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  1. The TS2 are playing nice in the sandbox with the Tri-Gold shafts. I wanted to go back to "normal" grips, and the Tri-Gold have jumbo Crossline blacks in them. I can definitely see settling in with these jumbos or with a Jumbomax small. On the driver front, I got a good deal on a Tour Edge C921 driver. The bad news: In terms of ball flight and sound, it's a dead ringer for the ISO-T!
  2. There's general rules of thumb, but there's no real way to predict the effects of the unconscious compensations we make for the conscious changes we make. If I had to guess, you're hitting thin now because your angle of attack was steeper when you were closer. The next logical move would be to lengthen your clubs by 1/4" - 1/2." But, you might do something else to compensate for the lengthening of the club! And, so it goes...
  3. Check eBay and the Tour Edge website to see if they have a CBX in your choice of shaft and flex. I just picked up a CBX 15 degree with HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 for $120 NIB. Love the lower profile of the CBX, and it flat out sends the ball.
  4. You're going to need some type of compensating move to alleviate pressure on your hip. It's a fundamental to good ballstriking, regardless of what model you're trying to adopt.
  5. Before the benchmark urethane ball was around, the D2 Feel was easily my most purchased new ball. TBH, I probably couldn’t tell the difference between it and the urethane being compared to!
  6. Check out Tour Edge website and eBay. I just bought a brand new CBX 119 FW for $120 shipped!
  7. In my opinion, the benchmark price for a new, high quality urethane ball has been established at $15 per dozen or $1.25 per ball. Urethane spins well, but might not be optimal for some. On the other hand, $15 per dozen is hard to beat. Is there a decent, high quality surlyn ball to be found for less than $12 per dozen or $1 per ball? Off the top of my head, I can only think of something like a Pinnacle Rush, but even online appears to be more expensive than the urethane I reference in the spoiler below. What about the Top Flite Hammer?
  8. One of my favorites is from Jeff Beck and a "few friends":
  9. 1. Make sure to watch the overhead views in the middle of the screen, of Monte performing the action while the Cast A drill is going on. (It might present during the instructional, too.. Can't remember) 2. Watch Monte's Hackmotion chat on YouTube. He describes the Cast A action as the golfer throwing the clubhead behind them, and he says will tell some students to actually cast to 9:00!
  10. At #23, the only thing I can think is Golf Magazine is warding off accusations of being elitist. Presenting this course with a high rating is their way of showing how "great" golf is accessible to the unwashed masses. Otherwise, I want some of the active ingredients getting baked into the brownies over at Golf Magazine...
  11. I prefer to think I don't let magazines (or other media) do my thinking for me.
  12. All right, two more from the 80s and I'm done.
  13. Evan, LOL. There was a character. Attorney by trade, unabashedly liberal. Tales of his exploits at a nearby adult entertainment facility were the talk of the Ravines outing.
  14. All right, need some help on next steps in the bag with irons. The TS2s need reshafting. But, I have a set of TS1 heads, too. I've been REALLY pleased with the TS2. I'm thinking I'll just reshaft the TS2, and maybe move the TS1 in later. Or, should I just go with a mixed set, TS1 in 7-GW, and TS2 4-5-6 (which is the way the loft profiles seem to work best for gapping). Now, shafts. Choice is AMT White S300 OR Tri-Gold S300. The Tri-Gold were made back in 2000, and were ascending mass AND flighted. Weight specs found online for Tri-Gold R300 are the S
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