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  1. I recall their listed rate on Boxgroove was something like $295. Just crazy... To your point, Phred, I won a charity auction about 15 years ago to play Oconomowoc Golf Club, a private with a Donald Ross design. I won with a bid of $200 for our foursome, and after playing it, probably would have paid double that. I could never prove this... OGC and Lac La Belle are roughly the same age, and I don't think Lac La Belle knows its original architect. Having played both I do wonder if Ross had a hand in Lac La Belle, also.
  2. Has anyone played Minocqua CC (private)? I've heard nothing but great things. Will probably never get on, but I can dream...
  3. From this sentence alone, I knew this would be a good post. Well played!
  4. I can't stress this enough: The beauty of Monte's teaching is his focus on improving performance by teaching intents that help "Zero Out" the amateur's anatomical variances from professionals. The typical YouTube instructor (like some named in this thread, purposefully no doubt) put out hundreds of videos of individual swing tips. They aren't cohesive, and in many cases, they conflict with one another. No rhyme or reason, just self-serving self-promotion "let me show you how smart I am" kind of stuff. Then, when Monte releases quality material they (or their minions) can say "me too." F-ing joke... We've seen brooms before, and we'll see them again. Just know that with Broom Force, it's used as a tool with a specific intent to achieve a specific goal, not just another swing tip...
  5. In Monte's NTC swing, the pivot reacts to upper body intents and feels. In NTC, the only lower body move with intent is a pressure shift. @juststeve has stated MDLT would likely approve of Monte's teachings, so to that end they would be complementary. I would call that "high praise." But, again, MDLT should really stand alone.
  6. The Maltby graphite iron shafts are not an option in the custom shop. Other posters have said Maltby customer service tells them they will assemble any components you purchase from Maltby for free.
  7. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Ugh is right...
  8. Holy cow! That would make you the inventor of the Garmin R10! Why'd you take off the coconut shells?
  9. The "Broom" video connects Cast A with Cast B of NTC.
  10. I liked how @MonteScheinblum used some pretty decent players in his lesson case studies. If I saw those guys on a range with their "before" swings, I'd think "high single digit."
  11. As an overthinker too, all I can tell you is "just do it." As others have said, I looked at the impact spot on my D8 SW and it was the size of a dime and I was carrying the ball a few yards longer than my set's gap wedge. At the range, after hitting the D8 sand wedge, I'd pick up the C8 gap wedge and just couldn't feel it to try to replicate what I felt with the sand wedge. I'm sure I could swing it faster than the SW, but if you can't feel it, what good is the speed?
  12. Spot on. No different than MDLT's swing. It stands alone as an effective model. I'm amazed at the parasites who chime in to reference stray videos from "their guy" on a thread involving truly effective and innovative instruction. I'm sure we'll get more of the same with Monte's new video, as well...
  13. Not in a thread specific to discussion of an individual professional's instruction video.
  14. I believe proper total weight and SW or MOI are the most overlooked aspects of clubfitting for amateurs. But, you don't know you need them until you are aware of them! A couple of years ago, I bought a couple of wedges off the bay. Didn't think about them until I had a fitting where the clubmaker commented on the really low swingweight of my gamer irons (C7-C8 due to jumbo grips on graphite shafts) and recommended a swingweight of D5 in irons and D6 in wedges. A radical shift, but then I remembered the wedges I bought and took them to the range. The lob wedge was going as far as my gamer sand wedge, and the sand wedge was going farther than my set gap wedge. No loss in accuracy at all! Turned out the LW was E0 and SW was D8! For me, numbers tell the story on varying swing weights. If I'm hitting longer distances with same lofts and no loss in accuracy, it's a no brainer. You need to at least try heavier clubs, heavier SWs, different MOI, etc. But, at the same time, going too heavy can lead to late- round fatigue.
  15. Can anyone comment on the playability and performance of the MMB-17 versus the TS-1? I know that the TS-1 are 3* stronger loft in 7-iron, almost a full club different. I'm currently hitting my old MMB-17 black in AMT White S400 and really liking them. But, I'd like to move to the TS1 in a higher swingweight (D5) with ability to adjust the lies.
  16. Just thought I'd add that CBS measured Rahm's time to swing this weekend. It was 0.68 seconds. If you round that to 2/3 of a second and multiply by 30 frames per second, it's a total of 20 frames. Rahm is truly 15/5 (assuming his wrist set coincides). That's crazy fast... In contrast, Patrick Cantlay was classic 24/8.
