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  1. The Oaks is decent and convenient. I’ve heard Glen Erin near Janesville is good. Can’t recall if it’s Reedsburg CC or Baraboo CC that is public, but supposed to be good.
  2. Indeed. Former Waukesha resident; born and raised in Grafton. Left two years ago. The beer scene was stellar.
  3. Do you find more hardpan in Texas requiring the lower bounce of a 60? Up here in the midwest, I'm finding I can use the 56 SW over 90% of the time because ground around the green is usually softer as greens are regularly irrigated. About the only issue we face is hard-pack sand in bunkers where lower bounce can help. Also, we have a lot of clay for base soil up here, so when short of green, tight lies can be especially hard which also calls for a low bounce wedge.
  4. One high bounce club for sand, fringe, and rough around the green makes sense for less frequent players. I also carry a low bounce 60 for tight lies 75 yards and in and for "short sided" shots.
  5. Well, let the experiment begin. Just grabbed the last roll of lead tape from my local Golf Galaxy. My 8-iron was C4 (!) and my GW was C8. Now both are D5.
  6. Good questions! I've been doing lessons once per year for the past seven years. The first four years, I saw Monte, and the last three I saw Jeremy Anderson. Jeremy is super, but he's also super expensive. I just shot Monte a video out of the blue this past week. He hasn't seen me in four years, and certainly not since I watched No Turn Cast. Monte and Jeremy are very compatible. Again, Jeremy was highly complimentary of the changes I made after watching Monte's No Turn Cast video. Regarding swing changes, as this thread shows, like many golfers, I am guilty of premature opti
  7. Sent @MonteScheinblum a video for analysis. He liked the swing, hated the EE that crept in from my right hip just kicking out to the ball for no reason. I've been working on making sure pressure is transferred to lead leg, so the trail hip "kick out" is probably a bad reflex. Monte told me to widen my stance (which took care of about half the issue) and look at a few videos on EE. Also, I know "zipper away" is a good drill for this. So, I fixed it! (OK. That's a bit strong. It will need reps. But, as shown below in the before and after photos, I do have ability to adjust.)
  8. 1/2" over standard. Not crazy. Actually, should add I play Lamkin Crosslines in oversize.
  9. Same here, except I can't figure out some of the wipes he hits. Like, hard right of Limbaugh. I can't fathom how a swing like that can produce some of the rights I've seen from it.
  10. Thought I would add that my Ping G400 Max driver that I hit really well has a calculated swing weight of D7! It has an ALTA CB 55g Stiff shaft with a Jumbomax Ultralite grip. So, it is a counter-balanced (high balance point) shaft...
  11. Thanks again. There were no "R" in the serial, so that was my guess. I appreciate the confirmation! Do you have a secret "decoder ring" for the whole serial? This was my guess: 31 was a batch number; SG - Sensicore Gold TGLD - Tri-Gold ISJ3 - No clue except S is for stiff flex
  12. Is anyone out there an average joe playing their irons with swing weight of D5 or higher? I got fit for irons at Club Champion. My SS with 6-iron was 80-82 mph. As the fitting went on, I could feel the overall weight of clubs I was trying get heavier. The fitter said in his opinion, my best combo of distance and dispersion came at D5 swing weight and D6 for wedges! At the time, I kind of brushed it off... A couple of weeks ago, I found 56 and 60 wedges in storage. They were slightly longer than I normally play, but definitely heavier. Took them to the range, choke
  13. I wouldn't say NTC is "abridged." I would say it's a few select core pieces from Efficient Swing that fit together into a swing "system." Think "Stack and Tilt" just not as dogmatic. Also, Monte has said the core pieces of NTC serve to "zero out" several key measurements of swing models of many pros. That is, it allows amateurs to achieve key swing measurements of pro players. These are the kind of measurements picked up by Boditrak (pressure shift), Hackmotion (wrist and hand movements), and GEARS (club and body dynamics).
  14. Yesterday, Bushnell announced they will release a LM co-branded with Foresight sometime this fall. That piques my interest. A couple of weeks ago, Garmin announced upcoming release of the R10, a doppler-based radar for a price tag of $600 plus a $100 annual subscription fee. But, the cheesy "first release" review videos I've seen set the G10 up for a big fall. Also, I'm just not seeing how estimated spin is going to work.
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