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  1. If you are playing sim golf, I can’t speak on the charges. But if you are getting on to look at numbers, compare clubs or shafts, it doesn’t take hours of hitting balls. I literally can hit about 3 balls change the shaft out, hit 3-5 more and the answer is almost always obvious. The data is so good, you don’t need a whole lot of time.. Maybe that’s just me though.
  2. Really hard to tell by that picture.. The tour ad logo doesn’t look sharp enough and is there a gold ring on the border of the black paint before the G in graphite design ? Really hard to tell by the picture.. Like you said, you need better photos... Could be fine, just really hard to tell by that photo
  3. What can I say, I am just a huge fan of milling, mill marks, mill chatter etc.. The grinds just don’t work for me. They feel great, the finish is worn off the faces, but zoom in because all the mill marks are there. The wedges are in much better shape than the pictures make them out to be. Grips are in great shape as well and so are the shafts. Measured from the center of the sole to the END of the grip, the 50 is 37 and the 56 is 36 1/4, Modus 3 105 Tours, stiff flex. 50 degree is first than the 56. The counterfeit wedges being sold throws the selling price off if you are looking for references, so just make sure the wedges are authentic if comparing, these are 100% authentic. I’m looking to sell them as a pair for 650, if I’m off make me a REASONABLE offer as I have a putter I am after
  4. Bought 2 sugar daddy wedges, they arrived yesterday... Thrown in a box, not wrapped at all just clanging away... I imagine they were in near mint shape before they shipped, but not anymore...
  5. Here is the other.. The 2 look identical, but for anyone who is looking for a reference, here is the second Thank you Birdiebob
  6. Well, I made a purchase already and I think I am ok, but I want to be positive these are authentic. Here is the first one. Everything looks good to me, but just looking for a little reassurance.
  7. Will the wraps last the way the microperfs do ? If so I will get some.
  8. The v2’s I had, almost had a textured feeling in the weave area, almost like they didn’t bother polishing it, because it was a proto ?? Best Guess... May not be he case with them all, but the 2 I had, both felt that way
  9. I gamed the pro orange for about 18 months, loved it.. I gamed the v2 for 36 holes and absolutely hated it. The v2 launched higher, felt more stiff in the handle, I did not like the v2 at all. Using the pro white now. The v2 and v3 felt and launched much much differently.
  10. They are actively supporting the X2, the support contracts are good for a year. By that alone, it would be a year out, minimum. I currently own 1 X2 and recently sold 1. The one I currently own, had a WiFi issue a week ago. The issue was corrected by Flightscope. I have had 2 X2 units and both were/have been great, zero issue with the exception of the WiFi connection which was fixed in 10 mins.
  11. The information you are stating about the x2. You say moving forward they will no longer support the X2 ??? Does that mean currently?? Who gave you that info ? I believe/know that information isn’t correct
  12. I honestly felt like they were almost like completely different shafts. The 6 was a noodle. The 7 wasn’t rebar by any means, but it felt way better and way more stable.
  13. Drop it in some really hot water, it will soften right up
  14. Phil has the identical shoe on today, not sure if it’s a custom version, but they look nothing alike
  15. I am not at all familiar with G-Fore shoes, other than a brief look here and there. I am guessing, but based off of those photos, they sure look fake to me. Look cheap, materials look cheap, stitching or lack there of...
  16. Ad couldn’t be more true. Guys posting same ad 4-5 times and leaving them all open. No reason for it. GLWS
  17. It actually works great and for the money you can’t beat it. I used to right beside an x2 flightscope and I was amazed how close the numbers were. Key to using it, is setting it up properly. When set up properly, it’s a fantastic tool. I just didn’t use it. I have a 2 year old and golf is about 4th on the priority list now.
  18. Pictures do the talking here. I purchased this new and literally used it for 30 minutes. Could pass for new, all stickers, books, charger bag and original box. shipped..
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