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  1. Not a trick question at all, It was a completely honest question. I’ve seen people argue that even if Tiger breaks the record that Jacks 2nd place finishes keep him ahead, so I figured I should include it in the poll. Tiger is already the GOAT as far as I’m concerned. :)
  2. Probably one of the most futile stats to use to compare eras Why not just compare the players average vs the field average from each era? Who beat the fields by more? That seems pretty relevant to any era.
  3. If Tiger and Phil we’re removed from that era of golf and everyone who finished second to them in all of there wins had actually won those tournaments, would it still be considered a weak era? That’s what, 120+ people who would have a W during that era.
  4. Now that he’s healthy and playing well again, this question comes back into play. So, what do you think? Does he do it? Yes, No, Maybe. Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your answers below. I’m curious to see where the majority stands after the Win on the weekend. Also, if he does break the record. Does he become the official undisputed GOAT? Have a great day everyone, thanks for stopping by and voting. :)
  5. Driving accuracy resolved for the last 4 tournaments. Who knows if that is just a hot streak or if he will revert to missing a ton of fairways. Last month at the PGA Championship he missed every fairway on the front nine Sunday. Didn’t he shoot 3 or 4 under on that front 9 though?
  6. It’s funny how I find myself happy I didn’t see that part, even though your a...
  7. You should learn to separate the golf from real life stuff. These are human beings who are flawed like everyone who will ever post on WRX. I’ve done things this WEEK that I’m not proud of but I guess you’re perfect right? Have you been carrying on multiple sex escapades on-going for years and fully intend to continue until your wife discovers it? If so, then you're a scumbag too. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, this one's way more than a bad decision. Go crawl back under your bridge, Tiger won the tour championship, so F*** off with the other S***.
  8. He must have bled out after GatorMD extracted the fork.
  9. I think it was an older version, I didn’t know there was newer versions.
  10. We need a gif of Horshel there bashing his club in the sand with PXG logos on it hahaha.
  11. I can’t believe he missed that one, good par though.
  12. I’m putting in the living room but it’s not helping. This $#its gettin real B.
  13. This is what it must look like Rory’s POV right now.
  14. now we know who is smoking the mj Me me me!!! :drag:
  15. Man was that ever close, looked good the entire way.
  16. It’s all falling into place perfectly.
  17. Fore left!! The McWheels are falling off.
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