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  1. Also... I think their utility iron is the most played on tour & gets rave reviews... I cant hit any utility iron worth a $#!+ so im not a good one to offer advice on it, but I hear good things lol
  2. Absolutely love Srixon equipment... * Their 585 driver was my #2 choice after a battle between it & my TS2... but it beat out the maverick, the g410, & the SIM max... its a bomber with the right shaft... * Their fairway woods are the same... my g410s & the Srixons were neck in neck... Srixon beat out TS2s, SIM, Maverick... Srixon was actually the longest of the bunch for me but the G410s were a little easier to elevate off the deck & are adjustable * The Srixon hybrid was my #3 choice after my TS2 & the G410... but thats good company to be in... its n
  3. Recently bought a MacKenzie Canvas Walker Bag... its so well made... unique... and very functional... recently went to Scottsdale for an annual golf trip & 3 of the 4 courses were cart path only due to overseeding... while the other 7 guys in my group were dragging loose clubs & a range finder from the cart to the other side of the fairway & back... I just grabbed the bag off the cart & strolled down the fairway... it was great for the trip & though I don't plan to use it every day (Stitch SL1 is my daily bag) I do plan to walk with it at least once a week. Great purchase.
  4. I just switched from the 816 H1 to the TS2 & I love it... I played the 816 off & on for 4 years & liked it a lot... but I'm very happy with the upgrade
  5. I absolutely love hitting my 3 & 5 fairways... very comfortable & confident off the deck... so I go 3w, 5w, 3 hybrid, then jump to my irons... I have an average swing speed (Driver ss is about 105 - 108 mph) and though I do fine hitting my 4i, I can not hit a utility iron AT ALL... I've tried them over the years & they're a hard pass... so I personally prefer hitting a fairway wood... but I think a hybrid is the most versatile... you can elevate it like a wood or flight it down like an iron... versatile out of rough, the fairway, or the tee... if you already have a 3 & 5 wood i
  6. Agree on the G410 LST... it sits square to slightly open imo
  7. I know it's ant-wrx to even consider GETTING RID of golf equipment... I understand that... and like most of you, I too have a ridiculous list of golf clubs... besides my gamer bag, I currently have... 2 TiSi Tec drivers G400 Max Driver Another TS2 Driver w/ a different loft & shaft 2 2016 M2 Drivers z565 Driver Tisi tec 3w Tisi tec 5w Rogue 4w M2 HL 3w 2 M2 hybrids 2 zH45 hybrids 2 816 H1 hybrids g410 hybrid 2 sets of z545s set of j40 dpc set of AP1s set of G700s 2 sets of Eye 2 BeCu (which are
  8. I personally opted to not wait for the x5s... debated for a minute, but I like the look of the 545/565/585 line... stock modus shafts are perfect for me... & I think the x5s look busy to me... sure there will be some minor upgrades but probably not much... if you look online you can find new sets being discounted down due to the new line coming out... or go for the used set that you’ve hit & know you like... I have no reference to compare to the apex or pxg’s.. but I prefered the the feel of the Srixon over the jpx 921 hot metals... idk.. if you hit them well & like the feel... it
  9. Never hit pxg’s so I have no idea about them but I did hit the jpx 921 hot metal & I like the feel of the 585s better... I love the 585 pairing w/ the modus shafts... they feel great... everyone judges feel different but I’m very pleased with the 585s... especially for $500
  10. I agree with this... I just put a brand new set of 585s in my bag for about $500... absolutely love them... I prefer the look of the 545/565/585 line but thats just me... think the x5 look busy... I toyed with waiting but am glad I didn't... I doubt there will be much difference in tech, feel, forgiveness... think one of the Rick Shiels wannabes said the x5s felt a lot clicker than previous offerings, but idk if thats accurate... only had a few rounds with my 585s but I'm very happy
  11. When I travel I bring my regular clubs... I don’t have ppl in from out of town that come to play & don’t own their own... truth of the matter is I hate to get rid of a few things but in all honesty I don’t see myself ever not using what I’m playing now... I’ll most likely play this set up for a few years & if I do switch something out, it’ll probably be for something newer, not older... I keep trying to convince myself that I need a backup set, but I honestly don’t know that I actually do lol
  12. Trying to declutter & pair down my golf equipment... do you all keep a backup set or does that defeat the purpose of decluttering lol ???
  13. Original M2 or Srixon Z545 driver Ping K15 or Callaway XR fairway Titleist 816 H1 or Ping G25 hybrid Srixon z545 or Bridgestone j40 cb irons Can get some used SM6 or glide 2.0 or RTX 3 wedges for about $50 each... should still have some life in them putter is personal but a good 2 ball or anser can be found cheap... ping craz e maybe used ping hoofer bag
  14. Live across the river in Indiana but it’s worth the drive... better selection, better service, & he’s great... love it there
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