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  1. See Pictures Here!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z29jx44e77cwj3z/AAAtM0qzI78_Y37TyqDV73iYa Miura Limited Forged Heads $500: I gamed these and worked on them a lot. I recently refinished the faces and you can see they are in good playing condition. They are very upright right now (around 5 degrees up from Mizuno std.), have a worn black oxide finish, and all clubs except for the 4i, 9i, and PW have been given a leading edge grind and some toe grind to appear more square at address. These will be a fun project for someone! Mizuno Combo Set MP32 7-PW, MP60 3-6 $150: These are used, about a degree or two flat, and they feel amazing. Some paintfill loss but I've just cleaned them up, see picture. MAKE OFFERS! Must go today!
  2. All gone except the project x shafts! 65 bucks and they're yours!
  3. Hi all, Don't be shy! Send me questions and offers. GO TO THIS LINK FOR MORE PICTURES: https://www.dropbox....w9yt/CIhjhD-XgS Prices are shipped and PP'd to the lower 48 of the US. $330 - Prototype Recoils 125 F4 "Stiff" 3-PW - 1/2" OVER STANDARD (most iron heads will play 38.5" 5i") - Iomic grips nearly new - 6 gripped, 2 new in packaging, 1 missing grip (sorry). Tips prepped and ready, epoxy cleaned off. .355 taper tip. $70 - Project x 6.0 Flighted 38" 5i 4-pw, GP multicompound midsize grips in good shape. Red/black. Tips clean, .355 taper. $100 - Cameron Oil Can Newport - 35", original microstep shaft and pebble grain Titleist putting grip. Nice gamer. No Headcover. $170 - Cameron tei3 Newport - Good shape, 35.5", Gripmaster stitchback in Carolina Blue (ick), UST Frequency Filter Shaft. $35 - Vokey SM4 Black finish 52* wedge, KBS Tour V X 120g shaft, +1/4", Golf Pride misaligned blue/white grip with a few wraps. $170 - Nippon NS Pro Super Peening Blue in X flex - 4-GW SS 1X and 38.25" 5i, or 3-PW to a 37.75" 5i (Mizuno Standard Length) - 6 "Adams Golf" NDMC white/black grips, 2 clubs have other grips (see pics) but I will include 2 more Adams NDMC to match the others. The grips are in line with labels so they can all be turned label down. Tips have some torch marks but are otherwise ready for install w/epoxy cleaned out. $150- Nippon Super Peening Orange X flex - 3-pw to 37.75" 5i in most sets - Lamkin X10 black grips in good shape. Tips cleaned out and ready for install w/no epoxy. $115- C-Taper Stiff 120g 3-pw, no grips, play to 38" 5i, never hit except for 5,8i which were hit one range session. Labels have tape residue from grip removal, not wear. Also small glue/sticker bits on one shaft from original price tag. $60 - KBS Tour Custom Black Pearl shafts - 3i-pw, g,s,l wedge (11 shafts) - 38" 5i - A few have bent tips and or shafts, most are in good shape and if nothing else the grips are worth almost as much as this, they are at least 7.5/10. Good deal here, sweet looking even though some a little bent.
  4. No item may be relisted within 30 days of being previously listed. This is unclear. If I've never listed it before, but I purchased it from a listing on the BST in the last 30 days, can I list it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Beautiful. Sad I don't have funds. Will the SS help with bag chatter and groove wear? How is the feel impacted with SS irons? Does anyone else make SS irons? Sorry to sidetrack, feel free to PM me responses.
  6. I know that one may not re-list an item within 30 days of attempting to sell it. But what if someone else sold it to me in the past 30 days? In this case it's the first time I've tried to sell it. Thanks!
  7. The great Joe Kwok mentions that when doweling, the best way to insert epoxy is through the tip. This is done so that epoxy does not break off above the dowel and rattle around inside of the shaft. Also, doweling requires holes to be drilled in the dowels to relieve the air pressure that would be created by sliding the club head onto the shaft. Here's the dilemma - if I epoxy from the tip of the shaft, and there is a hole cut in the dowel, the epoxy will clog the hole causing air pressure buildup. How do I avoid this? Thanks in advance. In case anyone is using this thread to learn more about doweling - it is adding an oak furniture dowel 3/8" thick by 1.75" long into the tip of the shaft, about 1.5" up from the tip itself. It is inserted 1.5" from the tip so that there is room for a tip weight. The purpose is to promote a crisper, softer feel at impact. Wood is used because it is light, and therefore will not greatly affect swing weight.
  8. Never commented "drool" before. Consider this taking my drool v-card. drool.
  9. I've had several questions about the powder coating changing the feel of the KM-006 putter. I game another Miura putter, and the feel of this KM-006 is just as buttery. The powder coating is very thin. In fact, the milling on the face is still very apparent. Click the link for a face-milling picture: [url="http://i59.tinypic.com/hwhmie.jpg"]http://i59.tinypic.com/hwhmie.jpg[/url]
  10. These prices are crazy low for nice Miura gear!!! Prices are shipped and pp'd to the lower 48. Miura Combo Set: NOW $400 Adams Hybrid: NOW $40 18* - stiff matrix ozik altus, white/black ndmc in good shape Aerotech Steelfiber i95 6-pw stiff pulls(35.5" 7i, standard length except 6i is extended 3/4" and gripped) - $90 Vokey Wedges- $40 for the set . Miura KM-006 34.5" Putter. NOW $250 Miura KM-350 Putter 34.5" - $250 Please PM with questions. More information: Miura Iron Set: 4i = CB-202, 5-7i = CB-201, 8-PW Miura Retro Blades. 1/2" long versus Miura Spec. Standard Loft/Lie. PX 6.0, Midsize NDMC Red/Black Good condition, Loved everything about this set, just don't need a backup set anymore. All clubs are in very good condition except the 9i, which is in significantly worse condition. The 9i has some browning but that doesn't effect play. The numbers have some faded red paintfill. Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff pulls - 6-pw in great shape. I shafted the 6i in a head to test them out but they are not for me.. The 6i has a 3/4" graphite extension and new GP Multicompound in red/black on it, as well as some residue in the tip. The other shafts are in great shape and have clean tips! See pictures.- tips were originally .370 parallel but were sanded down to .355. The 6i installed perfectly in my iron and I see no reason why any of the others would have any problem! GREAT SHAFTS, retail is $45 a piece! Ferrule installation was a breeze. Vokeys - 52.08, 58.08 - better condition than pictures indicate. Grooves are still sharp. 52 has a 950gh stiff nippon shaft in it, the 58 has a dg wedge flex shaft. see pictures for grips I'm a proven seller on eBay, with perfect feedback on almost 70 transactions at minert123123. I'm a lurker and don't post often, but trust I will treat your new clubs with care and ship quickly! I only ship to the US unless you make accommodations.. sold and traded: Miura KM-006 Putter: MINT. Custom powder coated via someone who does these things professionally in association with Pure Impact Golf Studio in Michigan. This beauty has a stitch back perforated grip by Best Grips (https://bestgrips.co...ol-putter-grip/). This putter is nice and heavy, with a 370 gram head weight, I believe. Comes with original black/yellow Miura headcover in decent condition - the headcover does have a small mark on the top and the seam of the velco is ripped. Miura KM-350 Putter: With matching red headcover (velco fine but weak, no tears, leather good), white iomic grip. Very light brush marks on the sole and no dings!! Amazing putter. White iomic has traces of dirt, but this putter is in very good condition.
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