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  1. Watermarks lol I thought you ment there were marks on your clubs Before you upload the image there is a little option at the bottom with a checkmark in a box. Unclick it before you choose your pictures and they should go away. I can't believe I was stareing at the pics of your club looking for watermarks on it lol
  2. [quote name='PeanutsDaddy' timestamp='1392689798' post='8690707'] I thought about a rich dark blue to compliment the shaft, or I was going add a flat clear coat and see whether it would cut the glare. May start with the latter first as I would only have to add a few coats to get the effect. The watermarks I'm referring to are plastered over the pictures I've posted, thus obscuring the center of each image. My wife's 6 months pregnant and I have a 3 year old son so the paint fumes can't enter the house. I may have to be patient. [/quote] Ahh, makes total sense, i wouldn't paint in t
  3. [quote name='denismcg' timestamp='1392688633' post='8690551'] I'm not sure, but with a driver that colour it may lead to dives. Or maybe it will become a healthy scratch, or be too small to stay in the bag. If it doesn't win a championship, there could be riots. Who knows what may happen with a Habs themed driver. Now, if this is an attempt at a Capitals driver, then everything changes. [/quote] It also only works if you can speak to it in French and are under 5'7"
  4. [quote name='PeanutsDaddy' timestamp='1392688688' post='8690553'] Alright Pigems, you got me going. I've sanded an old Adams Fairway/Hybrid that I recently built to remove scratches that the previous owner (lets call him PDiddy) inflicted on the topline. An original is also present. Was initially going to leave the club raw, but I am concerned about glare. I've used the Tamiya tape to add a single strip along the topline. I cut the tape into 5mm wide strips and they easily conformed to the shape of the curve. You can see how thin the tape is. [attachment=2074237:Side by each 2.j
  5. I actually had a tenant in the building I work at drop me off a golf club cleaning kit today that has some cleaning wax in it, thinking about trying that first now
  6. ^^ it's kind of like playing Fetch with yourself Eh lol
  7. Started sanding a hybrid last night for a second practice club. Much easier with a metal crown.
  8. Little Update: Today I took some 600gritt paper and gave the driver head a quick rub to smooth out the rough areas and the small edges between paint colors. Then I wet sanded all painted areas with 1000gritt paper until everything was as smooth as a babies bottom(be carefull here when sanding though because I did sand a tad to much in a few small places and went through the paint, so go lightly and easily). This left the head dull or flat looking but extremely smooth. I'm going to pick up some Car Polish tomorrow and see if that will put some shine into the head, if not I'm hit it with some cl
  9. There are soo many threads about all different things related to shaft flex, or people trying to compare one shaft to another. So I propose we as a community here come up with a method to measure the flexibility of a Golf shaft regardless or length or weight, but simply on Flex as every OEN and Shaft company seem to have their own rating system for flex rating. So is there a way we can do this so when another WRXer asked how one shaft compares to another or is looking for a shaft similar to the one he has, Someone could simply suggest that this "X" model shaft has the same "GSFR" rating and
  10. [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1392575491' post='8680131'] [quote name='Pigems' timestamp='1392570091' post='8679693'] After I said that I starting wondering since 95% of golfers are RH, if a shaft works better for a RH player then a LH player being as they were most likely designed, built and tested with right handed heads attached to them? I'm sure there is some testing done with LH heads but one would have to imagine that most testing is done with RH heads. [/quote] Without finding the exact wording, the Rules don't allow shafts to be made with a bias (which is why I had doubts with
  11. [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1392566888' post='8679407'] [quote name='Pigems' timestamp='1392551475' post='8678423'] [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1392412966' post='8669503'] [quote name='cane700' timestamp='1392408281' post='8668953'] It is disappointing. I won't buy Bridgestone golf balls for that very reason. [/quote] Wow!! Didn't know they didn't make left-handed balls. Bastards. [/quote] The [email="[email protected]$+#%&"][email protected]$+#%&'S[/email], I bet they dont make left handed shafts either [/quote] Actually, Aerotech did market the[url="https://www.shopcade.com/product/aero-
  12. Had my 60* out to a muddy soccer field yesterday for its first outdoor session and I have to say it preformed great, didn't dig one single time on me on the soft mudddy ground.
