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  1. So I worked on some lead arm parallel swings today. Man is that not parallel, may because my wrist hinge wasn't perfect. Regardless it was really hot today but I feel I made some progress. Atleast I'm not goat humping really. I think tomorrow at work I'll work on adding the ulnar deviation and wrist bow to help keep the wrist bowed at impact. Backswing I feel is better but still needs work. It's gonna take a lot of time to fix everything I've been trained to do after 4 years. Thoughts?? https://youtube.com/shorts/56pBhMlekjo?feature=share
  2. So doing a race today so can't practice at the range but had an eureka moment last night hitting balls at work. I realized that my hands have been trained the wrong way this entire time. I've always focused on keeping my arms as straight as possible and that caused them to get stuck behind me and I'd over rotate. I focused last night on trying to get the hands more up after the takeaway and do Montes right arm parallel swings. So far it's becoming more clear. Just have to get the hips working now.
  3. https://youtube.com/shorts/Ecxd7JZ28qU?feature=share Obviously I still have many flaws but I feel like this is a step in the right direction. Thoughts?
  4. I still can't get open to save my life but I slowed down my backswing a lot and I'm striking the ball way better. My positions are improving as well. I think as I improve the backswing my downswing will improve eventually. I shot a 94 on a very hard country club today and that was after back to back 8s on the back 9.
  5. I may hit the range before my picnics today. I watched a video and it seems like I have a trouble with rotating my shoulder/elbow and that gets me laid off. I always thought it was my wrists. I'll take a video today and see if I can get more vertical with my hands not as far as behind me. I've never had my hips and chest open in my life and it is very disheartening.
  6. Wow idk how you slow the videos down to the point to make those gifs but they are really eye opening. Hopefully my videos I did today are a little improvement. I've always had problems with not getting my hands high enough and in front of me. I may need to see a pro to fix this because I don't think even with all of the videos, and content I watch that I will fix it. Oddly enough in my rehearsals I'm usually golden.
  7. So I worked on a few things. Trying to shorten the backswing. Keeping the face what to me feels super shut. I was actually striking the ball decent. One thing I still don't like is where my hands are in the backswing. Club still seems a little laid off. Thoughts?
  8. I've never good per say. Low 90s-maybe 80s on a really really good day but recently I've developed some bad habits in my swing out of nowhere. Thoughts? It feels like I'm back to day one.
  9. So I took an online lesson from Monte recently and decided to give the NTC a try for the past few weeks. I still don't think im doing things properly. This is me practicing at work.
  10. https://youtu.be/Lw_C3JcV54Uhttps://youtu.be/SpsQDHD0jYU
  11. So I'm assuming it's from overswinging but my head moves a lot. I got fitted for new irons so I'm excited to be able to hit those soon. Wont let me post my videos though.
  12. Hmm so theres a chance my clubs that I ordered back in early March from my fitter may be able to be shipped sooner rather than later.
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