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  1. Why not just use an Official Tour Ball(Like every other ball related sport) and leave the rest of us the hell alone. I just got to 300y finally, I don’t want to go back!! I still think pros should HAVE to play blades and persimmon, like the way baseball is with aluminum bats. Web.com and above use wood and blades. These guys are the best of the best, I want to see those skills on display every week.
  2. If they really feel like they need to change the ball, why not just make it spin way more?
  3. Nessism has rhe link on the first page of this thread Thanks! :) Most tree's might take awhile to grow tall enough to cause these guys problems... True, but transplanting mature trees could possibly be cheaper than buying and developing more land to extend courses.
  4. Couldn’t they I just add strategically places tall trees to force players to play around them, requiring more skills to hit the shots? With the track mans and ball tracers now I’d love to see more curved shots hit because we can actually see the ball flight better now and appreciate it more because of that. Nessism has rhe link on the first page of this thread Thanks! :)
  5. Where can one find this survey?
  6. Embarrassing post... If that’s how you see it. But technically It’s just another tournament, another 4 rounds of golf. For example, If you playing against the top 50 players in tournament A, Why is it worth more than playing against the same top 50 players in tournament B just because B is not a Major and A is? Why should one be worth more? How did the Majors become Majors and worth more than normal tournaments? It was an honest question.
  7. I taped off and sanded down my 910 woods to a shiny metal face and sole. I just did it by hand, started dry sanding with 100g and worked up to 600g, then wet sanded with 1000g If I remember correctly.
  8. Just to revisit this prediction... 1 win = 50 points (Check, TOUR Championship 62 points) 3 top 5's (including one at a major) = 100 points (Check PGA Championship, 2nd; Quicken Loans 4th; API 5th; TOTAL Points = 82) 1 other Top 10 = 10 points (Check+ BMW Championship, 6th; Open, 6th; 31.68 points) 3 other point-getting finishes = 6 points (7 other point-winning events for 26.86 points) 2 Missed cuts (Check, 2 missed cuts) Rank at #13 is about where a good season was going to land him (though he may slide a spot or two between now and the end of the year). You should have thrown money
  9. Would it still be considered a weak era if all 79 of these players had added these wins to their resumes? I think Tiger MADE the era look weak by taking 79 wins away from other players. Plus then there is Phil’s 40+ Wins, so 120 wins that would have been dived out amongst the rest of the field. That’s enough to make any era look better. https://www.pga.com/news/pga-tour/tiger-woods-career-pga-tour-victories-alternative-history
  10. You have to make it through 3 tourneys just to get to that top 30 though, so it’s the best of who’s left by that time. It’s got to be at least close.
  11. Fascinating how the TC is now an almost-major. Did I miss something over the past few days? It's one of the easiest tournaments to win. Only have to beat 29 guys. You need to be top 30 in the world just to get in, then you have to beat the best 29 other golfers playing this season. I wouldn’t exactly call that EASY. Heck the masters is a weaker overall field with older players who don’t even play golf any more, like a Mike Wier for example.
  12. Shoot me a message next time you come back, we’ll meet up for a round. :)
  13. I’ve got one at home, I cut it and post it after work today. :)
  14. Heck, I’m a 9 right now and was unhappy with a 78 last weekend because it included 37 putts. Even though it was my 4th best score all season, it’s just the way it played out. 10 Fir, 12 Gir and 37 freaking putts, Including a missed 3 footer for up and down from 185y.
  15. Why are Majors valued so much higher? They’re just a slightly deeper field and in some cases not even a deeper field depending on who makes it to the weekend. Why do they carry so much value? Why isn’t the TC considered as deep a field as a major value wise for example?
  16. He cuts them open SO YOUUUU DONTTTT HAVVEEEEEE TOOOOOOOO!!!! Lol. Jk Once you start, it’s hard to stop haha. :)
  17. I’ve been trying to figure out this part of the swing myself lately. Thanks for all the info and videos guys. :)
  18. US Open he has just qualified for next year with his win at East Lake. After that, it's based on future results and/or USGA exemption. Masters he can play until he drops dead, likewise with the PGA Champ. 17 more Open Champs for him though. So if he stays healthy, he’s got a good number of majors left to play. What’s his career winning % in Majors?
  19. While I agree with you, 4 people have voted No so far. I’d like to know what Tiger would have to do to be the GOAT for those people? 20 majors, 95 wins? The question was "would he be undisputed goat", correct? Have you been reading wrx posts? I had to say no as there would be posts saying no even if Woods somehow finished 20-100. You are correct Sir, Undisputed, as in there is no plausible argument against him being the GOAT. I don’t think 20/100 could be disputed. :)
  20. Tiger can continue to play the Masters until he is what, 60? That’s 17 more majors alone he gets to play in.
  21. I cut a few more balls today, it’s pretty fun. The TM Penta TP5 was both the hardest to cut and the coolest looking on the inside. The ProV was kinda disappointing, I expected better. TM balls looks so much cooler inside. Tommy Armour Silver Scot Nike Crush Extreme Bridgestone Tour B330-S Nike 20XI-S Nike One Black Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Srixon Z Star XV TaylorMade Penta TP5 Titleist ProV1
  22. I played what will probably be my last round of golf for the season last Sunday, I struck the ball pretty well too. I ended up with 10/14 Fir and 12/18 Gir for total of 78, with 37 freaking putts lol.
  23. While I agree with you, 4 people have voted No so far. I’d like to know what Tiger would have to do to be the GOAT for those people? 20 majors, 95 wins?
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