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  1. Looking for any 8812 that needs a new home, send pics if interested.
  2. I read through this whole thread and I think the most important point was missed, what do the par 3s require on your course? I've played 46, 50, 54, 58 (high bounce), 62 (low bounce) a bit on courses where I can hit 5 iron or less on all the par 3s. The 3-4 irons become useless.
  3. Story on this putter is I bought it a while back and a good friend wanted a shot at reworking it. I decided to let him try and he knocked it out of the park... The hammered sole, remilled face, the finished patina all go well together. But... I game my Byron 95% of the time so trying to move this on to someone who will use it. Plays to 34" and has a gripmaster you'll likely want to replace (has my last name on it). Can't confirm but headweight feels approx 340g when comparing to my other putters. Don't have a matching headcover, will include the one shown. Not sure what to list at so I'll say $425 but feel free to send offers.
  4. Another vote for Vokey K grind, best I've used from the sand.
  5. For me the answer's always pretty easy, Adam Scott.
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