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  1. An entire line of putters with zero lefty options is a joke.
  2. I really thought a lot of guys were going to be shamed into the red and black. Golf Channel/NBC has really oversold this; it’s pretty much just Nike guys. They should just stop talking about it.
  3. Not anymore. It’s a proto called “Thunderbolt”.
  4. He put this one into play a month or two back, but it only lasted through Thursday before the Spider was back.
  5. Any company that doesn’t offer all of its putters in left handed.
  6. This isn’t remotely true. Any number of things could have occurred, from an animal in the road, to being cut off by another driver, to a mechanical malfunction. Folks crash cars on a daily basis for reasons that have nothing to do with being reckless or driving too fast. Not every accident can be avoided by even the best, most attentive driver.
  7. I’d like to change my vote from impaired to distracted. Texting to let someone know he was running late and that curve came up quickly seems more likely at this point.
  8. It was never going to be anything else. They’ll be no real comment during an active investigation. It’s face time for officials, you don’t need the actual sheriff for this but it’s always good to be on tv.
  9. I’ve got one. The first thing they teach you is that “innocent until proven guilty” is a legal standard not a musings on a golf website standard.
  10. It’s the worst song I’ve ever heard. I’m actually embarrassed for him. That being said, my family does joke Christmas gifts and my brother is getting this.
  11. The red SL shaft has a different distribution of steel and graphite from the previous black one. The red is because it looks awesome. It’s also brilliant marketing; standing out on tv in a crowded field isn’t easy.
  12. Didn’t like the offset on the ‘19’s, but I’ve still got one more set of the originals sitting in a closet. Wouldn’t mind skipping straight to the ‘21’s, though.
  13. Cancer treatment takes a toll on you even if you led a healthy life.
  14. They should build one. The short par 4 is one of the best holes in golf.
  15. I should think so, I just ordered the Gen 3’s.
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