss Julie Bowen.... ;) I declare Pigems the winner of the thread. Man, I really don’t know what I’d do without this place, you guys are awesome!! :drinks: :friends:
  23. Fair point. More than fair. A more than fair point my good Sirs. :) Man, I’m really terrible at this arguing thing. I think I may need some more range time before I bring my game to the course. :golfer: And to erase that last I image from your brain, I leave you with, miss Julie Bowen.... ;)
  24. NO ITS NOT!!���� (I just thought we’d change up what we’re arguing about! DSS - you rat bastxxx. Don’t EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. Aaaaaand we’re back to... Hey who invited you into this Pigems!?�� I was starting to feel left out, I wanna argue with people too! :bb2:
  25. Just easin’ the tension baby, just easin’ the tension. :beach:
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