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  1. If the MEVO+ is looking for a dot, I'm not so sure if it will read the metal "Y" embedded in the RCT.
  2. You might be one in a hundred that can fire the hips in that sequence. Death move for most.
  3. Sorry, my response wasn't clear. Fusion Tracking will improve accuracy on all shots, and is separate from unlocking of data.
  4. My goodness. Where do I start? Let's go with facilities and the format... The Hal Sutton Golf Academy is the most well outfitted indoor facility I've seen. The main hitting area consists of an open area with a row of four hitting stations, three equipped with Uneekor units, and one with a GC Quad. The putting green next to the open bay is a PuttView. I've never seen anything like it. Set a ball down in certain spot on the green, and a light showing you the line to the hole appears. (Think of the "shiny path" on the scene on the green at the end of Bagger Vance.) There are two private bays near the club fitting and repair area, both Uneekor. (I was really impressed with the accuracy of the Uneekor units, in general.) Near the lobby is Hal's "office" which is really a combination trophy room and TrackMan bay. He keeps the set including the "right club" which I got to hold. Their main single lesson bay is state of the art, with TrackMan and SwingCatalyst platform. There are a few pix of their place on their site at www.halsuttongolf.com Then, format: Day 1, as I mentioned previously, was identification of individual swing flaws and discussion on how to fix. @MonteScheinblum was his usual talkative self, that got @lv_2_hack (Chase Cooper) going. They discussed each student's swing for 10-15 minutes. Throughout the three day event, time and again, two world class instructors would identify the same core flaw, yet prescribe different ways to correct it. We got to listen to Hal speak, and you just need to stop and listen. This man loves golf. You can tell he is passionate, reverent and grateful to the game. Day 2 was a gift from Hal. 18 holes at Houston Oaks CC, where Hal is a member!!! Really nice. As in " @games don't belong here" nice. Basically, a wide-open resort course, with towering 100-year-old oak trees everywhere. The day started with us shuttling to the back of the course to an irons only range and a short game practice area. Monte demonstrated his "Use the Bounce" short game philosophy and bunker play. (Over the three days, I realized Monte talking and Chase demonstrating was just golden.) After short game, it was time to tee off! Basically, each group got a 12-hole playing lesson (six with Chase and six with Monte). Monte's got some new, useful short game shots that he shared. Also, Monte's instruction on hitting low punches to avoid trees was informative and entertaining. Monte hit a ball that calling it a "stinger" would make it sound higher than it really was. Maybe 18 inches off the ground? I don't ever recall seeing a ball so low go so far so fast. It's good to see Monte healthy again. At this point, I'll interject with some props to Chase, who I didn't know, but got to know over the three days. Chase is a really good player, a great instructor, and an even better person. You can tell Chase WANTS you to do better. He almost makes you feel bad for not wanting to do better yourself! He's so passionate and so knowledgeable. It was my privilege to get to know Chase. Also, for me, it was a privilege to finally meet @Schnee now on the staff at Hal Sutton Golf! Chris is back to scratch. I love watching Chris swing, he really moves it for a big man with such free arms. And, by the way, Chris can teach in his own right. He's got Chase's positivity but Monte's lighthearted approach. And, you can tell he's soaked up his time with Monte and Chase in the knowledge department. He wasn't technically a "teacher" in this trip, but Monte made it clear that if he or Chase weren't around, to go find Chris. Even if my game doesn't improve, I made a new friend. Day 3 we were back at the Academy. The first 90 minutes were spent generally discussing how good coaches coach and how players need to practice. (Monte and Chase got on a roll.) The next four hours were spent back at individual stations working out our flaws. And, just like that, the clinic was over! I'll detail my individual stuff in the next post I make. If anyone has any questions about the facility, or the overall experience, I'd be happy to answer.
