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  1. You do what I did, you go left handed.
  2. The course last week was an incredibly tough walk and I’m a little surprised they would take a senior event there. He may be a tough old bird but Fluff was fifty plus yards behind Furyk reaching the green on many occasions. As a player, at what point does concern about your caddie kick in and start to be a distraction? Furyk’s a good guy, at any point did he look back and see Fluff trudging up one of those hills and worry a little? You can respect a guy’s professionalism and still be concerned.
  3. It always just amuses me that the British were fine with The British Open for years and then it was suddenly a sacrilege. Don’t really care that much, either way, it’s their tournament, call it what you’d like, but they’re trying to extend this “history” to the British Women’s Open which didn’t even start until 1976, a full 30 years after the US version. Don’t get your knickers in a twist about an event you didn’t care enough to even start.
  4. The gofundme doesn’t sound like it’s got anything to do with medical costs. It was only a $10,000 goal to help out with expenses while staying in a strange city to be with the baby. Three plus weeks in a hotel adds up and neither will be on tour. As to the medical, your plan usually has a deductible (which varies dependent on what plan you buy) and then the vast majority of costs are covered as long as the hospital is within your insurance network or it was an emergency admission, which is probably the case here.
  5. Interesting take on this. Not one I would have immediately jumped to, but interesting nonetheless.
  6. They’re ridiculously short and not helped by the shirt buttoned all the way to the top.
  7. My husband got my ball, scorecard and picture in a shadow box thing for me for my first one. I didn’t do anything special for my second through sixth.
  8. I don’t feel like it was a worthwhile upgrade. It’s generally a club more or less if it’s a significant slope, but I pretty much knew that already. Once you’ve played awhile, you just have a feel for that. I bought it because I felt like I’d be missing out if I didn’t have it but I wouldn’t bother with it again.
  9. To me the easiest way to handle it without a potentially uncomfortable conversation is to simply not be where they are. Hang 40 yards behind or be so far off to the side that he can just ignore them. If he’s up for it, he can always just tell the other guys that he’s happy to do par 3’s but he finds it to be a distraction and he needs to focus on his game. The idea that he ought to be gracious about being distracted because it’s junior golf makes zero sense to me. No, it’s not the U.S. Open, but it’s a competition and your son deserves the opportunity to play his best.
  10. What is wrong with Finau? Besides his general ineptitude, he topped a shot into the water on 17 that was just inexplicable.
  11. I actually took the gravity grip off my ER2. I’m someone who puts both thumbs down the front of the grip and the gravity grip just isn’t wide enough to do that comfortably. I wish it came in a slightly wider version because I really liked it otherwise.
  12. Don’t understand the criticism of banana pants when Morikawa’s pants look like he’s doing colonoscopy prep.
  13. I wonder what the record is for least total screen time by an eventual winner.
  14. I don’t even care what it costs, I’m just sick of chasing coverage.
  15. I’ve got a private cart. I live in fear of having to explain something like this to either my husband or my insurance company.
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