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  1. I just bought one as well. Sorry, I can’t answer your question but wondered if you’re happy with it? The outside dividers on mine don’t go all the way to the bottom, the outside clubs don’t want to go all the way to the bottom and seem to bounce off of something and don’t want to seat properly. Any similar issues? I just assumed all dividers at this point were full length. I won’t assume that again. Pretty disappointed with it in general, and of course I went and had my name stitched on the front and can’t return it.
  2. I feel the same. Have had my Operator for four days and I’d really like to try this one. Hopefully, it’ll be stupidly expensive enough to slow me down.
  3. Justin Leonard is a surprisingly good announcer. Good descriptions of what’s going on, what players are trying to do with a shot, and a better sense of humor than I would have guessed.
  4. Y’all acting like he’s 45 minutes from being a ceremonial starter at Augusta. He won last year and had a T-2 at a WGC event literally last month. Whether he will or not, we’ll see, but he’s more than capable of putting together another winning effort.
  5. I kind of took it the same way, but I’m pretty cynical about most things.
  6. There was a hole last week with fans lining a boundary fence. Rory ended up over there and after he hit, some Yahoo screamed something or other and all I could think was how little I had missed that. If every fan was more “Patron-like”, I would welcome them back, but they’re not.
  7. I actually like it, too. My only change would be that number one starts at even and they go up from there. I know there’s no real difference, but I don’t like the idea of starting under par.
  8. Everyone starts at even, but 1-10 get the typical caddie set-up. 11-20 get a pullcart, no caddie 21-30 carry their own staff bag, no caddie. Let the Atlanta heat sort it out.
  9. I think he’s absolutely awful. Half the time it’s like he’s not even watching and the other half he’s Captain Obvious. I can’t even count the number of times Phil hit a drive right down the center only to hear Lanny say we’ll have to wait and see if that one’s ok, then follow up with “looks like that one will be ok”, as if a ball literally sitting 300 yards out in the dead center was ever in trouble. Seemed utterly perplexed by how Petrovic went long on 18 when it clearly came in low and running. Commenting that Pampling needs to make more of those to keep up with Phil, as he’s missing putt
  10. As always, if only we had a television channel devoted to golf that could show the whole final round live. Maybe sneak it in between some GolfPass commercials.
  11. Pretty sure it was just Round One and the Spider was back by Friday.
  12. I’d never go into a competition that mattered with a brand new set of irons. There’s not enough time to really get comfortable and I’d be be thinking about the club instead of the shot. I don’t want to find out on the third hole that the 7-iron is a little hot.
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