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  1. My input doesn't mean $#!+, but you should not replace that bag with a moonlite. This old one has way more character and only cost you $10. Stick with IT!
  2. Hey Everyone - Question for discussion here: I have recently acquired some steel iron shafts that were left in the weather for a while and have developed some rust. They are high quality shafts (Rifle Precision 6.5, Dynamic Gold s-300s and x100s, and Hogan Apex 5) and I would like to use them in the future. I cleaned them up but they had some pitting on the chrome. Also it's clear they are rusted on the inside of the shaft, but it's hard to determine how much. Does anyone have any input on how much rust is too much rust when it comes to a steel shaft. Aside from the cosmetic
  3. Oh man! That's a good one! I came for the pictures and I was not disappointed.
  4. This is a helpful suggestion. Thank you. I built the clubs last night and used quick center. Then I rested them on some egg crate foam on an incline. When I checked this morning, the shafts looked very centered in the hosel. I guess I answered my own question.
  5. I'm mainly referring to iron reshafts with .355 taper hosels. Sometimes the fit is tight and it's not a problem. Other times it can be quite loose and can cause the lie angle to come out 1-2* upright. Thanks for the replies
  6. Forgive me - I know this has been discussed before but I could not find it by searching. Can anyone give any suggestions about how to rest clubs when curing epoxy so that the lie angles do not become significantly upright? I know there are drying racks that can be purchased, but I have a reshaft job to get done and do not have time to wait for a rack. Also, I have googled pictures of different curing racks and I dont see how they prevent the clubs (of various lie angles throughout a set) from resting in an upright position while drying. Are there are simple diy solutions for t
  7. This is my frustration as well. I've played 32-33 inch putters for a while and i can't stand the way the putter wants to fall down into the bag.
  8. If you are not using the 620 cb 3 iron, you probably just need a new shaft in that club. Just change it for a lighter higher traj steel shaft or graphite. If you go to a lighter shaft and get a little more spin in the 3 iron, you should be able to hit it reliably and get another club's worth of distance over your four iron. This would probably be the cheapest option as well.
  9. BOOM!!!! THAT'S IT! Thanks so much NRJ!
  10. I agree. They look alot like a blend of the sets in this photo, although not an exact match.
  11. Any other info? Maybe I should also post these in the classic forum?
  12. Hey everyone - I have recently acquired two new old stock sets of these Mizuno blades. Does anyone have any info on the history of these? The standings only say Mizuno Pro and have no identifiers such as ms-1 or mp-33. Thanks in advance guys!
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