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  1. For me its a Callaway Mavrik Max 5 wood. Super easy to hit. Flies high, lands soft.
  2. I've played Chrome soft for most of this year. I play those or Srixon q star tours.
  3. Anyone have any info ? Maybe a spring release ?
  4. I agree with Azinger. If Brooks doesn't want to be there he should relinquish his spot. There are several other players who would love to play.
  5. Such a shame they closed Thunder hill. Although difficult it really was a beautiful course. I was a member there the last 6 years it was open and we had a great group of guys that played there.
  6. Our pod system worked well in one Ryder cup. The Euro captain said that their team was one giant pod. When the American team ( both men and women ) can figure this out, they will be more competitive
  7. I agree, newer is not always better and I wasn't a big fan of the turbulators. I enjoyed the g20's but the 25's just suit my eye better. If the 20's work stick with them.
  8. I had a g20 3 & 4 hybrid but changed when the g25 came out. I'm still playing the g25 in 3 & 4. Haven't found anything better.
  9. I must have got lucky. I ordered a Mavrik hybrid with an evenflow shaft last Monday and it was delivered today.
  10. I really liked Azinger as a player but I don't enjoy him as a announcer. I know Costis and McCord were on another network but I thought they were much better. I also miss Johnny Miller.
  11. Yes Charlotte has been terrible for the last couple weeks. We play 2 or 3 times a week and always take a cart. I take a yeti full of ice and a couple gatorades plus have a cooler full of ice water to put a towel in to cool off. I'm in my late 50's and couldn't imagine walking in this heat.
  12. I've used a 3, 4, and 5 hybrid for the past few years. For me they are so much better than long irons for all shots.
  13. I agree. Mine had the V2 as well. Traded it for another driver that I dont remember. But I do remember the launcher comp as one of my favorites.
  14. I'm a Ping guy who also has Callaway woods so my vote leans towards the green bag. But, I have to say, those Cobra irons have been tempting me for a year or so.
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