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  1. I've tried a bunch of sunday bags. Currently using a Belding waxed canvas, but it's pricey. If you're shopping for a good price, check out the Titleist Carry Bag (non premium version). I have one and it's good. https://www.titleist.com/product/carry-bag/031GB1T.html
  2. Sounds like you did a good thing, my man. Props on making a teenager happy.
  3. I have that exact same bag, except mine has the double strap. Saved up $129 when I was 15 to buy it in 1995. Have had it ever since.
  4. The one out of the four that does not have a number has the Dunlop logo in it's place.
  5. I also came away with a bunch of those tags for the Ping headcovers. 1s, 3s, 4s and Pingman logo. Even found one "6" tag. It used to suck when one of those tags would break. Or if you wanted to use the headcover on another club, but only had a specific numbered tag.
  6. Not sure if you can tell, but those are made by Dunlop.
  7. Agreed! I have always gravitated to knits for this reason exactly!
  8. Thanks Stephen - I have not hit the 1-3-5 set of Mizuno persimmons. They were still new in the box with fresh s-300 shafts and victory grips still in plastic. I just cannot bring myself to hit them yet. The other Mizuno set (1,4) are shallow faced. I hit a few shots with them, but the shafts were too loosey-goosey for me. I also came away with a set of 3,4,5 Palmer Peerless fairways with x100 shafts. They play really well! Oddly enough, my favorite is the RM-880 4 wood. Before googling it, I didn't know those were golfworks clubs designed by Ralph Maltby. That 4 wood has a Rifle 6.5 shaft that really holds up to my quick tempo. It does everything I want it to, however, it's not very beautiful. It has an ugly black insert with a gold in-set circle in the middle of the insert. But boy does it perform!
  9. I recently worked an estate sale for a retired golf pro in our community. Came away with some great additions to my collection of persimmons.
  10. I recently worked an estate sale for a retired golf pro in our community. Came away with a cool collection of classic headcovers from my youth.
  11. I bought a Classic 50's Louisville Driver in 2018, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I purchased mine with an x100 and this was just before all the old stock x100 shafts were used up. I love it and it beats out all the other new/old persimmons that I have tried. But I think that's primarily due to the shaft. I would also purchase directly from Louisville, rather than Linksoul. The Linksoul drivers are beautiful, but I suspect they may not even be available anymore. I called a while back about a fw and they said they were no longer in stock. Also, fwiw, my head came unglued earlier this year and they covered the repair under warranty at no charge for me (other than shipping to Kentucky). I have not dealt with NCW. I love their irons and woods. But, ya know ... money.
  12. I really appreciate this comment! As someone who prefers beauty in their golf equipment, I realize that it comes as a trade-off to forgiveness. My response? Get busy getting better.
  13. Are those stripped to raw or re-chrome in satin?
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