  5. In full disclosure they said they expect to enable indoor mode in January 2022.
  6. I re-read the last email blast. It says: Fusion Tracking will be an update to all units. It will open up access to more “capabilities.” My take is the update will be free. Access to Additional data parameters will be available as a subscription.
  7. My guess is it will resolve the short game issues some are experiencing. But, far and away, the top complaint is from higher swing speed guys. FlightScope’s campaign is “We’ve listened.” I think this is going to resolve driver too.
  8. In the meantime, FlightScope announced Fusion Tracking upgrade for the MEVO+ to roll out at January PGA show. Expected to resolve putting and short game issues. If it resolves interference in radar detecting high speed shots, a lot of GC3 owners will be sitting on a $7000 paperweight. Good news is Launch Pro users will be money ahead buying MEVO+ at $2000, and keeping their LP around as a tribute to their FOMO folly.
  9. What a great first day! My personal highlight was @lv_2_hack telling me in my swing analysis in front of the full group that my problem was LOFT. Chase was quick, but not too quick, to add he didn’t mean the acronym. Lol. Seriously he meant I am delofting the club with bowed wrist at the top. Wants me to feel a cupped position at the top and just finish in a vertical stack as I tend to reverse C. Monte added I need to retain more side bend longer into the swing. Hal Sutton gave a sermon on learning how to play golf today. Probably 90 minutes, and all were riveted. A true, sincere, gentleman who just “dug it out of the dirt”. He didnt call out Bryson by name, but said future tour success will be had by those who can blend art and science.
  10. I was curious about what Fusion Tracking is and does. Found the patent on the Flightscope webpage. It's pretty interesting, and best illustrated in the pictures below from the patent. The picture on the left shows two tracks: The left track is the flight of the ball captured by camera, and the right track is longer-distance flight captured by radar. The camera captures the actual flight but only for a short distance. The radar tracks the ball for a longer distance but is distorted 1 degree to the right due to an unknown source of interference. Fusion Technology is represented by the picture on the right. It basically "resolves" the differences between the two technologies by moving the radar track to the left one degree to match the initial path captured by the camera. I'm sure it does more than that simple explanation, but this made sense to me.
  11. This trip is getting real! For me, this is a bucket list item. I'm not into bucket list courses, and play basic equipment. Instruction with Monte is worth splurging on. Add WRX regulars like Chris and Chase to the mix, it's just plain exciting. I'm in my mid 50s and I feel like it's 11pm on Christmas Eve! For those just getting here: I am a hack who should be better. I have excellent hand-eye coordination (former competitive bowler) and really good natural flexibility. Never had decent golf instruction until I met Monte. My driver speed is low 90s, and my 6-iron is around 82 now. What I call "NTC 2020" changed my view of the swing and it's time to reset. My swing models are @Schnee, Brian Smock, and Darren Clarke. As Monte says time to "Hulk Smash."
  12. Loved meeting and working with you at the Chicago clinics. Saw you got your own sim room started for some winter training. Fantastic! Mark said your game is solid, too!
  13. In my opinion, the most underrated, overlooked section of "NTC 2020" is the backswing. Especially the wrist positions. Just sets the stage for everything else that comes after.
  14. What would those of us here in flyover country do without you high iQ folks? gosh darn golly gee…
  15. One thing I don't have appreciation for is sim golf. When the R10 came out I tried putting myself in the shoes of someone who played sim with a MEVO+ or a Foresight unit and wondering about playing someone with an R10. I came to the conclusion the R10 was so random it would likely not consistently favor its user enough to worry about it if I were a competitor. LOL. I get it, and I clearly see DeChambeau using a Quad on the range. I'm not put off by it, and I've always said MEVO+ gets weird with driver at higher speeds. But, again, is it bad measurement of the speed? The spin? Or is it the flight and/or spin decay algorithms? Or, is it simply users not using metal dots or just refusing to admit they need more room for flight? For pure ball speed measurement, I'm not so sure FS's radar wouldn't be better.
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