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  1. After you get past the anonymous claims of guys who say they’ve seen tour players getting an extra 8-10 yards, you have TM’s actual claim, which is an additional 1.1 mph ball speed if you swing 105+. I have no doubt it will sell like crazy, but as someone with a moderate swing speed, I’d literally be paying for nothing.
  2. I know plenty of rich guys whose bags don’t match their abilities but not one who bought them thinking the expensive stuff was going to make a difference. They buy the best for the same reason they buy the best car or the best watch; when money isn’t an object, why wouldn’t you?
  3. I can fall in love with anything that really performs for me. Did I immediately love the way my Directed Force putter looks? Absolutely not, but results don’t lie. I’ve got a whole bag full of vaguely awful looking clubs but I’ve grown to love them all. I certainly appreciate beautiful looking clubs but I’m not willing to sacrifice anything to play them.
  4. I’ll hit the Stealth and if Ping puts a driver out, I’ll test that, but I’d be surprised if anything changes. I’ve actually accepted the fact that I’m never going to hit anything better than the 400 Max. Covid boredom resulted in a nice supply of grips, gloves, balls and other maintenance type stuff this year so I can’t imagine needing, or even wanting, anything. What I’m not going to do is order anything that isn’t immediately available. They’ll be no constantly checking for tracking numbers next year.
  5. 6-iron. For every flush one, there were three or four big pulls and a chunk. An unbelievable number of rounds ruined by a stupid 6-iron. Finally decided that it had to go and just replaced it with a 30* hybrid. 5 or 6 rounds in and it’s nothing but high, soft fades. It’s a little embarrassing but I should have done it a year ago.
  6. Golf Twitter right now is a constant stream of “My local pro got to try it and is getting 20 extra yards” and “I heard DJ is getting an extra 20 in testing”. I pointed out to one guy that DJ’s avg. distance is basically the same as it was in 2011 and he responded by telling me that DJ has never hit a driver made from carbon combined with an undisclosed metal. Hard to argue with that. I love this time of year.
  7. Any club I’ve ever been around has a policy in place for this. A pool, individual tipping, whatever. I’d check with club management. As a new member, I’d go with the crowd.
  8. Be a lot more realistic, and easier, to just overtip.
  9. Look at it this way, it’s still cheaper than their shipping!
  10. I use a line on every straight putt, regardless of length. It’s made for a huge improvement in my putting; I don’t second guess my alignment in the middle of my backstroke, anymore. Confident strokes make for better rolls. I cannot use it on anything outside the hole. I simply don’t trust that I’ve got it lined up properly. Those are feel putts for me and no amount of practice has changed that.
  11. They wouldn’t even take that offer on the Champions Tour.
  12. I know it’s part of the deal with PXG, but I bought the Sugar Daddy’s yesterday and I was pretty sure this title meant I’d bought one day too early. Be nice to receive them before they drop again.
  13. I think that limp should put an end to the Augusta 2022 talk. Even with good progress, he isn’t pivoting on that leg anytime soon. Late summer seems like a more likely target.
  14. If I had to choose between average distance/exceptional short game and exceptional distance/average short game, I’d take the former. People win all the time without being super long but it’s tough winning without an exceptional putting week. Folks are responding that short game is easier to improve, but if that was true, a lot more long hitters would have done it. Rory still misses greens from a hundred yards and you know that it’s not for lack of trying.
  15. Most paints don’t adhere well to copper without properly prepping the copper surface (especially acrylics) and, even then, it’s prone to chipping and buckling. You can Google prepping copper surfaces but it would be virtually impossible without damaging the dots. They’d probably need to be repainted, as well. As someone who does a lot of work on their wedges, I can tell you that that’s a lot of detail to attempt in a very small area.
  16. I just rewound and timed it. From the time the putt missed till the time it fell in was closer to 26 seconds. Give him a very generous 8 seconds to travel the four feet to the hole and it was 18 seconds of standing around. Pretty darn close to twenty, to most people. The playing to the crowd excuse is nonsense.
  17. It was closing in on 20 seconds. The joke would have been not calling it. I don’t get people being so offended by the rules being enforced.
  18. They finally got around to hitting Kim with a one stroke penalty for violating the 10 second rule. Such an obvious violation but zero comment at the time by the announcers. I miss real announcers who aren’t just working for the tour’s marketing department.
  19. If you’re an LPGA fan, you’re already used to the pathetic way the GC handles events that run long.
  20. At least it being only 12 holes means we all have something to be thankful for.
  21. JT just put out the “I did not fire him” tweet. Pursuing other interests, yada, yada, yada.
  22. I feel like if this was based on Johnson’s health and/or a mutual decision by the parties, that info would have been part of the announcement. That might still come out but the absence of it says something about who made the choice.
  23. Biggest viewership the PLDA has ever had and they screw the pooch on the coverage. No scoreboard while Bryson’s hitting, close ups of some guy who is not Bryson, commentary that barely mentions him. Folks who think the Golf Channel coverage is terrible ought to try to watch this for five minutes.
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