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  1. Anybody have these older beauties for sale???
  2. Minimal came off, but it seemed to work a bit. I would assume that would mean a very good paint remover (soaked) would do the job. Try again tomorrow with a different product.
  3. Going to try it today.....I will update later.
  4. Well....I used a little goo be gone and steel wool. Here's the toe now.
  5. I am pretty sure it is....here are some pics of the edges. Stamped GSS on sole, so that is why I think it isn't black oxide, but rather a powder coating. Thanks everyone....
  6. Is it possible to remove a black powder coat from a putter head? It is showing wear signs on some of the edges. It is a GSS putter head and I would love to get the coating off....thanks.
  7. Looking for a Tad. Blades preferred..... washboard face would be cool. Let's see what is out there. Thanks.
  8. Three Scotty Cameron putter head covers, one Golden Soul putter and one Golden Soul Driver head cover. 1. This year's St. Patrick's day release. It has been used. Sparingly. Will ship USPS priority. SOLD. More pics upon request. 2. This year's Cinco de Drinko. Again, used sparingly. Shipped USPS priority. SOLD. More pics upon request. 3. Scotty Cameron Club Cameron. Never used on course. $60 OBO shipped USPS priority. More pics upon request. 4 Golden Soul putter head cover. Pretty damn sweet. Magnet closure. Never used on course. Let's do SOLD shipped USPS priority. 5. Golden Soul Driver head cover. Never used on course. $50 OBO shipped USPS priority. I would do a $90 package deal for the golden soul items. They go perfectly together. Thanks....let's get these sold so I can go shopping tonight!
  9. No idea. I emailed David the pics and he didn't mention a job done by someone else....but unfortunately, that is all the info I have. Sorry.
  10. Here is a unique putter. 36.5" and not exactly sure of the specs. I emailed David Mills and he confirmed this is one of the first plumbers neck he did due to the hand tiged neck. There is some wear in the finish (black pvd)...and there are initials in the cavity (LBT). But this is a German Stainless Steel handmade from Mills. Not sure what to price this as, so....let's say $400 OBO shipped USPS priority. Think that is a good price on a GSS handmade/welded neck but with some wear. Please let me know any thoughts on this. Thanks everyone. Have a good day.
  11. I feel like I will tell everyone it is "Lee Buck Trevino"....isn't true, but it sounds real good.
  12. I purchased a mint, beautiful TP Mills GSS handmade from 2nd swing with the initials LBT in the cavity. They have a handful of handmades and non handmades from different companies with the LBT initials.....does anyone know who that may be? He has/had a ton of beautiful pieces. Just curious. Thanks.
  13. I need to know who this LBT is....I have a GSS Handmade TP Mills with his initials on it.
  14. I have emailed David and I am waiting to hear back, but here is one I just acquired. It arrived yesterday. Looking for the back story. It is beautiful.
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