  17. @RichieHunt and @glk I respect your opinions on this topic. And, I respect John Novosel and what he's done with Tour Tempo. I've been a TT fan since it hit back in the 1990s. As I have learned more, I'm starting to wonder about it's applicability. After it was released, we have gotten guys like Rahm and DeChambeau starting to venture from 18:6 into 15:5 territory because the overall swing time is lower than the classic "one second" swing which I recall is 24/8. I'm wondering aloud if 3:1 drives swing efficiency or if it's just a function of faster swings of one second or less. Put different: Is it possible for a full swing of less than one second to deviate much from 3:1 tempo? I question if it's physically possible...
  18. I love my MEVO+ and think it's amazing for the price. Like any PLM, the more flight (mat-to-net) distance you have, the better overall experience you will have. Generally, estimates of full swing pitching wedge up through hybrids should require minimal adjustment. Limiting factors are: 1. The actual space you have (the more the better; you will always need 7-8 feet from unit to impact spot) 2. The "extreme" ends of clubs you will be hitting (thinking LW/SW and Driver) Hitting wedges will dictate height of your net, which limits your flight distance. The lower your net, the closer it needs to be to hitting area. At the other end, your flight distance needs to be optimized for your driver swing speed. I swing driver in low 90s, and I'm satisfied with reads I get at nine feet of flight. My SWAG at optimal flight distance is one foot of flight for every 10 mph of driver club speed. So 100mph needs 10 feet of flight. I suspect the guys at 110+ probably need regular indoor mode and 12' of flight, minimum. Calibration Tip: After setup, using dots on balls, hit drivers and look at the app spin data. If you see most shots with total spin in italics, you probably need more flight distance. Increasing flight distance should reduce the number of reported estimates in italics. You may find your personal "cliff" where the italics disappear on most shots and that is good! For you, that means MEVO+ measured enough spin to report a confident estimate in carry and shot shape.
  19. If the head feels heavy to you with the Tour 65, it's going to feel even heavier with the ALTA CB as it's a lighter shaft. In low 100s, go with the HAZ Yellow 5.5 or 6.0 that feels best.
  20. It's not a small change, but I just re-established a proper grip by replacing my grips. I had been in Jumbomax because they just "felt" better. But, the reality is I wasn't taking a proper grip on conventional (for me, midsize grips). I had been too relaxed, fingers too far apart and thumbs not staying "attached" to their respective index fingers. When I went back to midsize grips, and took a proper grip, I found I was less toe down.
  21. Don't know what dreams you think you're bursting. And, I haven't quoted anything. Next time you reply to one of my posts, read it first.
  22. As a MEVO+ owner I would be disappointed at a $2k price point for the Launch Pro. Based on their discounting this weekend, I suspect FS would rather do battle on price rather than unlock club / path data. But, if Launch Pro ends up significantly higher ($2500-$3000) or significantly lower ($1200-$1500) I think it forces FS to unlock club/path data. (At a price if LP is higher, or free if lower.)
  23. I think you have a valid point. Obviously, the key difference in the respective audiences is those who can afford to pay Rinker to look at their swing versus those who post here. I bet those who post here are probably younger and more athletic than those who see Rinker.
  24. As a MEVO+ user watching this thread with interest, I will say Flightscope replaced a bit of hardware early on, too. I suspect early mass-production units in this space will tend to have higher levels of QC issues. The radar alignment may be a shade off or other sensors not aligned quite right. FS got it right over time, and you hear few issues about hardware matters anymore. I'm sure Garmin will do right by its customers. That said, I'm still not sold on the accuracy of the measurements of the club leading to plausible estimates of spin and spin axis. A lot of reports of unlimited flight where actual ball goes left but Garmin algorithm rendering the ball going right would have me concerned. Admittedly, hardware alignment could play a role. As an observer, my early conclusion is this is a MEVO (not plus) with SWAGs at spin, spin axis, and AoA with a few ball flight graphics thrown in to make it look legit.
  25. I'm finding that hands-led swing works best for me. I can snap my hips as fast as anyone but not in a way that helps distance. In fact, my hip snap causes EE. I suspect this discussion, if held with experts, would conclude hands are the primary power source, but proper use of pivot helps supplement it. Exhibit A would be Champions Tour versus PGA Tour (Bryson excepted). Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan of Mark Evershed, a Canadian pro, who preaches "educated hands" should lead the swing. His work, MDLT's work, and Larry Rinker's focus on high core players all validate Monte's No Turn Cast model, which is hands-led.
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