  13. [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1392412966' post='8669503'] [quote name='cane700' timestamp='1392408281' post='8668953'] It is disappointing. I won't buy Bridgestone golf balls for that very reason. [/quote] Wow!! Didn't know they didn't make left-handed balls. Bastards. [/quote] The [email="[email protected]$+#%&"][email protected]$+#%&'S[/email], I bet they dont make left handed shafts either
  14. [quote name='topr' timestamp='1392512335' post='8676529'] The amount of folks that never bother to use the search function before starting a new thread [/quote] But it's just soo much easier to get/give information on the specific topic that you want to by starting a new specific thread [quote name='putts4bogey' timestamp='1392512756' post='8676561'] That it is free. [b]I usually have to pay for quality fun.[/b] [/quote] WhaChoo talkin bout Willis?
  15. [quote name='Zach Heusser' timestamp='1392509417' post='8676341'] How nice most of the members are in person. [/quote] Haha your avatar reminded me of this, thanks
  16. [quote name='RogerinNewZealand' timestamp='1392498689' post='8675361'] [attachment=2070545:IMG_2056.JPG]Square, great post. Your answer Yesterday re Wedges gaps/full shot vs partial shot was a superb example on WRX Help. [b]Another post yesterday that lead to the Gulf Porsche colours pic was Real Cool! 1972 Porsche Golf Blue 3610 Code 328 Golf Porsche Orange Code 6161.[/b] My bag pic attached shows what Golfwrx has done to me ! Classic Stuff, and Thanks Tom Wishon. Re 44 inch Drivers... the TM200 was 45 on friday. I played with a guy with a Bubble Burner who Smoked me..so i cut to 44
  17. [quote name='Medic' timestamp='1392504457' post='8675913'] Great looking grips! Didn't even know those came in other colors. But are they soft and padded in feel or a little hard? I have a little RA and the hands hurt a bit from the sting of the contact and the swing itself. I am really trying to find something that will go easy on the hands. But those do look AWESOME! (Almost too nice to go messing them up and playing them!) [/quote] TYVM and I really love them so far. I find they feel somewhere between soft and medium but nice and tacky to the touch(IMO) Makes me feel like I don't have t
  18. I just re-gripped all my clubs for the upcoming season with Golf Pride Tour Wraps and shot my best rest ever the first round I played with them(Simulator Golf, Boo Winter!) so my vote goes to them for sure
  19. [quote name='rbhan12' timestamp='1392495317' post='8675011'] [quote name='Pigems' timestamp='1392489205' post='8674431'] The G20 is actually going to be easier I think then the Octane was because the crown it metal. That was one of the tricky parts I found with the Octane was in had to keep whipping the crown off as I was sanding because it was hard to tell when I got though the paint due to the composite crown. Should be much easier with metal, we'll less worry anyways [/quote] What did you use to remove the paint? A scotch brite pad or something? perhaps a list of steps would be in ord
  20. [quote name='MrB121' timestamp='1392494213' post='8674897'] awesome job! only thing is it looks a bit caked in paint, or perhaps that is just the camera effect. my issue if i ever did this would be when to peel the tape. ive painted plenty of rooms and im anal so i always tape everything off for clean lines but i used to always wait to long to peel and found if you let the paint dry on the tape too much when you go to peel, you always get minor pieces of paint that come off as well and ruin the perfect edge. got to get the happy medium where the paint is still wet enough to create a crisp
  21. [quote name='PeanutsDaddy' timestamp='1392497280' post='8675205'] Pigems, Love the photos. Your boy has a beautiful smile. You gents look like giants next to those tiny flag sticks. How the heck did he become a Leafs fan? Must be fun come play-off time. [/quote] His grandfather got to him first and TYVM sir. last year was the first Leafs Playoffs game he had ever watched (Born in 2001) so he normally cheers for my habs come playoff time. But we definitely have some good fun with the rivalry though, we both have PS3's and NHL 14 so we play online all the time together He's gonna b
  22. It was nice here today so me and my boy got for a little target practice at a nearby soccer field And I will do up a set walk through of the steps in the process for sure. And yes the paint is a bit orange peely or cakes, I agree. I'm going to wet sand with 400 or 600 grit and then buff to see it it helps that.
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