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  1. Still waiting on mine.....
  2. That's sweet. Mine shipped today.....not holding my breath for a golden surprise. Congrats on yours.
  3. My head cover still has not shipped......
  4. Anyone have any information to how many head covers are made per release?
  5. Here are three putters I really like, I do, but I am trying to commit to fewer options to combat my insecurities. I want to sell, but always will listen to trades of Scotty Cameron putters and/or stuff. 1. Scotty Cameron Red X5. 35" with a brand new Ping Blackout grip. No head cover, but it will be packed and protected very well. Let's say $175. Includes shipping. See pics for yourself. Great condition and I have taken closeup pics of things that would be considered by golfwrx community as imperfections. 2. Seemore Platinum M5 HT. An incredible putter. Feel is sweet. 35
  6. I asked about the grip because I found this beauty last week....my new gamer.
  7. What did you use to clean up the grip?
  8. About 5 years ago....my daughter calls it the Family putter....
  9. Check out mine on page 41.....great minds.
  10. I have a birdie ball putting green in my basement....honestly, it rolls fantastic. I have made more putts downstairs with this than I have with any of my other putters. Rolls instantly....I have not used it outdoors yet. I have heard reviews about fast greens vs slow (fast seem to be better with the insert is what the theme is....). I have a custom to me Byron (epic day) and a couple Scotty's I go back and forth on, plus a mint Yes! Tracy that rolls it kind of like the Grace due to the grooves. The Grace feels really nice though.
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