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  1. Ping Cord grip. The diameter and shape is perfect in my opinion. Not that much feel, but you feel so connected to the putter due to how well if fits in your hands.
  2. 5 for me Callaway x2hot pro Titleist 906f4 3 wood Mizuno mp hfli hi 3 iron Taylormade rocketbladez tour irons mizuno t4 wedges cleveland putter
  3. I am looking to golf tomorrow, anyone know what courses are open in the North suburbs of Chicago. Thanks in advance
  4. 10, rocketbladez tour 4-pw. Kbs tour stiff. 3 iron is mp fli hi with s300
  5. [quote name='martinbns' timestamp='1405474648' post='9708917'] [quote name='superscootkid' timestamp='1405131833' post='9684441'] Any opinions on whether I should move to something more forgiving to stick with something like I have now to help me advance my game [/quote] You don't need to play irons that have no forgiveness to improve. The difference between a 15 and a scratch player is far more than equipment. Probably 50% of tour pro's play cavity backed irons for a reason, there slight misses are penalized less. As a 15 your misses are more often and farther from centre than a pro,
  6. I am currently thinking about dropping the three wood and throwing in another hybrid. 10 yards shorter, but much more accurate
  7. Mp 600- used $60 plus 60 for aldila rip'd nv 906 f4- 70 ebay Mizuno mp fli hi- 50 new Golfsmith tour cavity pro- 17 Wedges - mp t - free Warbirds- gift Cg 10 - 30 Cleveland hb putter - 89 Total:376
  8. [quote name='Goldenhawk' timestamp='1405260484' post='9690985'] If you can find one, an R11 Titanium. [/quote] Our highschool coach had an r11s 4'wood and it was the easiest thing to hit
  9. [quote name='CMUgol4' timestamp='1405259540' post='9690923'] I just picked up a Nike covert performance 1.0 for $70...so far it's very forgiving for a 3 wood. It's not the longest but it's laser straight and easy to hit off the tee and deck. [/quote] The profile on those look perfect for something between tee and deck. My 906 f4 is just way too shallow. I also have a cleveland launcher fl 3hl but the shaft is too light. I could just restart that but it would run me the same cost.
  10. I am currently using a 906f4 with an aldila nv stiff. My good shots are pretty good but this thing has no vertical forgiveness on the face. I also feel like a solid shot hooks and a bad shot will just go straight right making it very unforgiving. Any suggestions?
  11. Do the 53s stay clean in the long irons with the undercut cavity or do they get chunky
  12. I hit the mp 57 and the rocketbladez tour today and was surprised to find that their distance and forgiveness was very similar. Only thing is I thought the mizuno so looked better. Anyone else have any opinions
  13. I forgot the cleveland classic that thng feels at least as good as my mp 600. The x hot was pretty solid also
  14. I think I am down to mp 60, and rocketbladez tour
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