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  1. Looking for exactly that and nothing else. If you have a head on it let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys- Trying to unload some of the extras I have lying around. All prices are OBO and only trade I'd be interested in is a Ventus Black 6x. 1. Set of Titleist 620 MBs 4-PW and tour issue X100 shafts. 4 iron is a 620 CB and shafts are spined aligned. They have tour velvet grips with 2 wraps of tape, 0.5" long and 1* upright. Overall, clubs are in good shape as you can see in the pictures. Price $old 2. Titleist TSI2 8* with a Atmos TS 6X shaft. Pretty much mint condition with headcover and plays 45". Price $450 OBO 3. Tour issue SIM Max Rock
  3. Hey Guys! I am some awesome gear I need to unload. All prices are OBRO and if you have any questions just let me know. Not really looking for any trades right now but high end gear always peaks my interest. 1. Scotty Cameron Circle T R&D Proto Concept 1 Tour Rat Putter in black mist, plays 33.5". I got this on here a couple weeks ago, I just like my byron more so I'm going to keep rolling that and don't want this just sitting around. Comes with the circle t headcover picutred. Just trying to get back what I spent Price $old 2. M
  4. They’re super solid. I actually had them take a little more spin and height off compared to my tour issue x100s than I wanted. They feel way better than the regular 7.0s and definitely a touch harder to load than the 6.5 LZ.
  5. Hi All, I have a good amount of extras sitting around that I need to get rid of. All prices are OBO and I'm not looking for any trades at this time. 1. First up is set of Titleist T100 4-PW (T100s 3 iron) with project X LZ 7.0. These have custom black and yellow ferrules and matching GP MCC black/yellow grips with 3 total wraps of tape and logo down (3 Iron has a black/orange MCC midsize grip). These are standard L/L/L and in really good shape! I added some lead tape to get the SW up to D3.5 but can take it off before shipping if desired. Price $old If you
  6. Hi Guys! I have a bunch of extras I'm looking to unload. All items are OBO and I'm not really looking for trades at this time. If you guys have any questions just let me know! First up is a M5 Tour Issue 10.5* head. I don't have the specs but it's in great condition. Price $OLDNext up is Titleist TS4 9.5* head. Overall in good condition just didn't work for me. Price $OLDTaylormade M6 15* 3 wood. It has a Diamana DF 70 X shaft tipped 1" and plays 42.25" and is in fantastic shape. Price $190 OBOTour issue M2 15* 3 wood. It has a Diamana white 80 TX and plays 42.5" and is in great shape. Th
  7. Awesome sticks man! Just not using them and sticking with my 730s. Figured I’d turn them to someone who will play them!
  8. Hi Guys - Today I'm trying to unload a some of my extras. Everything is in great condition and is OBO. I'm not currently looking for any trades. First is a set of Mizuno MP 20 MB 4- PW in mint condition! They have Nippin Modus 125X shafts with red/white/blue ferrels as well as GP Cord grips logo down with 3 total wraps. They are standard length/lie and 1* strong loft. These things are awesome! Asking $oldNext up is a M6 3 wood 15* with a diamana 70DF X-flex shaft (tipped 1") and z-cord grip. This thing is in awesome condition! SW is D1 and playing length is 42.25. Asking $200 OBONext I have a
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