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  1. I agree with a couple posters above, I think the Titleist Hybrid 14 is the best in this catagory. The hybrid 5 would be good also.
  2. Great set up. I could play that entire bag.
  3. I ordered 2 wedges, stock shaft, bent upright and slight loft change and they were delivered in 10 days.
  4. My pw is 46, about 125 yds, Then a 50 that i hit 105 to 115 Next is a 55 for about 95 to 100 Last I use a 60 for various yardages but 85 would be a full swing
  5. I've bounced back and forth between Ping g or i series irons for the last 20 years. My scores are the same with either. I don't find the game improvement irons any less accurate. When I put a good swing on it the ball goes where I want it to. For me its just what I feel like looking at at the time. Sometimes the larger game improvement irons give me more confidence and sometimes the smaller i series do. I regularly play with 2 guys 70+ who both shoot in the mid to low 70's and both use G series irons and play well with them. I've never heard them complain that they are not acurate with those i
  6. After hearing about a 2 month wait time on new Ping clubs I custom ordered a 56 and 60 from TGW on Aug 25 and just received an email they shipped them out today. Very excited to replace my older Glides.
  7. I really like the look of those. Love the black and white. Looks like my G25's will be retired next year.
  8. I would keep the g25 and let him pick from the other two.
  9. I'm still using a Ping g25. I've tried the G, G400 , 2 Taylormade models and a couple Adams but still prefer the g25
  10. I just played Mt Mitchell, its a fun mountain course. Scenery is great and its a welcome break to go up there and get out of the heat for a little bit. Another fun mountain course is Olde Beau in Roaring gap NC. I don't know that it would make top 15 but I thought it was as nice as Mt Mitchell.
  11. Country club of South Carolina is in Florence if you end up over there.
  12. Tega cay, Fort mill or Springfield are the closest and all about the same cost. Waterford is in Rock hill and might be the least expensive to play.
  13. 54 S bent to 55 and 60 M both in sm7 right now 119 each. I play in firmer conditions with firm bunkers and this combo works well for me.
  14. Stayed there this past weekend. Course looked to be in good shape but they've had rain every day for the past 2 weeks so everything is soaked. Didn't play there but played Mt Mitchell. Fun little course but it was also soaked.
  15. I feel your pain. Last weekend shot 34 - 42. Usually very happy with 76, just never did it this way.
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