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  1. Selling a set of PXG irons. The irons are in really great shape, no bag chatter, etc. The only sign of wear is in the center of each head, as you can see in the pictures. The irons are less than 6 months old, but they just didn’t work for me. MMT 70 Regular flex shafts, stand LLL. 7 club set - 6,7,8,9, pw, gw, lw. I would consider a trade for Ping G425 3 & 5 wood with senior or reg flex… $575 obro plus shipping…
  2. Leather Roo Grips. Would never go back to a rubber grip, just no comparison. Nothing compares to the tackiness and they literally last forever ( 4-5 ) years Or longer. I am in the most humid, hot place ever and I have never worn a glove.
  3. I’m a little late here, just saw the tag. That’s definitely legit, no issues there
  4. Maybe hit 10 balls, could pass for new. 9 degrees, Tensei AV 65 stiff. Top line is perfect. Includes cover. Sold obo
  5. Hey Guys, Just moving some things along. All items are used by well taken care. All driver shafts untipped, not positive on Roughneck but I don’t believe it was tipped. The Tensei’s look uneven due to the best grip cap difference, they are untipped. Recoil Proto .355 110’s 5-Pw ... 6 and 7 show where ion playing chipped but does not effect playability at all. $175 Tensei Pro Orange 70 stiff Callaway adapter -215 PXG 9 degree 0811LX Head only and in great shape 225 Hzrdus t1100 6.0 - sold Tensei Pro Orange PXG adapter 60tx sold Veylix Rome Roughneck - 100 Tour AD DI 105x - 125
  6. I have been struggling with my driver lately. I have games the pro orange for about the last 2 seasons. I just switched from a 70 stiff pro orange to the 65x ping tour. The ping shaft feels a lot different, I feel a pronounced kick with it, it also launched slightly higher and spins a bit more but I hit it much much straighter. I can also turn it over and the pro orange was hard to move from right to left, for me. I have the Ping Tour 65x in the driver and 75x in my stretch and they are great shafts.
  7. Take it to a shop that repairs macbooks, PlayStation’s etc, a reputable one. They will take care of it, at a fraction of the cost of Flightscope
  8. And that shaft does not say boron tip, MR 70 etc, just the TX designation
  9. > @IvanDrago said: > ive noticed that the non pro has the weave go all the way under the grip now. not sure if mitsubishi are trying to trick people or not. > > So the only way now is the Pro has MR70 by the tip and the W near the grip. > > the way for the whites and the blue is the Boron Tip writing by the tip. In the CK/Tensei Pro Line ?? I have seen the AV line with the different weave pattern, but the higher modulous, higher end material “Pro model” shafts are Tour only and designated by the TX flex. Here is one I have.. At retail, no Pro AV available yet.
  10. > @macsk3 said: > > > > Help with this shaft label V2 or V3 V3
  11. To add to that... I have an 85 stiff tipped an inch in a 913 18 degree and I have a 105x in a 19 degree Pxg straight in. I like both shafts and my swingspeed is around 108-110
  12. > @dsquareb said: > I'm looking at putting a AD DI 85 S or X in my hybrid. SS 115 on quad with the big stick. I swing my woods fast but smooth my irons I play project x lz 6.0 iron shaft. Hybrid sits in between so I'm skeptical. I'm wondering if someone has experience testing both the S and the X in a similar situation? I'm not sure if I should order a Stiff uncut so I can tip if necessary or just order an X untipped. I know this is purely skeptical but if anyone with experience with these shafts can chime in please do. Thanks guys Order the x, you will be fine. Have had x and stiff in 85,95 and 105
  13. Wish I could figure out how to edit this... I am open to trades, no junk but I’m not using this and it’s way to good to just sit
  14. FYI- The comment has absolutely nothing to do with price, the price is great for that putter.. The OP knows what I am talking about
  15. The GD AD driving iron shaft is untipped, measures 39 Raw. Thank you for your service !!
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