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  1. I'm rebuilding my swing to try and do it 'right' and eliminate years of flaws to kill consistency. First point of order is to fix backswing. When I fix my backswing, I can't hit the ball worth a hoot - the sequence and weight shift is all out of whack. Even though I look great at the top. I know it will take time but...is there any validity to doing the swing 'perfectly' in slo-mo and eventually just getting progressively faster? Anyone ever done this and had success?
  2. Thank you all guys - these are great tips and I will try it out this afternoon
  3. I am trying to fix being laid off at the top. (me at bottom pic). I bought a couple of these plastic devices to help. When testing them out, I can still make a laid off move with the device touching my forearm in the correct position. Any of you all used these and know what I am doing wrong?
  4. zubby01

    Replace 3w?

    Silly question. If I bought an 18* 5w would it likely be that different than my 18* 2i driving iron? Was looking at the SIM 5w and doesn’t look adjustable. if the same, I’ll start looking for maybe a 4w.
  5. zubby01

    Replace 3w?

    I just can’t hit my 3 wood very good and don’t hardly ever use it. Maybe the answer is just learn to hit it. I hit my driver about 285. I have a 2i (18*) driving iron I can hit about 240. Then I have a 4i (23*) driving iron. 5,6,7,8,9,PW, 50*,54*,58*. Is there a hybrid I can get that might go further than my 2i? Or maybe I could get a 3i driving iron. I would rather fill the gap between 2i and driver besides 2i and 4i.
  6. Guys, Thank you all very much for taking the time to analyze this and respond. I really appreciate it and now have an idea of what to work on.
  7. I know it is difficult to tell without all the numbers, spin, etc. but, I was hoping to every now and then hit the ball 300 with my swing speed. Can you guys w/ 110 SS hit it 300? Anything on here that is a glaring issue? I have a 9* (+1 setting) Mavrik SZ w/ 6.5 Hzrdus Black. Club Ball Swing Low Speed Smash Speed Carry Total Dir. Point Launch Height Dir. 110.9 1.43 158.3 258.8 284.8 -3.7 0.6A 9.4 78 -0.1 109.7 1.48
  8. Would you rather have a full shot into the green or half wedge? i have been hitting driver well lately but 55 yard shots are hard to dial in the distance. Yes I know I need to practice these but I’ve read full shots are better and getting as close to the green as possible is better.
  9. For answers to this question, feel free to chime in but, I'm wondering if there is anyone that has been in my shoes and what did they do to finally find a resolution? Mainly for iron striking, how can you hit it the same every time? Yeah, I know we are all looking for that but for you guys that were multi directional misses and good golfers in the first place, what was a turning point for you? I'm about a 5 hdcp but lately my irons have been terrible. I go to the range and I'll take out an 8 iron and just try to hit the green where the 150 flag is and some are 3 feet and others are are pulls
  10. I bought some KoolAid squirt and I like the Cherry. Haven;t tried the other flavors yet - got a pack. Got some zippfizz too but haven't tried it out yet. Will also try the Propel, True Lemon and vitarain. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  11. I wanted to get some more ideas for cold drinks. Obviously water is the best for you but looking for something w flavor. My go to is instant decaf tea w Crystal Lite raspberry lemonade mixed in. Just getting a little tired of it. I don’t drink alcohol. Preferably something w/out sugar. I like Gatorade Zero too. You guys got your own special drink?
  12. I am thinking of getting a truck. For you truck guys, where do you store your clubs? If I store in the bed, then I'll get a liner and a cover. However, I live in TX and worried about the heat but don;t know how different it would be than currently storing in my trunk. I can certainly take clubs in and out every time but it is a pain with everything else I have to carry - coffee, workout bag, lunch, etc.
  13. It's been raining here a bit and the traps are wet - and not real fluffy. How do you all make adjustments w/ wet sand? I hit the sand and shoot the ball over the green. Very little divot. When I try to hit down a bit, I fat it in the sand. I'm using a 58* with a mid bounce.
  14. Nope - I already had the Hzrdus yellow so just bought the SZ head. And why would you think an F9 would cost $500? Or did you miss the 'I just got' part?
  15. I have a Mavrik SZ w a hzrdus 6.0 yellow shaft. I also have a Cobra f9 that I just got that has the Atmos tour spec 6s. I wanna experiment w the Cobra but the Atmos is a little whippy. What can I try that’s a little closer to the hzrdus shaft? Not against trying the yellow w the cobra but wanted some options my driver Ss is about 107-109.
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