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  1. The missing Newport 3...
  2. haven't gamed the '08. I do understand why it was suggested as a great model. Less clickly feeling than the 20 or my GoLo 2013
  3. Any have this head cover and could post real pics? Want to see what the colors look like off a normal camera pic for painful matching?
  4. Thanks, just making sure I was not missing it
  5. More comparison pics, hopefully more insightful I think 08 shape is a nice balance Summary: - 98 most compact and lightest - 08 Taller face, new heel, and medium weight - 20 Longer blade, heavier here’s finished vs not finished. Shows how much taking care of a putter adds functional value in the arena of aiming / alignment
  6. I was actually thinking the other day... I wish there was a Newport 3! They could further clean up the Newport 2 and make it cleaner for the future.
  7. Wanted to get these weight chips. This picture is from the Cameron "Putter of the Day". I don't see them on the website. About to send a putter in. Anyone know how to order these? Discontinued?
  8. Sure will take some pics and add some the 08 has a taller face and I really like that
  9. So... doing some experimenting. Thanks to everyone who posted. Existing 98 Newport 2 New to me 08 Newport 2 Used current 20 Newport 2
  10. What does this mean for i500 replacement?
  11. Have a late 90s TeI3 Newport 2. Had it laying around the house forever. Been messing with it on the putting mat and inspired to refurb it. Never done a refurb before and don’t really follow what’s hot and what’s not and what’s a value add. Part of me wants to game it for a bit and part of me figures I should plan to sell it 1 day. Obviously, if I game it, whatever I want it good... Questions: 1. If I want to refurb it to sell, do people suggest trying to refurb it as close as possible to original? Does it much matter if I get a period app
  12. Some of the threads on JT and Rickie’s putters say something like the X5 with the neck is coming
  13. Know the putter, didn’t catch the initials. Something is coming to retail next year? What is the CT?
  14. No one really sinters in 3D Printing anymore. There’s either lasers melting powder or a binder again fusing the powder together. Cobra works with HP, which is metal binder jet. Of the 2 primary metal technologies, it’s the lower cost version, higher volume, and lower part property version of metal 3D Printing
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