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  1. The courses I play have very tight bermuda lies, similar to the picture you posted. I had the same problem with the same shots as you described. Originally I thought the same thing that you do, that I needed a different grind on my wedge. What I found worked best for me was, as others have said, to use a pw or gw for that shot in that turf condition. For me its a much higher percentage play with the pw or gw than a sand or lob wedge.
  2. Have you stopped using the Artisan wedges ? I see Vokeys in your sig. Yours and several in the Artisan wedge thread are some of the nicest wedges I've seen.
  3. CDLgolf

    Stuart, FL

    I played Hammock creek and Jenson beach last week while visiting family. Of the 2 I thought HC was in better shape and a nicer course overall.
  4. I use the 54ss and 60ss. I've used Ping irons and wedges for the last 20 years and find them to work as good as any. I use the SS grind because I play on anything from dormant muddy bermuda in the winter to hard dry clay soil in the summer and the SS grind seems to work pretty good for those conditions and anything in between.
  5. I finished the year with 95 rounds posted for my hdcp. Add in a few scrambles and team events and this is the most I've ever played. Hoping next year is even better.
  6. I agree, the g400 or 410 5 wood turned down. Or wait for the new 425. For me its hard to beat the Ping fairway woods.
  7. I have a stroke lab 7 with and oversize grip. The grip weighs 65g. I'd like to replace it with a Superstroke pistol gt 1.0 which weighs 82g. Is there a problem doing this ? Will I notice a difference in the feel of the putter ? One way I thought about doing it was pull the grip, remove the weight in the shaft. total weight 105g. (Not sure how easy it is to remove the weight without cutting the shaft. ) Get a SS countercore gt 1.0 @ 52g with the 50g weight. total weight 102g. Would this be a better way to go ?
  8. The lined guide pro pants are great for cold weather also.
  9. I have 3 hybrids, 20* that goes about 215 23* that is about a 200 yd club 26* that is about a 185 club Depending on conditions these yardages can vary but are close. I would think 4* gaps would work also but mine are older and not adjustable.
  10. I haven't used a glove for 15 years. Always used to wear one and one day when my glove tore mid round I didn't have one to replace it with, so I played the rest of the round without one and loved the feel I had and have never worn one since. However I will wear rain gloves if I get caught playing in the rain.
  11. I ordered a glide 3.0 54 ss at 55 and to me it looks good. But I also have a 60 not bent and it looks fine.
  12. I think there is something to this. I've been playing Ping irons since the early 2000's. I've also used mostly Ping wedges. They look and feel like the irons and blend perfectly into the set. I've tried other brands at times but always go back to the Pings. I think the Pings are as good as any.
  13. I could get rid of my 60 and use a 56 but I can't think of another club to add that would be better for me than the 60. I have good gaps through the bag and the 60 is a pretty handy club for several shots from 75 yds and in.
  14. Same ball I play all year. The Q star tour. This ball does everything I need at a price I like.
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