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  1. Thank you. I’m a paint filling fool and one rainy afternoon when I couldn’t play, I definitely would have gotten bored and ruined my putter.
  2. I carry an 11-wood and took my pitching wedge out of the bag to make room for it.
  3. I’ve had mixed results with them. Several absolutely perfect transactions, but I’ve had two putters show up right handed when I ordered left, a two ball blade showed up when I’d ordered the mallet and a Like New fairway wood showed up with a long, and very deep, scratch across the crown. All of the problems have been fairly recent orders. If you’d asked this question two years ago, I’d have said they were fantastic.
  4. The LAB website has an excellent online video fitting available. Definitely worth trying. You can call and they’ll walk you threw it. Mine came out virtually the same as the in person fitting I had at one of their retailers.
  5. It’s quite a change from an Anser style putter, but if you’re coming from one of the larger Spiders or something like the Odyssey Bird of Prey, which I used, the Directed Force doesn’t even seem that large. It also sits so flat that you don’t sense the bulk like you’d think from the room it takes up in your bag.
  6. Haven’t checked, but is Finau sponsored by Grecian Formula now or is he just buying it by the quart?
  7. I’m a fan of PXG putters, but these look awful. Nice price but these won’t get a second look from me and I’ll pretty much buy anything.
  8. It’s fashionable, and usually accurate, to blame Bryson for everything bad that happens in his group, but Harris isn’t exactly a jackrabbit out there. Slow to make a decision, slow to hit. Timed a few shots in the middle of the round, and he was well over a minute on several shots. This was a group effort today, not helped by needing rulings. Even if on the clock, you still get 45 seconds. On a nice warm day with not a ton of wind, a professional ought to be able to do that without letting it ruin their round.
  9. He literally threatened to murder her and her family. If you’re arguing you need to hear both sides before condemning that, there’s something wrong with you. Yes, there are two sides to every divorce, and lots of miserable behavior on both sides, but none of it justifies threatening to kill people. The 2000 women in the US murdered by their partners every year, and the tens of thousands murdered worldwide every year would appreciate it if you’d all remember that. I had my own terrible divorce. Try divorcing a police officer if you want to know what powerless feels like.
  10. You do what I did, you go left handed.
  11. The course last week was an incredibly tough walk and I’m a little surprised they would take a senior event there. He may be a tough old bird but Fluff was fifty plus yards behind Furyk reaching the green on many occasions. As a player, at what point does concern about your caddie kick in and start to be a distraction? Furyk’s a good guy, at any point did he look back and see Fluff trudging up one of those hills and worry a little? You can respect a guy’s professionalism and still be concerned.
  12. It always just amuses me that the British were fine with The British Open for years and then it was suddenly a sacrilege. Don’t really care that much, either way, it’s their tournament, call it what you’d like, but they’re trying to extend this “history” to the British Women’s Open which didn’t even start until 1976, a full 30 years after the US version. Don’t get your knickers in a twist about an event you didn’t care enough to even start.
  13. The gofundme doesn’t sound like it’s got anything to do with medical costs. It was only a $10,000 goal to help out with expenses while staying in a strange city to be with the baby. Three plus weeks in a hotel adds up and neither will be on tour. As to the medical, your plan usually has a deductible (which varies dependent on what plan you buy) and then the vast majority of costs are covered as long as the hospital is within your insurance network or it was an emergency admission, which is probably the case here.
  14. Interesting take on this. Not one I would have immediately jumped to, but interesting nonetheless.
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