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  1. The odd part with driver indoors: Different people are having problems, and it's not just one type. I do think faster swingers are largely affected, but slower swingers are having issues, too. That's why I wonder if the problem is acoustic. (Keep in mind that sound is faster than the ball.) I see so many guys with their garage setups with just a hitting mat sitting on a bare floor. I think there needs to be some carpet for dampening across the entire space (from MEVO to impact net/screen). I bet guys who have concrete block walls (basements) could use acoustic tiles, too...
  2. ProForce V2 R flex that came with it. I have a Maltby R flex if the V2 is too soft.
  3. FlightScope warns about anything that throws off sound waves. That’s fluorescent lights, projectors, refrigerators, fans, etc. My theory is some are having problems with driver for the same reason. It’s just loud. But, I also think the problem is magnified in places with bare floors where sound waves can bounce. I think having a full floor covering from unit to net could help by absorbing sound. Just my theory.
  4. Just picked up an STf2 3-wood. Need a consistent (at least more consistent than me) long straight 3-wood.
  5. Hitting into a net, performance won't improve when you move outside unless you are getting interference indoors due to large metal objects or sound / frequency.
  6. Regarding the DBM finish, I also wonder how much of the discoloration is due to chemical fertilizers.
  7. Admittedly, I moved back to midsize grips. My take is I will eventually go back to them when holding a club in my fingers with a traditionally "fundamental" grip is no longer possible. That's not a knock or implication of who these grips are for. I just believe if you can maintain a fundamental grip with fingers close together, you should use the smallest grip that fits your hand. Move to the larger grips as you lose hold of the club over time... And, again, there are big guys who just need big grips. I think a lot of blue collar tradesmen have messed up fingers that benefit from these. And, obviously, older golfers benefit too.
  8. And, all this time, without you replying, I figured I had done something to honk you off! It was truly a neat experience with Chase and Monte giving different ways to achieve the same end result. For me, getting to play a round with @Schnee got me to see how a bigger guy can flat out move the ball. Chase had me cup my trail wrist to help shallow and deliver the club. A weird feeling. Then, about two weeks ago, Chase released an IG video about low-speed amateurs who bow the lead wrist to their detriment. I definitely resembled that remark...
  9. @Mako J I think I just wet myself after seeing the TS3 and TS4 pix. Thanks!
  10. Right now, the game changer for MEVO+ is the Titleist RCT balls. If FlightScope adds the RCT ball as an option along with Standard and Range, and they find a way to track the RCT ball without measuring double spin, it's going to be huge.
  11. FS Support is saying 0.19 addresses spin across all clubs where interference is a factor or when estimations are needed. My experience with the RCT balls is I got a lot of "accurate" non-italicized "double spin" reports from driver. My guess is those "double spin" reads are going to be replaced with "correct" spin that cuts the initial read in exactly half. If true, I'd be mildly interested in knowing whether or not the adjusted reads get reported as estimates or actual. Either way, it'll be more accurate than the "double spin" reads that show up now.
  12. Did you watch the video? Where does Monte's clubhead cast to in the overhead shots? You may want to watch again...
  13. My fear is based on the initial work with Trackman, the initial release will be a ball specific to Trackman. Then, develop another ball for use with FlightScope with delays to market due to testing and production.
  14. Kudos to FlightScope leadership. They had to know competition was coming when MEVO+ was released early 2020. The fact that they built a piece of consumer tech that almost two years after original release, can handle a firmware upgrade that will enable them to sell a $1000 upgrade, maintain high standard of accuracy and reliability while undercutting the competition's new premium release by $4000 is absolutely brilliant. It shows a fantastic level of vision and business sense.
  15. I wonder how many of those would repeat their GC3 purchase knowing now, what they didn't know at the time of their purchase. Had they waited another three months, they could have spent $4000 less, got more data at a reasonably comparable level of accuracy. I'm sure it's tough for them to swallow. As a Quad user, I have to believe you feel a bit put out, too. I know if a worthy competitor released something comparable to my machine at a quarter of the price, I'd be defensive, too.
  16. And, by the way, FlightScope has experience in the consumer space now. They learned with the MEVO rollout to manage expectations. They rolled out MEVO+ and any of us early adopters knew it takes time to dial in this product. OTOH, Foresight and Bushnell came in touting their superiority with accuracy. And, early accounts suggest a lot of purchasers can't even connect with the simulation packages that came with their $7k units. A shiite show of epic proportions. Further, not a whole lot of early adoption accounts, but a lot of Krap flung at the MEVO+ announcement which is going to turn a lot of $7k GC3 into very expensive paperweights, as I predicted would happen.
  17. Foresight/Bushnell can't even provide basic connectivity for their new purchasers.
  18. After today's presentation, all I can say is that if you aren't buying a MEVO+ at this price, and are still looking at unproven tech or units with rollout issues, I can't help you.
  19. You believed based on what "people mentioned." Gotcha.
  20. You know you need to fork over $7k for a GC3 and you still won’t get this level of data, right?
  21. Wow. Just wow. I think the only question to be answered at noon is resolution of the spin for high speed driver guys. Do such players have the same problem with the X3? Regarding the Titleist RCT, the fine print says it was tested with 10 feet of flight AND firmware needed updating to read metal "inside" the cover versus metallic stickers outside. Have to believe MEVO+ will need same upgrade. @Krt22 Good call on the balls. I would add the SM put out by FS make it very clear that Titleist sent them the balls. Titleist has to see a bigger market of users buying balls for their $3k MEVO+ unit (with Pro Package) versus the much smaller market of users with $15k TM units.
  22. Aside from fusion tracking, the list of possible topics, upgrades, and/or enhancements that I could see discussed include: 1. More club metrics (Free or paid?) 2. Use of new Titleist RCT ProV1s - Trackman said they had to change their firmware since the metal is now under the cover, not outside. Wonder if FlightScope did or will do something similar. 3. Improved measurement of driver spin and speed 4. GSPro integration 5. ???
  23. So, we gonna talk Fusion Tracking. What else????
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