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  1. Cool to hear! I didn't know that, but I suppose it was effective because I still have the hat 25 years later. :)
  2. To me, aesthetically speaking, head level is important during the swing. That's why Adam Scott's swing is more appealing to me than, say, Fleetwood's. Full disclosure, though: I have some head drop in my swing. Maybe that's why I can appreciate head level in a powerful swing. Lol
  3. I really loved Payne Stewart. I've told this story on WRX before, but when I was in my teens, he played the FedEx St. Jude Classic in Memphis and I was waiting near the driving range hoping for players' autographs. I asked him to sign a hat and he asked my name, so he signed it "To Nathan, All The Best! Payne Stewart". So, that was cool, but I got other signatures that day and didn't think much about it. Until a couple of days later, I saw him again and said hello. He said, "Hey, Nathan, how are you?" I was so impressed that he remembered my name that he automatically became my favorite player
  4. Honestly, for me, watching him swing envoked similar feelings to watching a beautiful sunset.
  5. Currently, J.T. Poston. All time, Payne Stewart.
  6. Basically, you have to claim professional status in a qualifying tournament, which usually requires holding an eligible USGA handicap. The other way is to join the PGA of America, which requires waiving your amateur status.
  7. PGA Tour Pro is harder. On Tour, you're on an island. If you are off a little bit, there's no one to pick up the slack. And the season is a lot longer than 16 weeks.
  8. My gut reaction is that Reed will have more total wins, Koepka will have more majors/high level wins, and Fowler will have the largest impact on the game due to his personality, charisma, and popularity with the younger generation.
  9. Haha...just checked in on the thread and thought the same thing. I missed the last 10 pages or so, so I feel like I am now up to speed. lol
  10. As a former player, I think one thing that TV coverage often fails to demonstrate is the undulation/elevation changes of these courses. These courses are not the local muni, but often times the coverage does not properly show the difficulty of the shots these guys are hitting. I routinely watch coverage and think, "This shot looks easy on TV, but I've played this course and hit this shot and it's 30 feet downhill from where he is." You just can't see it from the TV shots. So I think there needs to be some topographical integration to show the difficulty of the shots these guys are hitting. Al
  11. What. Are. You. Talking. About? The man won this year! He's great for the Tour, fans love him, advertisers loves him, other players love him, and he usually plays better when he's played a lot of tournaments (i.e. not after a layoff).
  12. So just as a follow-up, I pulled the grips off of the clubs to cut them down and found that they had 1/2" extensions installed. The extensions were a lightweight graphite-like material, so I pulled the extensions and remeasured swingweight with the new grips (MCC plus 4's) and it only dropped the SW to D2 . So it wound up working out well. I got the clubs to standard length and it did not alter the swingweight much. I do not prefer tip weights, so if I find that D2 is slightly too light, I will add 1 SW worth of lead tape to the heads. The only thing I can think is that the material of the ex
  13. > @KRAMER1997 said: > This course is so boring, after seeing Portrush there's nothing special about TPC Southwind. It's sneaky tough, though. It's one of the toughest courses on Tour each year.
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