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  1. Just wanted to run something by the forum: I play x100 shafts in my 5-9 Titleist blades and I'm happy with them. I recently acquired an AP2 4 iron to help get a little higher trajectory and more forgiveness in the long iron. I installed the same x100 and it's still not getting the spin and higher trajectory that I want. I'm considering installing a nippon modus shaft. I want to stay in the heavier shaft range, so I'm considering the 125 and 130 options. I noticed that both of these shafts are 129 grams. What is the difference? Is one preferred over the other? A
  2. Callaway makes a 4 wood version of the Steelhead XR. If you dig into the stats, the 4 wood has a much flatter lie angle than many other Callaway options. 55*! This club has been on my radar, but have not been able to try it yet. Flatter lie angle will create a little more fade bias and is preferred by many.
  3. That's a nice collection of golf goods in the background. Cool headcovers, bags, and more persimmons.
  4. I prefer bags that are made by bag companies. Jones, Mackenzie, Sun Mountain, Stitch, Vessel. The lone exception would be Ping, who has been making awesome stand bags my whole life. In my opinion, Ping is a golf bag company that also makes golf clubs. The other bags would simply be a billboard or advertisement for the clubmaker. I prefer to not give away free advertising, much less pay to advertise for a company. On the other hand, I'm a giant hypocrite because I wear all manner of clothes, shoes, and hats solely for the label, so what do I know? I'm just an idio
  5. The tour velvet logo down is the only reasonable option for any golfer with standards. A little sandpaper brings them right back to new when they get slick. Priced at $5 makes them painless to replace whence necessary.
  6. He is in my saved sellers list as well (along with yourself, deejaid, btw).
  7. I knew y'all would come through with the 411. Clubs on that page are in immaculate condition. Are they refinished? or original?
  8. Does anyone know who this seller is on eBay? They have some fantastic classic equipment in incredible condition. Maybe they do club refinishing/restoration? Is there any connection to Louisville Golf?
  9. Just curious about this. I know it can be done, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience playing a putter that has had a heavy tip weight installed? I'm most interested in non-face-balanced putters (specifically Ping Anser style). Does it have any effect on the performance of the putter or on the arc of your stroke? I have a Ping Anser BECU model that only weighs about 325-330 grams. I am considering adding a 10 gram tip weight when I reshaft the putter. Thoughts?
  10. I build clubs at home without a swingweight scale. I have exclusively used the leaderboard.com calculator for years and I have found it to be extremely accurate when double-checked against a scale.
  11. Does M85TW mean it’s a deep face model M85?
  12. Personally, my favorite is Fore Ewe knit covers. Go to their website, the combinations are endless. And if you want something else, they will knit it for you. Great people.
  13. Looks like you have singlehandedly put the Seamus guy's kid through college. That's great. Good on you for supporting an awesome company.
  14. This club is ridiculous and is absolutely my favorite in your collection. Is that a natural photo or has a filter been applied to it?
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