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  1. Guess I need to try and sell two putters today so I can get that Futura X......
  2. Actually got them on the BST.....I tend to stay away from Ebay and look here first.
  3. Weather looking better here in CO....hopefully the maiden voyage of these happens this weekend.
  4. Hopefully snow melts here in CO to take them out for a round this weekend. I was surprised they didn't go quicker on the BST. I think the Cleveland name hurts them....I had a set of gunmetal ta3's before and sold them.....dumb. I will not sell these.
  5. Yep. Went from IBlades (sold them in process....donkey) to the PXG. Can't seem to make that transition, so bought these Cleveland's....for an unreal price. Hoping I can sell or trade the PXG on the exchange/classifieds.....
  6. Thanks everyone. I bought a set 3-P in incredible condition. Have some PXG 0311XF like new and I am not clicking with them. Thinking these Cleveland's will knock them out of the bag.
  7. I have been eyeing these for awhile and just acquired a mint 3-PW set. Just curious on the thoughts from those that have used them at some point....the rumor of Endo forging is out there....true? Thanks!
  8. If interested, I have (what I was told when I purchased) a Cleveland Classic 290 that was Graeme McDowell's backup - 9*....has the tour stamping. It is shafted however.....
  9. I purchased the 35" and really want to feel the head more.....so was thinking the lightest grip I could get for it. Thoughts?
  10. What is the weight on the studio design black grip. Just purchased a mint/like new Red X5 - need a new grip to go on it....suggestions?
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