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  1. I compared it with the 60* wedges of all the other available manufacturers and none of them naturally rolled open like the Cleveland. I could feel the tension in my forearms while trying to square it up. I’m glad it works for you, but that’s not for me.
  2. We call it a swammy, a swing and a miss. Happens to everyone but we never let you forget it.
  3. Lots of availability at my local GG. I was very interested in them until I picked one up. Club wants to roll wide open at address. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The face of the 60 looks like it’s 70*. I’m used to manipulating a face open, not having to work to square it up.
  4. He is. Wasn’t sure at first until I saw the grip. Faldo and Finch tried talking about the different looking grip but clearly had no idea what it was. I’m always amazed at how little they know about equipment that isn’t from one of the major companies.
  5. It’s a TaylorMade, premature wear of the finish generally takes care of itself.
  6. Were they only going back to 15? Because that’s pretty common where I play. Most groups teeing off at 7:20 won’t run into a shotgun that starts on 15 at 9’ish. If they were going to send off singles or 2-somes, they should have informed you up front.
  7. It’s not bad enough that the kid cheated, now you want Dad to coach him on how to lie to minimize it? Yikes. People do make mistakes but owning up to them is how responsible adults are made.
  8. He played this week under the contact tracing rules, which included daily testing. He knew this was a possibility. His back up test didn’t come back positive until he was almost done with the third round, which is why they waited until he was finished. You can be vaccinated and still test positive. The same thing happened recently to Bill Maher. Whether you like this result or not, the Tour’s protocols are why we got to enjoy golf when other sports were sitting it out. Blaming the Tour for this result is ridiculous.
  9. The screen is definitely behind them, but there is something weird going on technically.
  10. I actually kind of liked it but now that’s all I’m ever going to see.
  11. It isn’t simply about the number of deaths in BC. The BC CDC website shows very few new cases in the Vancouver area. Canada’s treating entire provinces as one entity instead of tailoring restrictions to particular problem areas. The rest of the world has figured out how to allow athletes to travel and to run a golf tournament without it being a super spreader event; I don’t see why Canada can’t manage it other than a total lack of will.
  12. I’d find a course caddie who can help with greens and leave Coach at home. First, his attitude kind of stinks and secondly, I’d want someone focusing on caddie duties and not coaching me in any way during competition. Personally, I pay someone for a particular task, not for what else they might be doing with their time instead. As good as your daughter is, Coach’s attitude seems pretty shortsighted.
  13. Nice to see righties begging for equipment, for a change.
  14. Maybe it’s just getting old but I find this whole thing really tiresome. Oh no, someone walked behind me, oh no, metal spikes, oh no, dramatic eye rolling. Good lord this is stupid. This is what you get when your sport is full of polite behavior and this is what passes for drama.
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