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  1. You're probably right. They finished +6 for the week. 4 rounds.
  2. The 2 ladies that finished in last at T70 shot +6 for the week. Would a 4 hdcp break +20 for the week ?
  3. I would think they are for anyone that wants to play them. I have i200's now and if I wanted to switch to Mizuno personally I like the size and shape of the forged over the tours. I just get a bit more confidence from the size of the forged.
  4. For the last few years I have used 45, 50, 55 & 60. I play courses that are 6300 to 6500 yds so for me its more important to have more options at the bottom end of the bag than the top. I've thought about going 45, 52, 58 but I don't know what club I'd add at the top and think my gaps would be to big at the bottom.
  5. I've never bought back a set because I usually sell on ebay. But a couple months later I have bought a new set of the same set I sold. I've done this with a set of irons and a driver or two.
  6. When you get a chance could you compare the performance of the Cobra xb to the Maxrik max. Thanks
  7. Must have also produced Head skis. I had Head skis with Liquidmetal in them.
  8. My first set was a 1 & 3 wood Titleist by Acushnet persimmon woods with Hogan Apex 2-equilizer irons. I think the loft on the "e" was 52* and I also had a 56* sw. No idea what they cost. Back in 1982 or so my Dad bought them used from his boss. His boss had them regripped with leather grips and sold them for the price of the grips. I still have the woods, they had been refinished and put in a closet several years ago. Gave the irons to a friend and lost track of them.
  9. And the "G men" will probably kick you out also.
  10. I don't think the blade guys will let you join their gang.
  11. Cobra F8. I think this will be my 3rd year playing it.
  12. So when you're saying loft for loft the g425 6 iron at 26.5* is going farther than my i200 6 at 29.5*. And the 425 7 iron at 30* is about a 1/2 club longer than my 7 at 33* loft.
  13. Question for the guys coming from i series irons. Are these a club longer distance wise ? Thinking of getting a set but not sure which iron I want to stop my set at.
  14. I've played Ping clubs for the last 20 years. Ive tried other brands but always go back to Ping. Their clubs just work for me.
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